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Dragon Fin Soup
May 27 - Grimm Bros

Here are the Top 12 name candidates we’ve picked for the Scavenger Snail!

(Yeah, we said 10 but we made it 12 :P )

  1. Snagial
  2. Slugger
  3. Escarghoul
  4. Snaipy
  5. Nibbler
  6. Mulaca Shar
  7. Grummslub
  8. Gormshell
  9. Slatter
  10. Grubbensweir
  11. Schneckchen
  12. Slubber

Please VOTE[] for your favorite name here!
We will let you all name more monsters in the future for sure :)

The Haunted Mansion

As promised here is a screenshot of the new Haunted Mansion Dungeon. We are currently working on the Quests for this Location and Jade is composing a new music track. We may share a music sample with you in our next update if you like :)

The background story of Haunted Mansion will be introduced in a Story Quest and upon completion this Location can be later revisited in a set of randomly generated missions!
This is as much as we can tell without spoiling any content.

Dev Update

We are working hard on the Haunted Mansion related missions and related gameplay features, assets and NPCs needed for this dungeon. Also still working on various control inputs and optimizing the code, those are larger ongoing tasks that can take a whole while. A couple new Crystal mini-game elements were added, as noted in our previous update.
New music tracks for the new haunted mansion and sakura forest are in the works as well.
A whole bunch of new NPCs were created for the use in quests and we are working on some new designs for implementation of some remaining and new features.

Thanks everyone! Hope to see you around on the DFS Forums!

Take care and talk soon!
- Randis & Ash

May 19 - Grimm Bros

Hello Everyone,

Summer is finally here for most of the team now. Its super hot in Bangkok and finally warm enough not to wear a sweater in Philadelphia and Chicago. Of course our team members in San Francisco have been enjoying sunny weather for awhile now :P Everyone is feeling good and is hard at work on the game.

Crowdfunding Update
We have been making slow steady progress in our Slacker Backer campaign towards our next Stretch Goal and are just over ½ way there. For those of you who already backed us that means more free goodies for you!

Here is our Grand Total raised so far! $125305 (Including Adjustments & Add-ons)

Game Info - Monster

Scavenger Snail
This giant Land Mollusk is commonly found in the Cherberry Marshes and the Bleemshroom Forests. The Scavenger Snail is a Carrion-Eater but will not shy away from attacking Adventurers when hungry (always) or during mating period (always).
Its tough shell is a popular crafting material for Orcish Armor.

We don’t have a cool name for this Monster yet so feel free to contribute ideas in the forum thread!

Next week we will pick 10 of the suggested Names and create a Poll where you can decide the final name.

Dev Update
We have added 2 new types of interactive Objects to the world... The mysterious Crystals!

We will not spoil the exact purpose of those Crystals as we would like you to figure out what to do with them by yourself later! All we can say is that they will involve some simply minigames, rewards, punishments and possibly even combat related mechanics.
We have also started working on the haunted mansion dungeon and related missions and will be able to share a screenshot with you in our next update!

Thanks everyone and don’t forget to register on the DFS forums and get your green username

Take care and talk soon!
- Randis & Ash

May 12 - Grimm Bros

Hey Everyone,
Hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend. Here are some new updates!

Crowdfunding tracker and next Stretch Goal!
We have finally been able to setup a counter which tracks all of the backers and funds raised from our Kickstater and Slacker Backer campaign on our Dragon Fin Soup website - Please keep in mind the counter does not include any adjustment or add-ons to pledges as we track those manually.

Here is our Grand Total raised so far! $124,935
(Including Adjustments & Add-ons)

As you can see we are almost ½ way to our next stretch goal! With the next Stretch Goal we will be adding playable Zombies and Mummies as in Survival Mode and Endless Labyrinth! In addition we will be adding the Ancient Tech Armor Set!

The Village People!
We will be introducing you to a few of the characters in the village where Red Robin lives.

Danny the Watermelon guy
Danny is one of Robin’s drinking buddies down at the local Cock&Bull Tavern. Danny is a nice guy, but when he stays out late, playing cards, and has one too many rounds of drinks he gets in trouble with the wife :( You can usually find Danny selling his wares at the local village market.

Game Info - Monsters

This nasty monster is commonly found living inside trunks and chests. It feeds on curious fingers and on whatever used to be stored in the chest.
By the time a Tranka reaches adulthood is is completely merged with the chest, wearing the outside like a exoskeleton. It is almost impossible to distinguish a Tranka from a common chest before it’s too late.

