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Gloria Victis - Realistic Medieval MMORPG
July 24 - BartoldGV


For the last two weeks we have been working on two massive features – skills and building system. In few days the first versions will be done, greatly improving the Gloria Victis gameplay.

Let’s start with the building system. First version will offer possibility to the hire mercenary guards or upgrade the existing towns and fortifications with stronger gates and better offensive equipment, such as wooden logs to drop on the enemies heads or pots with boiling water, oil and tar. These objects will be destroyable as well, so the players will have to repair them in co-operation with each other inside their faction in order to the keep defensive structures in good condition.

But the upgrading won’t be limited to only the most powerful guilds – every single player will be able to help their faction by gathering the required resources!

In nearest future this system will be expanded with a possibility to build the whole towns and castles, players will also be able to upgrade the mines or farms to gain better resources spots, build the crafting workshops or hire more mercenaries to defend their lands!

Now let’s say a word or two about the skills. The first version will include dozens of the passive skills, giving the players even more freedom in developing their characters with our class-less progression system. It will also allow to significantly differ the characters and create the unique builds.

These awesome improvements will be implemented next week – at the moment we are testing them to make sure that they are polished enough to be shown to our players.

Stay tuned!

July 7 - BartoldGV


We have just implemented a new PVP arena! Now players can arrange friendly sparring and participate in tournaments in a controlled environment. There will be new different arenas added in future but even now it’s a great chance to enjoy some exciting PVP!

Right now we are starting to implement the skills system! It will contain dozens of passive skills and a few of active ones to choose, so it will be a massive gameplay improvement for sure!

Changelog v.0.2.4 Pre-Alpha

– Implemented arena mode
– Rebalanced attacks power bar loading time for different weapon types
– Increased damage range for attacks power bar – now damage is varied from 100% to 150% of base damage
– Various improvements to the attacks power bar
– Improved display and counting of achievements after relogging
– Fixed bug causing that player couldn’t receive a achievement reward
– Fixed armour based damage modifier in PVP
– Set rarer bosses respawn time
– Fixed bug causing that box with random items didn’t disappear after using them
– Fixed problems with achievements occuring on the new characters
– Looting the players works excellent
– Fixed diplaying players’ markers on minimap
– Fixed pots with boiling oil in Original Faith Order

July 1 - BartoldGV


Today’s update greatly expands the Gloria Victis gameplay by adding the achievements system, complex in-game tutorials introducing new players into the game mechanics, attacks power bar and attacks queuing to increase the focus on player’s skills in combat, precious rewards for active players, the friends list allowing to manage the in-game contacts and relation and many fixes to various systems!

Changelog v.0.2.3 Pre-Alpha


– Implemented the first tutorials explaining the basic game functions, as movement, interface, crafting and combat
– Implemented attacks power bar
– Implemented attacks queuing – to initiate the next attack faster, click LMB again when the end of a current attack
– Slightly reduced the delay between attacks
– Doubled the accuracy of characters position syncing
– Added a many new achievements, grouped in categories related to the various game aspects
– Implemented saving of the achievement progress in a database
– Implemented rewards for activity as a tab in the achievements window – it allows to take a reward and check which was has been taken yet, when the next one will appear, how much time is left to take a reward and what reward will be available in future; you can still take a reward by clicking the envelope icon
– Increased the accuracy of pots with boiling oil
– Added a south-western flag on a minimap
– Added particle effects when moving in the water


– Added new friends window (accessible as a tab in party window) allowing to quickly invite friends to the party or send them a message
– Added possibility to invite players from different nation to the party
– Added option to select who can invite new players to the party (by default only the leader)
– Fixed party members status when they are close, added indication when they are too far away
– You can join a party by asking any of its members (respecting leader's settings)

Fixes, performance:

– Improved visuals of hair and beards in shadow
– Fixed bug causing that NPCs were stopping moving through their waypoints
– Improved server’s performance
– Fixed bug preventing from taking over the flag on a south-western island
– Fixed minor glitches related to the models in Dunfen (holes in walls, stairs)
– Fixed bug allowing to speak with vendors in flag locations, when a flag isn’t controlled by a player’s nation
– Fixed bug causing that some of the settings in game options hasn’t being saved

June 19 - BartoldGV


Today evening we will launch a new version of our website shop! Except the nicer and much more ergonomic interface, it offers many new possibilities. Right now in its assortment you can find players and guilds memorials or a chance to design your own content which would be implemented in game, like NPCs or locations – and more surprises soon!

Available packets have been slightly modified as well: as the Journeyman packet was causing many misunderstandings related with a access to the game, we removed it – instead there is a new packet which, except the currently available rewards, contains also exclusive materials describing Midlanders and Ismirs beliefs!

As the game development grows we would implement new packets and items, but we never forget about those who supported us so far – currently existing packets would be also continuously expanded with an additional content!

At the end, few words about the current development stage. In the nearest updates we will implement complex in-game tutorials to introduce new players to the game mechanics, as well as the achievements, being a massive expansion of the Daily Events system, and much more! At the same time, in order to give you more space for gruesome battles, we work on expanding (hah, more than doubling!) the world’s size soon!

New lands will contain a new great city, which players would be able to capture,control, settle in it, upgrade and fortify, as well as a hideout for those who would choose to become the renegades, as freedom of choice is one of the key features in Gloria Victis. They will be able to their belonging to either Midlanders or Ismirs behind, with their suicidal crusades against the Azebs and everlasting conflict caused by the Walter’s Leveling, and live on their own – raid, plunder, conquer and even create their own, player-ruled nation!

With it we would also implement more spawnpoints and an ability to choose a one among the all controlled by a player’s nation, so the PVP will become even more dynamic as the warbands would be able to react much faster to the enemies raids! And last but not least: we are reworking our inventory system to implement various unlockable sacks and backpacks – each with a different capacity – what you were asking us for!

It’s another big step on our way to make Gloria Victis what we and you wish it to become – an exceptional game which belongs to the players as much as to its developers, since your awesome support is the only power which allows us to exist! To develop this project we have to extend the team, but thanks to you our – and yours! – dreams can come true! Thank you for all what you have done for this game so far – and see you in battle!

Gloria Victis – by Gamers, with Gamers, for Gamers!

P.S. The latest update contains new pieces of music – here is the examplary one:

Gloria Victis - Redemption of an Ysmir

June 15 - BartoldGV


We have a pleasure to present you the next update! With it you receive some signifficant improvements to the territory control system – destroyable gates and pots with a boiling oil! Moreover, we modified the items durability and repair system. Thanks to the Donators activity in poll threads about this system, we have come to an optimal solution – details below.

Changelog v. Pre-Alpha


– Implemented gates which can be opened only by the players from a nation controlling certain location – players from enemy nation have to destroy it first
– Implemented pots with boiling oil set on the walls of towns and outposts
– Implemented knife damage modifier based on character’s dexterity
– Modified items durability and repair mechanics, basing on the results of a Community poll; implemented a solution proposed by many of our players – durability threshold, after which items statistics are decreasing to the preset minimal value; for testing purposes we applied 50% durability threshold and statistics decrease down to 50% of initial value when durability is 0
– Reworked the party system
– Placed 25 new NPC enemies on the map
– Added four new pieces of music
– Added new game languages – Portugal, Brazilian, Swedish, French, Hebrew


– Implemented a new launcher version, allowing to download the game files from a mirror located in North America
– Fixed bug related to displaying the alternative materials in crafting window
– Fixed bug from the latest version, causing FPS drops in towns at night
– Fixed bug causing that NPC archers didn’t do any damage

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