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3D Paraglider
October 2 - kim.hoskin

Been slowly working on this , added more details, city details, dropping bombs to destroy objects (Oh yeah!), completing a flight path/route, better terrain collision, pilot animations, altimeter, performance improvements, better lighting. But still not finished yet, I am working on a big piece now.. the Multi-player :) Anyone wishing to test with give me a shout!

June 1 - kim.hoskin

Added some new videop and images to show off new features, some graphic improvments.

April 30 - kim.hoskin

Added new scenes, based in Australia, Peru, Gibraltar and wadirum@Jordan, The jordan one looks rather nice IMO

April 3 - kim.hoskin

Added some more videos an screenshots, check them out.

April 3 - kim.hoskin

Added volumetric clouds and options to enable/disable clouds, plus option for setting the altitude of the cloudbase, next step is to set thermals around those more widely.

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