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Minimon 3D
March 25, 2015 - Sushi

Minimon just got approved by Valve for sale.

I decided to release as early access because I do not consider the game already "finished", even though the game already contains more than 30 hours of gameplay, and has most of the features done.
More specifically, the game is currently missing many battle animations (which will be added soon, but there are hundreds of them that I need to make!).

Early acess also means the game launched with reduced price (the price will increase a bit later).

I'll be adding updates weekly, as I work on the game almost everyday. I need all feedback you can give, so I can improve the game during the early acess phase!

June 17, 2014 - Sushi

New battle system
I'm currently reworking the battle system, it will now allow for up to 12 players in a single battle, can you imagine this?

This improved battle system will allow introduction of many new multiplayer features!

Co-op, party system
Now you will be able to party with up to 3 players, and play though the main story quests together!
This means capturing wild monsters together.
Also means fighting against bosses together and any other npcs.
Depening on your party size, many bosses will call up for reinforcements!

NPC allies
This new system also allows some npc characters to travel together with you and help you in battles. Feature under planning, might work only in offline mode, or not, we will see.

Massive clan battles
Can you imagine 12 players on a single rpg turn-based battle?
This will be pure mayhem, and battles between clans will be fierce!
In theory we could have up to 72 monsters in just one huge long battle, this feature is still under planning, so it might change, and it won't be available during game release.

May 28, 2014 - Sushi

Thanks everyone for your votes!
I think the new mod feature revealed this week really pleased many people.

I will now finish the second region of the game, so that when the game is released, there's already lots of content to play (expect at least 40 to 60 hours of the main quest!).
Some tweaks also need to be made in the server software so that it can handle a larger number of players.

Meanwhile I will also make some user friendly tools to create game content, so that anyone interested in making their own worlds can start as soon as possible.

Expect the game to be release this summer. If you have any suggestion or request about the game, leave a comment or send me a message!

May 26, 2014 - Sushi

Today I was thinking of ideas to improve my game, and got an idea that I think many people will like!
I will rework a bit of the game system so that it supports custom made content, aka mods.
Then I will supply players with a powerful editor capable of creating maps, editing npcs, scripts and even import custom assets.

And this don't stop here, I will add a in-game shop where mod creators can distribute their contents to users of all versions (Steam, iOS, Android, OUYA and more to come), either for free or for a fixed small price. This means that you can create your own custom world and story, and even make money from it!

The first version of the region editor will be available in some months, at first only for Windows, but later for other platforms in case people want it. It will let you design maps, define npc scripts, setup wild monsters, etc.
Later I will add some updates that allow importing custom assets into your campaigns (sounds, textures, 3d objects and possibly even custom minimons!)

I think this is great news for those that always wanted to create such kind of game, but don't know how to program. By using this editor you will be in charge of the content, and get all benefits from belonging to the Minimon game, including a nice community of players. And better, your new areas will still function in the MMORPG world of Minimon, hosted by the official server, people will be able to seamless travel between the oficial regions and the custom regions.

If you have any questions about it, just ask :)
Don't forget to tell all your friends about Minimon, we need just a bit more of votes to reach the top!

April 4, 2014 - Sushi

Are you a talented artist with lots of free time?
I am looking for a partner to help me improve the graphics of Minimon.
There's many things that can be done, depending on your skills (eg: 2d, 3d modelling, 3d animation etc)

This is now a paid job, as I was able to save some money!

If you are interested in this, please send me a private message so that we can discuss it :)

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