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November 29, 2014 -

The new patch is here and it’s packed with new content and updates.

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We've made a lot of improvements to the general game play mechanics, including an initial balancing pass on all Heroes and their abilities (that needs to be put to the test), a “shop while dead” feature and remakes of Demonata, Cinder and Ivy (give all three a try and see what you think!) and added 16 new items to mention a couple of things.

Login now and check out the latest update and see how much the game has improved!

  • You are now able to use the Armory (shop) while dead and waiting to re-spawn.
  • The area around your grave enabling you to press ‘P’ or the Armory button to access the shop at the base has been increased.
  • The area of the Troll Stone enabling you socket Blood has been increased (now easier to socket).
  • We’ve added 13 “Tier 4” items to the base armory to widen the options for higher tier equipping (can be extra useful if you are currently lacking access to Artifacts); The Seraphic Crown, Nekrage, Dragonhide, Moonflair Shield, Stormbow, Wand of Petrification, Rod of Terror, Octavo of Return, Rod of Marvel, Ghosthammer, Scorching Pitchfork, Sunspear and the Hemorrhage Blade.
  • We’ve also added 3 more Power items to the base armory; The Hocus Wand, Wondrous Wand and Tormentor.
  • We’ve done an initial balancing pass on all Heroes and their abilities (needs testing and feedback).
  • Cinder has gotten a complete makeover and a new set of abilities (Backstab and Spirit Walk has been merged into the new Spirit Walk to make way for Kick of Fury).

    Kick of Fury (new): You launch a furious kick, dealing +35% (+5% per ability level) Attack Damage to an Enemy Unit and knocking it back 5 (+ 0.1 per ability level up) Range per ability level up over 1.5 seconds.

    Toxinate (updated): You poison your weapon increasing your Critical Chance with +5% (+2% per ability level up) for every Nectar you hold and +3% (+2% per ability level up) Attack Damage bonus for every Blood you hold.

    Spirit Walk (updated): You are immediately moved to a Enemy Unit or Spirit orb within 8 + 4 Range and your Attack Damage is amplified with +10% (+2% per ability Level up) for 3 (+0.2 per ability level up) seconds.

    Doppelganger (replacing Spirit Emit): You disappear for 2 seconds and summon 1 (+1 per Ability level) spectral clone/s of yourself that lasts for 15 (+1 per ability level up) seconds. The clone has your stats but only 20% (+5% per ability level up) of your Max Health and 30% of your Attack Damage. The Clone is unable to use Abilities.

  • Demonata has gotten a complete makeover and two new abilities (Death Pulse has been replaced with Unleash the Hounds and Transfusion has been replaced with Necromastery).

    Unleash the Hounds: You summon 1 (+1 per Ability level) Komodo Hound/s that charge into combat seeking out an Enemy Unit within 8 (+1 per ability level up) Range.

    Necromastery : You consume a Corpse to regenerate 30 (+20 per ability level up) +Power Bonus Health over 5 seconds. Activate the ability again to stop feeding or fulfill the feed to transform into a Komodo Beast and gain +30% (+1% per ability level up) Damage, Move Speed, Life Steal and Armor for 15 (+1 per ability level up) seconds.

  • Ivy has gotten a complete makeover and a new ultimate ability (Seed, which actually is three abilities in one).

    Seed: You plant a Seed that lasts for 30 (+6 per ability level up) seconds. Drag and drop a resource you hold to the seed's socket to grow it; Socket Spirit to grow a Larvae Creep, Nectar to grow Thorns or Blood to grow a Deadly Blossom.

  • Brood has gotten an update to the functionality of the Lord of the Flies Ability and new sound on Stomp.

    Lord of the Flies: You unleash a 2 (+0.5 per ability level up) Range radius cloud of flies in an area, increasing the Armor and Power Resist with 20 (+5 per ability level up) +bonus from equipped Power Items and reducing the Sight Range of all Units inside the area by 95% for 6 (+1 second per ability level up).

