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Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

Dragon Fin Soup
15 декември 2014 - Grimm Bros

Hey Everyone!

It’s the tail-end of 2014, and it has been an AMAZING year for us at Grimm Bros… we've gone from an indie start-up that nobody knew about to one of the up-and-coming indie studios showcased at PlayStation Experience. And all of this happened in big part thanks to all of YOU! You backed us, supported us, and cheered us on as we pursued our dream and we can’t thank you enough. On behalf of Randis, Sem, Nick, Mark and myself have a wonderful holiday season and happy New Years!

Without any further adieu - here is our next big update from all of us at Grimm Bros!

Exclusive Backer Pet Familiar Design Event!

The Exclusive Pet Familiar Design Event is our reward for Kickstarter and Slacker Backers of Dragon Fin Soup who backed us at the PET FAMILIAR tier or higher.

Qualified Backers will be receiving an email with details, guidelines and instruction to join us on our developer forums to vote on a pet and name. The pet that receives the most votes wins!

Which Pet Familiar do you think is cool?

Dragon Fin Soup @ PlayStation Experience!

See the all the PlayStation Experience photos on our FB Album!

Grimm Bros was honored to be selected as a top-tier indie to showcase at Sony’s PlayStation Experience this year. The PlayStation Experience was a massive two-day celebration of the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation console and the gamer community. Think of it as PlayStation’s birthday party :) We had an incredible time meeting backers, seeing old friends and making new ones. Attendees got a chance to experience Dragon Fin Soup for the first time on Playstation 4, playing the latest versions of Story, Survival, and Endless Labyrinth Modes.

Also new at the PlayStation Experience was Electric Lady cosplaying as Morgiana! She did an amazing job on the costume and expressing details of the character such as Morgiana’s tattoos and battle scars.

Any help spreading the word about Dragon Fin Soup would be greatly appreciated. Please tell your friends to LIKE us on FB - https://www.facebook.com/TheGrimmBros or FOLLOW us Twitter: https://twitter.com/thegrimmbros And If you see yourself in any of our FB Albums, feel free to tag yourself! You can simply repost/link/share, with the hashtags #GrimmBros or #DragonFinSoup :)

Backer Survey Follow Up!

We now have solid first pass of backer info that we need to delivery your physical and digital backer rewards! However we still don’t have everyone’s info!! For those who still haven't sent us their info please do so ASAP! Click HERE to access and read the rules on the GHOST POOL, CREDITS, and MONSTER POOL Surveys.

A follow up email will be sent out to outstanding Backers who have not sent us their info and also to to schedule the Weapon and Magic Ring design jams via Skype - sorry we’ve been so busy! And to all of our OTAKU TIER backers - EMAIL us your portrait photo[grimm-bros.com] so we can transform you into an in-game Zombie!!!

Development Update

So when is Dragon Fin Soup coming out??!

Dragon Fin Soup is still in development and we are making very good progress. All of us at Grimm Bros really want to take the time to polish and make DFS a fantastic RPG experience to share with you. “Its done when its done”, is a motto we keep to heart at Grimm Bros and current plans are to release Dragon Fin Soup in spring of 2015. We will let you know the official dates as soon as we have confirmation with our partners at Sony. Once again thank you all for your patience, understanding, and support. We promise to continue the sacrificial offerings of our souls to the elder gods of gaming to bring you yummy RPG goodes :D

The team has been working non-stop adding a ton of new stuff for the game, and we are excited to tell you all about it for the New Year! Here are a few new screenshots from Dragon Fin Soup to show our continuing progress...

Happy Holidays and talk to you all in the New Year!

- Ash & Randis

4 ноември 2014 - Grimm Bros

Hi Everyone -

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween and Día de los Muertos this past October! Once again it’s been awhile since our last update but all is going well with DFS :D We have lots of exciting news and updates to share!

The TIME has Arrived for our Backer NAME Surveys!

Yay! It’s finally time for you to tell us what NAME you would like in the CREDITS, NAME in the MONSTER POOL, and NAME in the GHOST POOL! We will be using Google Surveys and sending out group emails with links and guidelines to all of the backers who qualify. Please make sure to check your spam folder so you get our email and please fill out the surveys ASAP so we can get your name in the game! Please note that backers at a higher tier may receive multiple survey emails. We will do our best to make sure this is a clean and easy process.

If you already know your backer tier and just want to submit your name - then here you go!

GHOST POOL Survey Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Rv1qLG9KMLkMisYdFgDyVRVFwuGaY_BRmHAGqx_uq-s/viewform?usp=send_form

Fill out this Survey if you have one of the following Tiers:

CREDITS Survey Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Wu4SD7N10ixZGKYz-41fVyk-FXc1j7mEWuIw40wpL3g/viewform?usp=send_form

Fill out this Survey if you have one of the following Tiers:
NOTE: Backers of CRYSTAL EDITION or above tiers have to fill out both CREDITS & MONSTER Surveys!

