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Caffeine UE4 Pre-Release Demo Released!
6 май 2014 - DylserX

Hello all!

First of all thank you to all that have contributed so far, everyone has had such nice comments to give and some fantastic suggestions in there!

I would like to take this chance to let you all know that I have just released a new pre-release UE4 based Caffeine demo!, at the moment it serves as a graphical showcase with a small playable area, but I will be expanding it in the coming weeks into a full fledged demo!

So be sure to try it out and share it around!


Cheers Guys!


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4 коментара
DylserX 10 май 2014 в 8:04 следобед 
@Haross @Duby The Wuby Thanks Guys!
Duby The Wuby 9 май 2014 в 9:38 сутринта 
love your game really good graphics for an indie
Duby The Wuby 9 май 2014 в 9:38 сутринта 
definetly trying that
Jarmil Prdel 6 май 2014 в 6:12 сутринта