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Loot Hero - DX
Fleshing out Loot Hero!
13 января 2014 - VaragtP

Hey everybody!

I really appreciate all the feedback so far! Thank you very much!
I wanted to try to address one frequent comments I get that the game is already available and that it may be to "small" to be a Steam game. This is a bit new to me and my first Greenlight project so I am a bit unsure how it all works. But it seems to me like many games on Greenlight are in very early alpha stages or not even sure they will be completed. I have a version of the game here that is playable and available on other platforms. In my eyes that *could* be seen as a positive, rather then a negative.

This does not mean that the game is necessary "finished". I am constantly getting feedback of ideas and things I could add or improve. I don't know how the process looks like after a game gets the green light, but I assume Steam contacts the developer about the game and potential changes. If the game needs to be fleshed out considerably to fit the Steam market that is something I will happily do!

I just wanted to make this a bit clearer if you will you can think of this as a "beta" version of what the game could be.

I have changed the title to reflect this, I hope this clears some things up! Thank you! : )

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VaragtP 10 фев. 2014 в 4:02 
I am currently talking to a publisher about supporting me while building Loot Hero to a bigger game :)
Sugafreeninja 4 фев. 2014 в 9:21 
I wanna buy this game put it on steam please!
Fishman465 18 янв. 2014 в 15:23 
I was mainly speaking from an overall view. Perhaps some other upgrades (money magnet for one) or different classes besides the knight.
Zoom1012 15 янв. 2014 в 17:35 
Agreed. I have this game on my iPhone and it's fun for a little bit but it definitely needs some variety and challenges. But for what it's worth it is a little fun diversion while waiting in line, etc. Keep up the good work. I look forward to what this game can turn into.
Cheese Ghoul 15 янв. 2014 в 14:26 
MagnumChannel500 14 янв. 2014 в 15:49 
I agree with Airart, the game needs variety. Don't get me wrong I want this to work out, I love retro games. Howeverit needs variety.
airart 14 янв. 2014 в 7:49 
This game has a great look going on, but, seems to be a game about holding the direction button to mow down everything in your path like they were watermellons. It appears to have no challenge, nor require any skills. Where is the "game" part? The PC/Steam market typically shuns Phone Games, so in mentioning that this is basically a phone game, it becomes very important for you to convience us how this version is beyond that. Add a little variety to the game play, some pathing choices, some jumping, dodging, and focus hard on extras for the PC/Steam market. I'll be chcking back on this one to see what direction you take with it. Good Luck!
VaragtP 14 янв. 2014 в 3:11 
Thank you : )
Howother 13 янв. 2014 в 11:53 
How exciting, been killing time with the Android version of this for awhile now. Glad you found your way to Steam and goodluck!
VaragtP 13 янв. 2014 в 9:30 
What exactly do you suggest about the healthbars?