Det här spelet har fått Grönljus från gemenskapen!

Gemenskapen har visat sitt intresse i detta spel. Valve har tagit kontakt med denna utvecklare för att börja gå mot ett släpp på Steam.

23 augusti -

Thanks for playing and providing feedback and allowing us to focus on the continued development of the game. We are now about 7 weeks into the Beta and our Early Access.

Deadbreed available now here!

As we are a newly released indie Early Access multi-player title, there’s naturally a small player population and you won’t be able to find players at all times during the day/night until we go full release and ramp up. You are welcome to play Deadbreed whenever you like, but we suggest you try to log on at the times indicated below to increase your chance to get a game going.

SUGGESTED PLAYTIMES (subject to change, please let us know what you prefer)

Europe 19:00 – 22:00 CET (Central European Time) Thursday to Sunday

Americas 5 pm – 10 pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) Thursday to Sunday

Here are the major changes in today’s update.

  • The In-game Shop interface has had its first much needed functionality update.
  • Heroes now have improved movement control (general navigation and navigation prediction).
  • Font sizes in the HUD have been increased.
  • Destroying a Crux now only awards the Team that destroyed the Crux with 20 points.
  • Creeps no longer accidentally spawn at the player starting area.
  • All Heroes have had Move Speed balancing.
  • Most Melee Weapons have had Range balancing.

  • You are now able to do other things (like enter the group chat or browse the lobby) while in the match queue and searching for a game.
  • You should get a notification from the game when a match is found, even if you are in another application.
  • Silver Coins price should now be displayed in your local (Steam) currency.
  • The 400 Silver Coins award when reaching Player Level 4 is now working (if you already passed Player Level 4, this award has now been added to you account).
  • The Gold Key award when reaching Player Level 8 is now working (if you already passed Player Level 8, this award has now been added to you account).

  • NA Server match queuing (issue with matches not starting) should now work properly (both practice and PvP).
  • The Match making Player Level span has been increased to allow players of greater level difference to queue up for a match.
  • Purchasing Silver Coins should now work on the NA Server.

Hello everyone, we have quite a few important core gameplay fixes in this patch, so let’s get to it.
First of all, as a thanks for playing and supporting the Early Access Beta and providing feedback to us (say thanks to those that did, if you didn’t)…

We are awarding 2 Gold Keys to everyone registered!

And by no coincidence, we are adding “locks” to the Netherclaws and Seraphim Wings Artifacts, so if you want to, you are able to try these out using your Gold Keys if you haven’t had the chance already (or you can use the keys to access and try out a new hero or two for a week).

Now to this update’s important fixes (these are really important things).

- XP sharing is now working as intended, so you are able to get XP and level up properly.
- Creep aggro and targeting is now much improved and in line with our intention. You are now able to sport that melee build and not get punished as hard.
- Area of effect abilities (like Corpus’ Ooze etc.) are now visible to all players (finally you are able to see what affected you!).
- The “Regen Fountain” in your base now inflicts damage to enemies.
- Improved attack prediction/verification on “chasing” scenarios. Should be easier (possible) to hit now. In particular when using melee weapons.
- Monoliths shouldn’t steal your kills or assists anymore.
- Destroying a Monolith provides team gold.
- Killing a Supreme Skeleton or Spider provides team gold.
- The Troll shouldn’t go after the team that spawned him anymore, period.
- Some improved movement and camera work on Heroes.
- Some improved movement animations on Corpus, Brimstone and Brood.
- Lilith now has her Voice Overs.
- Updated/tweaked stats for XP and damage level up (with time) for Creeps.
- Updated/tweaked stats and texts for many abilities. Including Brood’s Death Breath and Domini’s Huntsman to mention a few.
- Updated/tweaked lots of popup/tooltip texts.
- Hero Icons are no longer staying visible in the Minimap when a Hero dies.
- Country flags now have their name displayed as a popup-text when you mouse over them.
- Creeps have improved navigation.
- The correct Player Meta Level should now be displayed at the load screen.
- The post game screen has been improved (correct summaries for Creeps and Gold and your team should actually be…your team).

We've made an "Undertaker" package availabe on Steam as suggested by the current players!

It's a lower priced package without bonus content. Its released today and features an additional -15% discount during the launch week (Note Oceania and Asian Servers currently unavailable). Click the link below for more info.

Deadbreed Undertaker Package

If you have been a follower and voted Yes on our Greenlight campaign earlier this year, you have a chance to get an Early Access Key Code. E-mail us your Steam username and any other proof of your support for our Greenlight campaign to:

We will pick a number of Greenlight supporters at our discretion. If you don't hear back from us within a couple of days, you didn't win a code this time.

Thanks again for all the support!


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