MONSTER POOL Survey Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Y11sE0T3hOmT1lWAWHGTULRfLbRge0s6TvhF31e_tRQ/viewform?usp=send_form

Fill out this Survey if you have one of the following Tiers:
  • MUSIC BOX 1.0
NOTE: Backers of CRYSTAL EDITION or above tiers have to fill out both CREDITS & MONSTER Surveys!

(1) Names can be two words, nicknames or gamer handles EX: "Spacekil Fanto"
(2) No offensive or rude words please
(3) Names cannot be a website address or URL
(4) Names must be Latin based characters - no numbers
(5) 20 characters total or less
(6) No recognizable brands or advertising
(7) Please only submit names to the tiers that you backed :) If you have any questions, be sure to email us at http://contact@grimm-bros.com

What’s Next?

We will begin to follow up via EMAIL individually with each of the the backers of our MAGIC RING EDITION, WEAPON EDITION, GRIMM EDITION, BLOOD RING EDITION, EYE CANDY EDITION, CRYSTAL EDITION and OTAKU EDITION to get your T-shirt size, ring size, crystal engraving name, updated physical address, photos for portraits and to set up times for us to have a design jam online via Skype. Then finally we plan to have our big PET FAMILIAR design event on our dev forums and FB.

PlayStation Experience 2014

Grimm Bros is honored to be selected as a top tier indie to showcase at the debut Sony Experience in Las Vegas! http://www.playstation.com/en-us/campaigns/2014/playstation-experience/

Attendees will be able to play a hands-on PreBETA build of Dragon Fin Soup on the PS4!

PlayStation Experience is a massive two-day community event dedicated to the gamer community. At PSX gamers will have access to over 4,000 square feet of the best PlayStation games across multiple platforms, panels and keynotes led by the industry’s most regarded development team. There will be contests, signings, giveaways, merchandise, memorabilia and much more.

We hope you can join us at the show to hang out, talk shop and to try out the latest build of Dragon Fin Soup. Don’t sweat it If you can’t make it to PSX as you still might have a chance to playtest DFS when we begin our Closed BETA.

Slacker Backer Campaign COMPLETE!

Just in the nick of time as we wrapped up our Slacker Backer campaign we are happy to announce that we hit our next Stretch Goal! Playable Zombies, Mummies, & Ancient Tech Armor!

As mentioned in previous update we will be transitioning to a New Online Store that will feature pre-sales of Dragon Fin Soup and cool new goodies for purchase to help continue supporting Grimm Bros development.

Thank you all once again for all of your support and input. We are really excited with how the game is turning out and hope to be able to share with you more news and updates soon.

- Ash & Randis

25 септември 2014 - Grimm Bros

Hey Everyone -

Apologies for the delayed update - Ash had to hibernate for few weeks or so to recover from both Gamescom and PAX Prime :P

Randis, Nick, Sem, Mark and Aaron have been working almost non-stop adding content, optimizing layouts, fixing bugs, and getting DFS ready for internal BETA testing. Once we feel confident that the game is in a good state of polish and fun we’ll then commence our Closed BETA! We do not have any dates as of yet but please stay tuned. We are working as hard as we can to get DFS ready.

Slacker Backer Campaign Wrapping up!


As we push to commence the beginning stages of Dragon Fin Soup BETA, so must the SlackerBacker Campaign come to a close. :(

Once again, an incredibly huge THANK YOU to all of those that have supported the Grimm Bros team in our Kickstarter and SlackerBacker campaigns to make Dragon Fin Soup! The last official day to participate in the campaign will be Halloween -- Friday, October 31st.

Crowdfunding Update

Grand Total raised to date: $129,335 (Including Adjustments & Add-ons)

Just $645 till our next Stretch Goal: Playable Zombies, Mummies & Ancient Tech Armor!

Once the Slacker Backer Campaign wraps up we will transition to our new Online store, where we will be be selling lots of cool goodies that will help support Grimm Bros development efforts.

Of course, there’s still time to support indie developers and join in our cause! If you’d like to become a backer and support Dragon Fin Soup, or want to see what super awesome rewards you can still get before the campaign closes, visit our online store here:

Kickstarter & SlackerBacker In-Game REWARDS! Oh My!

The time is drawing near for us to send out surveys & setup forums pages for our Backers to get their In-Game Rewards! This includes: Your Name in Credits, Monster Names, Ghost Names, Exclusive Pets, Design & Name a Ring/Weapon, Grimm Caricature, and Zombie Portraits!

If you haven’t already - please sign up on our Dragon Fin Soup Dev Forums to be able to participate in design discussions: http://grimm-bros.com/forum/

We will be sending out an announcement with instructions when we are ready to get started with each In-Game Reward! More details coming soon!

