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Dragon Fin Soup
May 5, 2014 - Grimm Bros

Hi Everyone,
We hope you all had a great week!

We are happy to see so many familiar names on the DFS Forums!
If you have not yet registered, here is the link:
Also if you are a Facebook user, feel free to follow our official FB page:

Meet the Pudding!
Nope, this is not food, the pudding is a cunning predator!
The Pudding monster is a close relative of the slime family and is commonly found in the vanilla Desert.
Tempting random strangers into eating some randomly found pudding off the ground may not sound like a great strategy but you would be surprised how many actually fall for it.
Don’t let the yummy look and smell fool you!

The great Cactura of the family Cactaceae is a plant commonly found in the Vanilla Desert.
They grow to be as tall as 3 meters and are sometimes harvested for their needles.
Cacturas can be utilized in combat and deal decent damage to whoever stands in the way when they fall over.

Development Updates
Still working on various the control inputs, making great progress there, pad controls are working for the most part of the game but will need more tuning. Fun controls are very important so we are not rushing it.
We started some asset production for a palace and another village, lot’s of work to be done… Will share some screenshots when we have more final results, this will take some time. More optimization, tweaks and bugfixing happened this week, also some new, additional gameplay designs were made. (Random encounter with Bandits)
Jade is working on a new music track for a new Sakura Forest level, a new location that will be added with Morgiana.
Much work, very concentrate, so ongoing, wow!

Take care and talk soon!
- Randis & Ash

PS: Don’t forget Mother’s day! :D

April 29, 2014 - Grimm Bros

Hi Everyone,

It has been great seeing many of you around the forums! For those who have missed or not yet got around registering, here is the link:

Also make sure to post in the following thread after registering to get you green colored username and access to the VIP forum!

As the community is slowly growing we are having a great time reading all the feedback and suggestions. Feel free to drop by and ask us anything about the game or share your own ideas with everyone like in this thread for example where we are collecting some ideas for fun weapons :)
There are other interesting Threads regarding various DFS features as well! Check it out!

Development Updates

We are working on various things as we speak! Nick is atm working on control input, implementing the remaining Joypad controls for some of the UI and fishing. As you know we will support Mouse, keyboard, touch screen and joystick but depending on the platform you play you will not need to select the input method in the config, all inputs are supported at the same time. you can play with keyboard only or have you one hand on the mouse, or play only with mouse or a combination of any of the controls.
Sem is currently working on some optimization, all sorts of cryptic under the hood magic that will make the game run well :D
Mark is working on Story Mission programming and a new minigame feature (we will introduce it sometimes later) and Randis is catching up with his Asset production tasks he had to neglect during the KS and GL campaign.
Many things are happening but a lot of it is not something one can show in screenshots but as soon as we have something more visual to share we will :D Everyone is busy busy :)

Survey rescheduled

On Advice from the community we decided to release the survey later, when we are getting more close to the release dates to avoid possible confusion, changed shipping addresses and such. Same goes for the Slacker Backer survey.
We have also updated and added some additional info to our Slacker Backer Page. If you have questions regarding the Tiers or upgrading an KS Tier via paypal and such you will find all the info there


As we move forward with our updates we’ll do our best to keep them interesting and engaging. We plan to make more announcements in the near future (Events we will be attending, the Exclusive Pet Familiar poll, Art Contests, Raffles, etc) and to keep sharing with you details about Grimm Bros and Dragon Fin Soup as it evolves! Thank you all once again for being a backer and supporting our dream.

Take care and talk soon!
- Randis & Ash

April 22, 2014 - Grimm Bros

Hello Everyone!

We got some rest and we are back to work. The team is now working on asset production and mission scripting for Red Robin, it will take time until we will get started on any of the new features and Morgiana that were unlocked in our Kickstarter campaign but we are very excited to get started and share with you our progress!

The Dragon Fin Soup Slacker Backer campaign is now LIVE!

We created a Slacker Backer Humble Bundle campaign on our Dragon Fin Soup online store for people who want to be a backer but just missed hearing about us and our Kickstater campaign.

As an indie developer we can use all the help we can get to make Dragon Fin Soup a great title for you to enjoy. Thanks to all of our backers Dragon Fin Soup is guaranteed to come out and now any additional funding will potentially go into the main release, but will definitely be available for future expansions!

Thank you all of your support and please consider becoming a backer if you haven't already!

The Grimm Bros - Dragon Fin Soup - Forums are now OPEN!

We have now opened up our Dragon Fin Soup forums to the public. All of our backer and supporter are welcome to join and hang out with us!

We would like to use the forums to build our community and to communicate with you and all DFS supporters. Your feedback is really important to us and the forums are a great platform where we can start various fun discussions.

Please keep in mind we are not yet at the point in our development where we can start designing reward features such as the Exclusive Pet Familiar, however this will come a bit later as a locked sub-forum where backers of all tiers that include the exclusive pet reward will gain access and be able to participate in design discussions.

Hope to see you all on our forums to have a virtual beer with us!

Grimm Bros at PAX East!

