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3D Paraglider
May 6 - kim.hoskin

Here is a status update of progress being made, looking to get a version ready to release to the steam gaming world:

New features already added:
-Walk around anywhere on loaded map (1st person style) and choose where you want to take off from, same deal with landing (if flair used), and take off again..
-Fixed terrain collision issues.
-Nice looking animated clouds in relevant places.
-Nice post processing effects such sunshafts, dirty lens, oil paint effect and other camera effects (can turn off in options).
-Added big ears animation.
-Improved altimeter sounds.
-Improved Intro music, various tracks.
-High score tables.
-Added Display speed, altimeter info etc.
-Achievements (accumulate flying hours to become Rookie>Pilot(EP)>Pilot(CP)>Master>Coach).
-Working on much better looking buildings in the scenes with cities,
-Improved wing/glider physics.
-Nicer courses with beacons and thermal hints.
-DK2 support.
-Set the default graphics quality to maximum to improve look of ground textures. But can be set lower if your machine is less powerful.

Planned to add:
-Random Wing collapse Animation
-More Thermal areas
-Radio voice calls to say well done or chatter
-Advanced Glider Wing configuration and customisation (painter)
-Crash animations, possible cut scenes
-Building mesh destruction when using Bomb Drop feature
-Performance improvements such as Occlusion culling
-Server based highscores/achievements
-More Flying scenes / locations
-Other Languages support

Feel free to add your suggestions , will seriously consider adding as much content as possible that you want to see included :)

April 26 - kim.hoskin

Thank you to everyone that voted and your interest. I look forward to publishing this and making this a successful game on Steam, it's very exciting. Thanks again everyone.

January 17 - kim.hoskin

3D Paraglider update now released, includes lots of improvements and features,
I hope you enjoy this update.
For added realism set the quality settings to the highest level, then you will see a big difference in ground textures.
Please contact me if you have any suggestions or feature requests, I am always open and keen to improve this simulator.

Get it at URL:

October 2, 2014 - kim.hoskin

Been slowly working on this , added more details, city details, dropping bombs to destroy objects (Oh yeah!), completing a flight path/route, better terrain collision, pilot animations, altimeter, performance improvements, better lighting. But still not finished yet, I am working on a big piece now.. the Multi-player :) Anyone wishing to test with give me a shout!

June 1, 2014 - kim.hoskin

Added some new videop and images to show off new features, some graphic improvments.

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