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September 21, 2016 - variagamesllc

Hey everyone! We would like to give you a sneak peek at the title screen for ReVeN! We hope you enjoy the video below.

ReVeN Title Menu (W.I.P)

We also have another video where our lone artist recorded himself rendering out the character sprite for ReVeN. We hope you enjoy this as well!

Watch our Lone Artist Render the Character Sprite for ReVeN

A year and a half ago we had also started development of the prequel game ReVeN: XBridge to help bring in income while also getting our feet wet with Network coding. We didn't want our main title ReVeN to suffer from our lack of experience in creating an online social network that allows players to communicate with each other and create levels that each of you can share with one another. Thus XBridge was born. And its nearly complete. Its available on Early Access at the moment. We'd like to show off a video of what you can do in XBridge. Keep in mind that ReVeN will share a lot of base code from XBridge which means that most of the features in XBridge will be in ReVeNs Mission creator. Take a look below to see one of the Devs build a boss and manage his inventory and craft some weapons to use against the boss. We hope you enjoy!

Watch Austin Make A Boss in XBridge

February 9, 2015 - variagamesllc

ReVeN: XBridge is now on Steam Greenlight awaiting approval! So head on over and watch the trailer and vote to help us get the XBridge on Steam!

XBridge is an fast-paced shooter with new genre defining social multiplayer gameplay. Build your armada and take on other player's from custom created fleets and play a pivotal role in winning the war against the opposing faction to take over the space portal called: The XBridge. It also features single player modes and online as well as local coop modes. This game is a prequel to Varia Games' flagship 2D Action Adventure Shooter: ReVeN.

January 29, 2015 - variagamesllc

Hey ReVeNites!

So I have been working on some background menu art lately and I wanted to show you all!

(Short Story Time)

In the Universe of ReVeN there are two opposing factions. The (E.G.R.) and the (I.S.T.O.) Now I don't want to reveal details as to how these two became rivals just yet, but I can definitely say that SyRek is on team I.S.T.O. But that wasn't always the case. He was created by the Earth Government Republic in the hopes to put a stop to the Rebellion war and wipe out the sister colonies of Earth. The I.S.T.O. (International Space Terraforming Organization) despite their lack of resources are more clever than one would think. They have one of the greatest minds in the Universe on their side; the greatest scientist of the 24th century: Xhaiden.

When the battle for the bridge began, the I.S.T.O were fighting a war on two fronts. One against the E.G.R who seeked to reclaim the Xbridge and slaughter it's inhabitants, and also from the Feirce Tyrannical leader Taber, who commands an armada of machines. In a twist of fate, the I.S.T.O. captured an Exanimen and gave it the ability to think on its own. Xhaiden, the man behind this project, enhanced this model and improved it to handle any kind of combat mission outside of just assassinations. That Exanimens name was SyRek. He was then sent to single handedly fight the war against Taber while the I.S.T.O focused on holding back the E.G.R. In XBridge, you will choose which side you are on.. The Powerful (E.G.R.) or the ever elusive (I.S.T.O.) and with the help of everyone in your faction and your armadas, you will determine the outcome of the war.

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini update! :)

-Team Varia

December 25, 2014 - variagamesllc

(SyRek likes his Hot Chocolate shaken, not stirred)

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas ReVeNites! Its been a wonderful year so far and we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. We really appreciate all your support and encouraging words throughout this last year. We hope everyone has a wonderful time with their families, friends and loved ones and above all a wonderful Holiday week! Much Love,

-Team Varia

December 18, 2014 - variagamesllc

Hey ReVeNites! We have a MAJOR UPDATE for you! Please click the link below to see whats new with ReVeN and XBridge.

ReVeN Connect

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