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Dragon Fin Soup
Pounding out game mechanics
June 10, 2014 - Grimm Bros

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the little delay, we usually always release the updated on a Monday but it has been a crazy busy day yesterday.
Ash is attending the E3 2014 in Los Angeles this year for business related meetings! Grimm Bros doesn't have a booth as we are heads down on development, but we will share some choice photos with you all

Crowdfunding Update
Grand Total raised to date: $125,495 (Including Adjustments & Add-ons)
Slowly but surely we are making progress to our next Stretch Goal :)

Baran “The Blacksmith” Wilson
Baran is a blacksmith and co-founder of the Wilson & Alison Inc.
a small metal and wood works company located near the Cherberry Marshes. Baran is an old buddy of Jin, they served together in the Imperial Army back in the day.

Dev Update
The Team has been working hard as usual this week, doing polish and bug fixing. We added some additional elements to the crystal mini-games we had mentioned in a past update and revised NPC movement to be more fluid.
Added some new locations and a bunch of new NPCs, here is a screenshot of a vendor from another village called Mondheim!

We also added more features to our prefab-scripting system that will allow us to add more fun interactive elements to the dungeons. Currently working on a new town and a Central Post Office location.
To set the expectations right, the hero will not be receiving any mails like in some other games but will be able to get some package delivery quests.

Thanks everyone! See you around on the DFS Forums!

Take care and talk soon!
- Randis & Ash