Gamescom & PAX Prime Wrap Up!

We’ve posted quite a few photos to our Facebook page from the conventions, but we wanted to share just a few highlights with you here:

Gamescom Highlights:

Highlights of Gamescom Included: Meeting some of our awesome Backers -- Making new friends with all the cool devs at the IndieMEGABOOTH -- Spreading the word about DFS with our Red Robin cosplaying all over the show!

PAX Prime Highlights:

Highlights of PAX Prime Included: Hanging our with Angry Joe while he played as our Adventurous Sheep in Dragon Fin Soup -- Rewarding our High Score winner and Backer who helped out at the booth -- Watching our youngest player yet enjoy Dragon Fin Soup!

To see the full album of the Grimm Bros at Gamescom, click here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.739973192739285.1073741833.433377886732152&type=3

To see the full album of the Grimm Bros at PAX Prime, click here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.748227655247172.1073741835.433377886732152&type=3

Thank you all for your support - we couldn’t make this game and realize our dream without your help. Please stay tuned for more updates throughout the month of October.

Take care everyone and talk soon!
- Randis & Ash

31 юли 2014 - Grimm Bros

Hey Everyone -

Its been awhile since our last update. Rest assured that the team has been hard at work and now have some exciting news to share with you all…


Yep! For all of our international friends and backers, we’ll be at Gamescom from August 13-17th to show off the latest demo of Dragon Fin Soup and a hands-on sneak peek of our new Endless Labyrinth Mode!

Everyone is invited to visit our booth at Gamescom, however time slots are limited so please message us on our Facebook http://fb.me/TheGrimmBros or email ash@grimm-bros.com to book a spot and help us to spread the word!

Endless Labyrinth Mode!

Delve into an endless labyrinth of twisted turns and deadly traps guaranteed to devour brave and foolish explorers alike! Share the seed code with friends to compete for highscores and fight monstrous bosses! Glorious death awaits!

Indie Megabooth Gamescom 2014 Trailer

Dragon Fin Soup was also featured in this awesomesauce trailer for the IndieMEGABOOTH at Gamescom! Check it out!

We are really happy and humbled to be featured as part of the first IndieMEGABOOTH event at Gamescom. So far its been an awesome experience working with all of the cool indie developers and the MEGABOOTH folks. We really hope we can generate a lot of buzz to show that indies such as Grimm Bros can make games that are as much fun and engaging as the Triple-A titles.

Crowdfunding Update

Grand Total raised to date: $126,545 (Including Adjustments & Add-ons)

We are now officially announcing that our Slacker Backer campaign will begin to wrap up in September.
We will plan to transition our DFS Online store to offer a select variety of pre-order bundles of the game with some goodies from our Slacker Backer campaign, but also begin to offer lots of other cool stuff for you to enjoy and support Grimm Bros.

Once again, we deeply appreciate all of your support - we couldn’t make this game and realize our dream without your help!

Stay tuned, as we are very excited and plan to make more announcements and updates throughout the month of August.

Take care everyone and talk soon!
- Randis & Ash

9 юли 2014 - Grimm Bros

Hi Everyone -

Randis and I are excited to announce our newly redesigned Official Dragon Fin Soup wiki[dragonfinsoup.gameiki.com] on Gameiki.com!


Gameiki is a new game wiki site that focuses on indie developers. They have done a great job building out the initial wiki for us, adding over 140+ pages of content! The Dragon Fin Soup Wiki is now starting fill up with all sorts of goodies, lore and subtle details about the world of Dragon Fin Soup. Gameiki diligently researched and gathered information from all of our news updates, gameplay videos and dev diaries to date.

The Dragon Fin Soup wiki is also integrated/linked with our DFS forums, online store, and Twitter so you can easily keep connected to our latest news & forum discussions. Check it out!

Crowdfunding Update

Grand Total raised to date: $125,940 (Including Adjustments & Add-ons)

Development Update

It has been a great week and the team was able to get a LOT of things done.

Diagonal Walking was added to keyboard and pad controls both as 4 separate keys and also by pressing 2 of the up/down/left/right keys. A new option was added to the config where you can now toggle auto attack on or off. Traditionally, many RL games trigger attack with the directional buttons; in our game, however, since we have tall walls and tall props, you can often accidentally attack things when you walk around. With the auto attack mode off (by default), you now have to press an attack button on your joypad or keyboard to perform an attack, like in an action RPG, basically. Opening doors still works with the directional keys and the mouse controls have not changed since they work differently all together.

New sprites were created for the Playable Sheep (aka “Adventuring Sheep”) and we have also added more playable monsters to the labyrinth and survival mode. Now you can be a murderous Mummy out for carnage :D

We know we have not yet reached the next stretch goal but we now added the playable undead characters anyway! Enjoy, and we hope to see you on our forums - http://grimm-bros.com/forum/

- Randis & Ash

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