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Supreme League of Patriots
January 13, 2015 - NoBullIntentions

I'm delighted to announce that Supreme League of Patriots will be releasing January 29th on the Phoenix Online Studios store, Humble Store and, of course, here on Steam.

There are three issues, all of which will be available on the 29th. You can also buy the "Season Pass" bundle which includes all three episodes, the full soundtrack and offers a discount over separate issues. Preorders are available now and early birds who take the opportunity to preorder can save an additional 10%.

April 23, 2014 - NoBullIntentions

I've added a new video today showing off the humour and the gameplay of Supreme League of Patriots. It also serves as an introduction to some of the main characters. It's a special "prequel" episode of the game which will not be released for sale. Nevertheless, it's 100% gameplay footage captured in real-time with FRAPS on my ageing gaming PC. It gets scaled down and blurred a little to fit it into the Steam Greenlight template so if you'd like to watch a higher resolution version of the video, you can do so at our website :

April 8, 2014 - NoBullIntentions

Tom Hedley at Thirteen1 gave us a glowing hands-on preview a few days ago which you can find here :

A couple of quotes I was really happy with :

"Purple Patriots’ main attribute is its colourful, standout aesthetics. The Pixar like graphics and rainbow bright colours are creatively used, setting a playful tone for the gameplay to grow into."

"An original storyline, compelling character personalities and a great sense of humour mean Patriots has what it takes to be an indie darling"

On the flip side, he did find some of the puzzles confusing :

"The puzzles are shaping up to be a genuine challenge too, though a few teeter on the edge of frustration at times – especially when you blame yourself for being so stupid for not" - I've cut that quote before the puzzle spoiler but feel free to read the article to see what he found annoying.

I'm now reworking that puzzle to provide an alternative solution and a more concrete hint on what you need to do. It's always nice to hear that people enjoy the game but the most useful part of hands-on previews is that you get precious feedback on the puzzles. Tweaking the hints and solutions to ensure that they're puzzling and yet not frustrating is absolutely vital to ensuring that the game remains fun.

Now I realise that linking to a hands-on preview without getting closer to a gameplay video for you guys would be a bit cruel, so here's a screenshot from the in-progress special scene I've created especially to preview the gameplay and the satirical humour.

The script and voice acting for the gameplay video are now more or less complete. I still have to add music and sound effects and then get some feedback from the rest of the team before making it available here. It's about fifteen minutes long, so those of you who - rightly - feel that the lack of gameplay footage so far has let you down, will hopefully have something to get their teeth into.

More soon.

April 2, 2014 - NoBullIntentions

Whether it be Ghost Rider’s Hell Cycle, Batman’s Batmobile or that ghastly thing the Fantastic Four rode around in in Rise of the Silver Surfer, every good superhero needs a kick-ass vehicle. Now the Purple Patriot is not exactly most people’s idea of a good superhero, but in his own mind, he’s the best thing in New York since sliced bagels. So in order to give his enormous ego the stroking it so desires, it was necessary to come up with a suitably impressive vehicle.

Now the trouble with creating anti-heroes like The Purple Patriot is you can’t afford to make them too successful, powerful or impressive. If your anti-hero is too powerful, the audience will never relate to him or feel any empathy with him. You’ll have created a character who has no redeeming qualities. Unlovable. Perhaps it sounds odd to suggest that an obnoxious anti-hero – a guy who is described in our last press release as “a bit of a dick” – needs to be loveable, but he does need something to make the audience relate to him. In the case of The Purple Patriot, my solution was to make him utterly inept and lacking any semblance of good fortune. If you passed him a hat with ten pieces of paper with prizes written on them and asked him to pick one, all he would get is a paper cut.

The first instinct, then, is to give him the most pathetic super-car you’ve ever seen. Remember, though, this is a guy with an ego the size of Algeria. If you gave him an obviously pathetic car, he simply wouldn’t drive it. He’d turn up to a major showdown against Doctor Arachnus in a yellow cab and spend the first five minutes rummaging around in his tights for the right change. So he has to have a car which matches his ego, yet still somehow makes him the victim. So we give him a second-hand car. Not satisfied with merely giving him a used car, we go one stage further and make it pink – guaranteed to make him self-conscious about his own sexuality. Here’s the car when he obtains it from the previous owner.

Most rational people would be pretty content with a car like this. It’s a classic! The Purple Patriot, however, is not most people – or indeed rational. Underneath the vintage exterior, this is a pretty powerful vehicle. It’s got armour-plating to rival the Batmobile, and it has the kind of engine you’d normally see strapped to something NASA was sending into space. In short, this vehicle has most of what the Purple Patriot would need from his super-car. His ego is not going to be satisfied without some serious work though. So as soon as he gets hold of the vehicle, he remodels it into something more his style. The first thing he does, of course, is get it sprayed purple. Ideally, red, white and blue would be more patriotic, but purple matches his tights. Then he has some enormous spoilers strapped on the back, and a massive set of bull bars erected on the hood. Not that he’s overcompensating for anything, you understand. A nice Stars and Stripes flag hooked on where the radio aerial used to be – just in case people suddenly forget what country they’re in. Finally, we have some flame decals because… well everything looks better with flame decals, right?

So what we’ve got now is something more like this:

I was tempted at this point to suggest that we had finished, but The Purple Patriot is not a person who does things by half-measures. He really wouldn’t be satisfied with a super-car until it was carrying the kind of arsenal to take down a South-American country. Machine gun? Check! Wheel spikes? Yes, please! Missiles? Hell, why not!? However, even the Purple Patriot and his colleagues know a classic car when they see one, so sacrificing that classic sleek body shape by strapping on a bunch of ugly-ass weapons is a no-no. So we had to find a better solution. A way to give his car the kind of firepower that George W Bush still expects to find in Iraq one day without completely obliterating the style of that classic auto. And so we find ourselves staring at the final result. Please forgive me this one GIF. I know you hate them – I do too! But there’s just no other way to properly show off The Patriotmobile without seeing it animated as it is in-game.

March 26, 2014 - NoBullIntentions

Today we officially launched the Steam Greenlight campaign for Supreme League of Patriots. With your support, we hope to bring the game to Windows, Mac and Linux in July 2014.

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