Dev Update

Among other things, last week we have added a Combo Counter to the game, it will need some more testing and tweaking but this is basically how it works:
Each time the hero lands a successful hit with a melee attack the counter goes up by 1, giving the hero a X% damage bonus for every 10 hits. If 5 turns in a raw are spent without landing a hit the counter resets. This way it is possible to build up momentum by attacking one foe after another.
The maximum % damage bonus is of course capped and hitting plants or props does not count as a hit (unless a hit is caused by a falling tree) Multi-hit weapons generate more hits of course. The combo counter will be located on the right of the screen, right under the mini map.

Thanks everyone for your support and as always please feel free to send us any ideas, suggestions, feedback or questions :)

Take care and talk soon!
- Randis & Ash

May 5 - Grimm Bros

Hi Everyone,
We hope you all had a great week!

We are happy to see so many familiar names on the DFS Forums!
If you have not yet registered, here is the link:
Also if you are a Facebook user, feel free to follow our official FB page:

Meet the Pudding!
Nope, this is not food, the pudding is a cunning predator!
The Pudding monster is a close relative of the slime family and is commonly found in the vanilla Desert.
Tempting random strangers into eating some randomly found pudding off the ground may not sound like a great strategy but you would be surprised how many actually fall for it.
Don’t let the yummy look and smell fool you!

The great Cactura of the family Cactaceae is a plant commonly found in the Vanilla Desert.
They grow to be as tall as 3 meters and are sometimes harvested for their needles.
Cacturas can be utilized in combat and deal decent damage to whoever stands in the way when they fall over.

Development Updates
Still working on various the control inputs, making great progress there, pad controls are working for the most part of the game but will need more tuning. Fun controls are very important so we are not rushing it.
We started some asset production for a palace and another village, lot’s of work to be done… Will share some screenshots when we have more final results, this will take some time. More optimization, tweaks and bugfixing happened this week, also some new, additional gameplay designs were made. (Random encounter with Bandits)
Jade is working on a new music track for a new Sakura Forest level, a new location that will be added with Morgiana.
Much work, very concentrate, so ongoing, wow!

Take care and talk soon!
- Randis & Ash

PS: Don’t forget Mother’s day! :D

April 29 - Grimm Bros

Hi Everyone,

It has been great seeing many of you around the forums! For those who have missed or not yet got around registering, here is the link:

Also make sure to post in the following thread after registering to get you green colored username and access to the VIP forum!

As the community is slowly growing we are having a great time reading all the feedback and suggestions. Feel free to drop by and ask us anything about the game or share your own ideas with everyone like in this thread for example where we are collecting some ideas for fun weapons :)
There are other interesting Threads regarding various DFS features as well! Check it out!

Development Updates

We are working on various things as we speak! Nick is atm working on control input, implementing the remaining Joypad controls for some of the UI and fishing. As you know we will support Mouse, keyboard, touch screen and joystick but depending on the platform you play you will not need to select the input method in the config, all inputs are supported at the same time. you can play with keyboard only or have you one hand on the mouse, or play only with mouse or a combination of any of the controls.
Sem is currently working on some optimization, all sorts of cryptic under the hood magic that will make the game run well :D
Mark is working on Story Mission programming and a new minigame feature (we will introduce it sometimes later) and Randis is catching up with his Asset production tasks he had to neglect during the KS and GL campaign.
Many things are happening but a lot of it is not something one can show in screenshots but as soon as we have something more visual to share we will :D Everyone is busy busy :)

Survey rescheduled

On Advice from the community we decided to release the survey later, when we are getting more close to the release dates to avoid possible confusion, changed shipping addresses and such. Same goes for the Slacker Backer survey.
We have also updated and added some additional info to our Slacker Backer Page. If you have questions regarding the Tiers or upgrading an KS Tier via paypal and such you will find all the info there


As we move forward with our updates we’ll do our best to keep them interesting and engaging. We plan to make more announcements in the near future (Events we will be attending, the Exclusive Pet Familiar poll, Art Contests, Raffles, etc) and to keep sharing with you details about Grimm Bros and Dragon Fin Soup as it evolves! Thank you all once again for being a backer and supporting our dream.

Take care and talk soon!
- Randis & Ash

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