PAX East was great and all of our friends who helped out at the show did a wonderful job getting the word out and doing live demos of Dragon Fin Soup!
It was also awesome to meet some of our backers in person!

You can check out the rest of our PAX East images on our Facebook!

Take care everyone and talk soon!
- Ash & Randis

April 7, 2014 - Grimm Bros

Hey Everyone!

This is it! The beginning of our last week of Kickstarter! We just have 3 days left and are doing everything we can to get the word out and push towards our stretch goals. We deeply appreciate all of your time and support in backing Dragon Fin Soup. If you haven’t already NOW is a fabulous time to tell your friends and share about our Kickstarter in FB/Twitter or your favorite forum/blog. Every bit of support helps, we are almost at the sheep pet Stretch Goal and are getting closer to our Morgiana Expansion!!! Wanna help? Here’s how...

Facebook Cover Images
We made a bunch of cover images, feel free to use them if you like :) If you would like to link to our FB page, the link is:

Here is the link the the full sized image:

Here is the link the the full sized image:

Here is the link the the full sized image:

Here is the link the the full sized image:

Here is the link the the full sized image:

Here is the link the the full sized image:

AMA on Reddit
Randis and I will be holding an AMA session on Reddit this Wednesday April 9th starting at 6:00 or 7:00 pm PST. We will share a link later on our FB, Twitter and here. We hope that you will join us for a candid Q&A session :)

Live stream on Twitch on last night of KS!
To celebrate the funding of Dragon Fin Soup we invite EVERYONE to join us for a fun evening to hang out, talk shop, and share about ourselves and the game on our Twitch live stream. We will begin the Twitch live stream tentatively on Thursday April 10th from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm PST. Does this time work for everyone or do you prefer an earlier time slot? Here is the link to our upcoming stream We wil be making an announcment both on our FB and Twitter and in the KS comments section right before we go live. This should be a lot of fun and we hope to see all of you there! Invite everyone you know! (PS. This will be our first time doing a Twitch stream so please forgive us for any technical snafus :)

Super Special Raffle!
As a super special event for our Kickstarter campaign we are starting a Raffle with some nice giveaways! Our goal is to really get the word out about Dragon Fin Soup in our last week of our Kickstarter. Everyone is encouraged to participate!

We will be selecting up to 16 winners randomly and announce them after PAX East on the Monday April 14th!

The prizes are:
4 x Set of 3 signed 20x15 inch prints!
3 x Red Robin Plushy
9 x Dragon Fin Soup Ghost Tier Edition!

Anyone can participate! The Rules are very simple!
Follow this link to our DFS FB page, read the rules and and join in the fun!

Updated Gameplay Video!
We will be releasing an extensive 24 min gameplay video with commentary by Randis in the next few days to share more of the details and nuances of the gameplay and world of Dragon Fin Soup. Stay tuned...

Thanks you everyone for all of your help and support! We are almost there!
- Randis & Ash

April 4, 2014 - Grimm Bros

Big Thanks to all our Backers and supporters!

We have reached our third Stretch Goal today and are almost at 300% Funding.
With the new Asian/Oriental Armor Pack we will be adding some exciting and flashy gear to Dragon Fin soup!

The Armor Pack will come with items such as the Lamellar Cuirass, Tankō, Lizard scale armor, Katabira, Mirror Armor, Manju no wa, Chahar-aina, Krug, Tabi, Gappa, Shinobi Shōzoku and others! Many of them will also be craftable so we will add a bunch of new materials and crafting recipes as well! This set will nicely compliment the Weapon pack from the last Stretch Goal and also contain some rare gear and cursed items :)

Dragon Fin Soup at PAX East
We are really excited about showing off Dragon Fin Soup at PAX East. For those of you who can’t make it during the show we will be posting pictures and updates to our Facebook -

Here are few cool fun pics of the booth and schwag we had last year at PAX Prime:

Since we didn’t have the game in a playable state we came up with a fun Real-Life-Roguelike booth mini-game where participants had 10 turns to navigate a randomly generated grid to either take out the Skeleton or go for the chest. Everyone really seemed to love it and we hope to bring the game back in the future.

For PAX East we will have two computers setup with the latest build of Dragon Fin Soup so that you can play the 1st story mission for Red Robin.


If you haven’t already please LIKE us on Facebook and Join our Mailing List[] for super special announcements!

Game Info - New Foes

Drone D-12
You can encounter the Drones in in the ancient Temple Ruins. The old maintenance Drones have long forgotten their mission, falling back to their most basic purpose they will attack everything that moves. Being estimated older than 20 thousand years It is a miracle that their are still working at all...

Yolk Crab
The dog sized Yolk crab are commonly found in the Grassfields near swampy regions, hiding in tall grass those grabs usually prey on birds and smaller animals but are also known to attack people when food is scarce. Their tough shells are often used to craft Armor and kitchenware.

Thanks you all of your efforts and support! Please keep pushing to get the word out! The Morgiana Expansion is getting getting closer!

- Ash & Randis

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