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July 2 - imaek

We've released our Multiplayer Alpha 5 Unreal Engine 4 build! you can download here Alpha 5 Download

We're nearly back to where we were as far as features are concerned as our CubeZ Alpha 3 Unity build. With this release there is full multiplayer support, a new imaekgames spash screen, random gun attachments on each gun that effects gun stats [ this will be player controlled in the future but for now they are randomized upon spawning ]

Looking ahead to Alpha 6, expect more features as we have a pretty good base to work from now. The map currently in the game was always meant mostly as a test, which may make it back into Alpha 6, or I may start on the official open world map.

To rehash on customization; we're big on customization, so expect extreme versatility in that area with weapons, and gear and all customization will effect your players stats and weapon stats and when melee weapons are implemented you'll be able to customize your melee weapons as well. Vehicles..

Thanks for playing and hope to see you in game so I can kill you :|

imaekgames team

May 21 - imaek

We've made some massive progress in only three weeks with Unreal and we'll be pushing to multiplayer in the next couple weeks as well so expect an Alpha 5 in the not so distant future. You can download the demo at GameJolt with this link

You may also need to install the Visual Basic Redist just like Steam usually makes you do when you download and install a game. We'll package it with the game in the future, but for now you have to do it manually, sorry. You can download those here

Please please leave meaningful feedback at the end of the demo that'll help shape future updates. Sorry the crosshair is barely visible, last minute material switch was a bad move. Hopefully you survive. :D

Thanks for playing!!

Follow us on Twitch at we've been streaming development lately, and plan on streaming more and more now that we have more to show. Just recently streamed for 34 hours straight(with a 4hr nap) trying to finish up the demo, then almost 10 hours the next day.

April 16 - imaek

Many thanks to everyone here who voted for us! CubeZ was Greenlit today, and we're super excited as we'll get do the obvious now and release our game on Steam. Huge. I stared at the email from Steam for 30 seconds in disbelief on such a mundane Wednesday. Anyways, as some of you already know, we're converting CubeZ over to Unreal Engine 4, so Alpha 4, named out of coincidence, will be our first release on Steam; slated for "in a couple months". Since switching to a new engine isn't just drag and drop, copy and paste, it'll take a little bit of time. But we're already working on our player damage model with PhysX API and networking. Super excited guys!

Thank you everyone.
Imaek[games] Team

April 11 - imaek

So Alan has been doing a little tinkering with PhysX and we've now decided to do an overhaul and convert CubeZ to Unreal. Damage will now be procedural on the zombies and be sync'd over the network so there's no descrepencies between players. We have a lot of work ahead of us but we're really excited because now we'll be able to push the limits further than ever before. It's a little too early for screens or video but we will release some media as soon as we can.

April 9 - imaek

Anyone going to PAX EAST this weekend? Come find me Booster Greg! The official 3D/2D Artist for CUBEZ. I will be wearing my official Booster Gold TSHIRT all 3 days (if you don't know what that is, look for my icon at PAX).

Anyways I will be taking submissions for weapons that could make it into the game, just hand me a piece of paper with your name and weapon idea on it and you could make your mark in CubeZ!

Hope to see you there!


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