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Dig or Die
Why this game is different from Terraria or Starbound ?
February 24, 2014 - Gaddy Games

I make this game because I really loved Terraria, and I thought there were a lot of things I would have liked to be different. So yes, Dig or Die is of the same genre, it's a 2D sandbox game with mining & crafting, but the gameplay is really not the same:

  • First, in Dig or Die your main objective is to build a strong base with heavy defenses: automated turrets, walls, etc. Because as in a tower defense game, massive waves of monsters attack each night. And here the monsters are intelligent, they'll try to attack your defenses at their weakest points...
  • The digging process is much faster than in Terraria/Starbound, from the start. So you can spend more time exploring and building your defenses.
  • I developed an innovative simulation of water, with rain, runoff, infiltration, trickle, undergrounds rivers and lakes and more... That may be dangerous when you go underground, but with a little digging you will be able to use it to improve your defenses or irrigate your crops. And it's very fun to play with :-)
  • Physics for buildings: the buildings have a weight and if they are not built strong enough (or if attacked by monsters) they will collapse. It's a bit like the bridge constructions games, not as precise but it's working good enough. And you'll have to build large bridges and high towers to access some remote locations and retrieve some rare minerals or items...
  • Monsters behavior: no monster will be able to teleport, or move "in the background", or do magical things like that. If you build a concrete block, that will stop any enemy. Well, at least until the enemy crushes it :-)
  • Real Science-Fiction: no swords or medieval stuff here, only laser weapons and modern things like that. So the ranged weapons gameplay feelings are really the priority here.

I hope I have convinced you the game will not be just one more Terraria clone! At least it has much more differences that between 2 RTS or 2 FPS...
And remember that the game is really far from being finished, so there are many more items, locations and other stuff coming to illustrate those differences!