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Gloria Victis - Realistic Medieval MMORPG: Non-targeted Combat, Sandbox Crafting, RvR Wars, Partial Loot PvP - Play Now!
July 31 - Jog


It was a busy month for us. Aside from the large amount of improvements and adjustments made to the graphics quality of Gloria Victis, we have eliminated many bugs and improved game stability. Especially important here are the optimisation efforts of our programmers. Firstly, we highly reduced FPS drops; secondly, we also reduced system requirements. The game now works well even on machines with integrated graphics! We still have a lot of work to do, but this is a big step on our way towards lifting the NDA!

In our next update, planned for today, you will see new in-game terrains to capture – taking control over them will allow a nation to gather major resources. Soon, we are going to hold official large-scale PvP events, to which we invite all our players! For now we have some screens from yesterday's spontaneous Midlander attack on Mereley village. Though the invaders managed to enter the town, they were stopped and pushed back by the outnumbered Ismirs supported by the fort wardens. All the participants enjoyed the battle, and this gives us hope that the coming events will bring you even more fun!

You can find changelogs here:

Also we have just launched our Team Speak 3 server. Gloria Victis players and everyone interested can now talk not only with each other, but also with the game developers. Feel invited!

Of course we also need to mention the changes made to the test map. The city of Dunfen was rebuilt and its surroundings were expanded by adding farmlands and the seashore (increasing the area available to the players by about 50%). What does it mean? You can now travel from Dunfen to Mereley by sea, so prepare to assault your enemy from the ships! For more information, visit the "What we are working on?" thread on our forums.

July 29 - Jog

Changelog v. Pre-Alpha

Bugfixes and adjustments:
- Fixed issues with stackable items in inventory
- Fixed issues with shield swapping
- Fixed trade bugs
- Fixed character leveling (points are correctly distributed)
- Fixed exp bar
- Changed statistic upgrade cost depending on statistic level ( <= 130 - 1 point, <= 170 -2 points, otherwise 3 points)
- Fixed various party system bugs
- Improved visuals for solar flares
- Directional attacks are more responsive
- Fixed various crafting bugs and exploits
- Fixed various bugs relating with looting chests
- Fixed crashes related to memory leak on some computer specifications causing crashes (Windows 8 for example)
- Changed timeout after disconnect into 300 seconds (It needs to be high due to Unity but time outing game after being alt tabbed/minimized)
- Decreased performance spikes
- Added keybindings for Crafting/Map/Jump
- Added options in main menu scene
- Fixed hovering mouse delay
- Adjusted the functionality of ‘~’, now you have to hold ‘~’ to block camera rotation instead of pressing ‘~’ to toggle camera block
- Adjusted character’s position on the minimap
- Fixed bosses spawn (They spawn each 8 hours - 2 a.m, 10 a.m and 6 p.m GTM+2 time
- Added boss spawn information

- World has expanded by 50%, these changes include:
a)Dunfen rework
b)New farms
c)New coasts

- Added spine rotation system (looks pretty sweet!)
- Added new various sounds
- Added backstab damage from AI
- Added player’s rotation during creation process
- Added option to disable birds and fish in game options

And the big one which took most of our time this month

Loading system:
- Introduced dynamic tile processing.
- Introduced texture streaming system which allows us to improve our textures resolution without performance degradation.
- RAM usage dropped by a significant amount.
- Game is loading about 10x faster now and fps are more stable

v. Pre-Alpha
- increased fps count from 15 to 30% depending on hardware configuration
- fixed graphics issues on integrated cards
- fixed error which could kill character after using /unstuck or during respawn
- fixed intersection of hair and beards with helmets
- fixed boss and their companions spawns
- fixes in spine rotation system
- fixes in melee collision detection
- added first higher quality textures
- increased terrains refreshing frequency (decreased visibility issues during fast camera turning)
- adjusted NPC walking animations speed
- adjusted sounds volume
- fixed exp bar blocking after relog bug
- fixed language saving bug
- fixed crafting helmets recipees
- weakened Flag Guards

v. Pre-Alpha

– fixed bug allowing infinite chest looting
– changed drops from some chests
– added improvement preventing from “ghost-mobs” appearance – please report if you will find any
– added automatic log sending in case of player’s collision detection system failure
– fixed normal maps
– replaced a few of the textures in Dunfen for higher quality ones
– fixed door animations
– added new advanced shaders
– improved location and models of some of workshops
– improved some model resources
– improved night sky resolution
– added official Team Speak channel (IP:

June 17 - Jog

Changelog v.
- added reaction system for blocking strikes on player-player level
- strikes in the back (further referred to as ‘backstabs’) now deal 1.3x regular damage
- added “staggering” system, a character will stagger when his hit is blocked by another player, shields will now have an animation to interact with received hits and blocking without stamina will result in a stagger effect
- changed the moment of receiving damage from enemies, moved it from the beginning of animation to when the blow lands
- added new hairstyles and beards to character customization
- added spawners dependent on real time (to spawn event bosses) and spawners dependent on server time (daytime/nighttime creatures)
- designed bosses for future PvE raids
- added new equipment (armour)
- fixed a bug that denied resource gathering by display of “Resource is already in use” message
- added logout window to unable leaving the game during combat/avoid looting
- added new workshops to craft items and equipment in game
- modified some old workshops
- fixed other minor crafting issues
- fixed minor errors in craft receipts
- implemented additional information display on weapons and armour
- changed GUI and shop functioning
- added “Invert axis” for mouse in game options
- reduced minimum RAM required to launch the game (it caused crashes on particular machines)
- created a new tool to deny launching the game with an outdated client
- created a system to report bugs and sending feedback directly from the game
- created a data-gathering system on player behaviour
- started to work on our official wiki page:
- round minimap is back
- removed delay between attacks
- fixed GUI windows crossing
- and fixed other minor issues

Changelog v.

Combat Mechanics
- while blocking, any non-Player attacks (Mob/NPC) directed at player will trigger adequate animation (slight stagger)
- mobs that attack into player’s block will be slightly staggered creating a small window of opportunity
- now in PvP when player attacks into another player’s block - both will display adequate animations based on their weapon/block types (attacking into block is slightly more punished)
- now mobs upon receiving damage display an animation

Combat Fixes
- fixed an issue that prevented mobs aggro’ed in a melee range from rotating to face the player on the client-side
- removed several deadlocks in player controller


- fixed dissappearing items after bought on shop after relog
- fixed few translation strings
- returned server 24/7 stability

May 30 - Jog


A new Gloria Victis update has appeared a few days ago! What awaits you in the new patch?

First of all, we have implemented the basics of crafting! We give you receipts, resources, workshops – mainly everything to make your own equipment! The crafting system has already got a development mechanism. Thanks to that, even when the player has all the available professions – he earns experience in this particular craft when he practices it. To craft a more advanced item, it will require a higher crafting level and some cooperation between different craftsmen. Due to that change, most of the equipment currently in-stock will be replaced by receipts. It appears that it is the very beginning of an in-game economy driven by players!

The second case relates to the test map. It is now 30% bigger due to addition of near-sea areas around Mereley; additionally, guards have appeared in towns and at the standard camp and they will not hesitate to attack a player of an opposite faction or a bear.

Minor changes were added to the mechanics – some statistics are counted and displayed in decimal form. To allow players a better impression of character development, we have also added new modifiers that influence health and stamina regeneration. We have also implemented two new graphic options – Motion Blur and Depth of Field. Slight fixes were made to item statistics and enemies.

Except aforementioned news, we have also implemented many fixes of already existing systems. The most important of all is improving the texture loading system, which will reduce dropping of FPS (we are still working on proper optimization). We have completely rewritten the character controller and game launcher updating – from now, the launcher will download the updates in small packages – it will allow to continue the download from the last downloaded package instead of downloading the whole thing again. It will allow to comfortably download the patches by people with limited access time or limited data transfer.

We await your opinions and notes, and in the meantime – vote Gloria Victis on!

You may find a complete list of changes here:

May 25 - Jog

– Rewritten character controller with the new concept to eliminate issues related to its construction. However, it requires further testing.

– Added basics of crafting system along with resources, workshops and receipts. All professions are available from the start but each one requires individual development. With higher craft level, higher the chances are to craft an item, thus better items may be hard to craft on early levels.

– Majority of equipment was removed from the vendors and was replaced by receipts.

– Implemented disappearing of gathered resources.

– Improved the game launcher, which will now download updates divided into packages. Continuing the download from the last downloaded package will allow people with connection limits to download the game comfortably.

– Optimized object loading system, which will reduce drops of FPS. (Outside the cities mostly)

– Expanded the map by 30% by adding seaside areas near Mereley.

– Added swimming.

– Added bears.

– Added town guards which will attack any hostile unit.

– Added guards protecting the flag camp.

– Attacking hostile players in your own safe zone is now allowed.

– Added decimal display of some statistics.

– Added a slight buff to health and stamina regeneration, depending on character statistics.

– Added Depth of Field in graphic options.

– Added Motion Blur.

– Added more options to grass display and changing trees to billboards.

– Improved weapon sounds system.

– Fixed issue which allowed to gather loot twice.

– Fixed incorrect counting of stamina usage during sprint.

– Fixed issue with transferring in-game currency during trade between players.

– Fixed issues with enemy respawn.

– Rebalanced equipment and mobs.

- Fixed reloging bug.

– Fixed many minor issues.

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