  • Domini's Leap Ability now provides its Attack Bonus correctly.
  • Ability Statistics are now shown correctly in the text popup when mouse over the ability. They show the current effect of the Ability including bonuses from its Level and Items.
  • We’ve added Mana Cost icons (small blue icons) above all Ability icons in the HUD to indicate their respective cost in Mana.
  • The Attack Damage Gold Value balanced in general with about +20% (cheaper Attack Damage).
  • 2H Items (excluding AD weapons with Range above 3) Gold Value balanced in general with about +25% (items that requires two hands are now cheaper to balance the dual-wield possibility loss).
  • All active Abilities affecting you now have a small “Thumbnail” icon appearing above the ability icon HUD that you can mouse over for additional info on that ability effect.
  • The Announcer now broadcasts when a Sentinel has been Summoned (a heads up for when the Enemy Team is about to engage it).
  • Behemoth (and the fight versus him) has been updated, new target indicators for his abilities so you can see where he hits, he now changes facing when using the Screech ability and the range of the Slam ability has been updated.
  • Player Abilities now affect Behemoth (with some exceptions).
  • The Behemoth Citadel interior has had a visual update and some Behemoth VFX and SFX have been improved and or added.
  • All Projectile and Magic VFX trails from Enemy attacks are now visible so it’s easier to see who is attacking who.
  • Attacking someone that is recalling back to base now aborts the recall.
  • Fixed a critical issue with occasional crashes at endgame when simultaneously activating an ability.
  • We have enabled the top Dungeon.
  • We have added Barrels with loot to the Graveyard map.
  • Temporarily replaced the Health fountains in the Dungeons with Mana fountains.
  • All Melee weapons now have “Attack Trails” VFX.
  • Added GUI label for Soul Steal (Green text) to make it clearer when Soul Steal is in effect.
  • Fixed an issue with the in-game chat where messages to “all” where not sent.
  • You are awarded a Bronze Key for each game played to completion.
  • The loadscreen has been updated.
  • Lilith has been disabled while we re-work her ability set.
  • Demonata has a new Voice Over.
  • You are now able to use Keys to unlock Heroes at the Hero pick screen pre-match.

November 27, 2014 -

The Death Deluxe, Nightbreed and Daybreed Early Access packages are currently -50% on Steam for a couple of days.

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November 14, 2014 -

The new patch is here and the latest version of the game is packed with features and updates. We've made big improvements to the general gameplay mechanics, user interface and added lots of content including a new Sentinel, a remake of Corpus and two new abilities for Domini!

We've prepared a 460 Silver Coin "Welcome Back" gift for you so you can acquire the new Sentinel (or something else of that value). Login now and check out the latest update and see how much the game has improved!

We have also given everyone a “fresh start” including a reset of the player meta level and as such removed all assigned Hero and Artifact Rank Stars and reset all Artifact gems (cleared all sockets).

  • The match user interface has been improved. Better design and larger and clearer elements.
  • Heroes have updated visuals for name, match lvl and Health Bars above their heads.
  • New Game Font/Typography.
  • The Cursor now changes to an Attack Cursor (sword) when moved over a legal target or an Info/interact Cursor (necro hand) when moved over static object.
  • Your target is now clearly indicated by a red (enemy) or green (friendly) outline.
  • The default size of the minimap has been increased.
  • New Sentinel! Demalius is in, including Creeps (melee, ranged, brutes), Monoliths (Guardians) and a new Demalius Citadel.
  • Corpus has gotten a complete makeover and two new abilities (the Dash and Bone Toss abilities are unchanged, however Bone Toss has been renamed Jolt to match the facelift).
    Shock Link (replacing Ooze): You create a charged link between yourself and an allied Unit within 2 (+0.2 per ability level) Range. The shackle deals 50 (+20 per ability level) Power Damage to enemy units caught in its path. Damage increases with length of the link.
    Lightning Strike (replacing Soul Steal): You call down a lightning strike that deals 150 (+50 per ability level) Power Damage (+75% of Hero's Power) to all targets within 3 (+0.5 per ability level) Area of Effect. If the strike hits a corpse, that Unit is revived with 20% (+2%per ability level) of its max Health and Mana.
  • Presets are in! So instead of the pre-match shop, you pick a starting equipment preset for your Hero that match the role you intend to play. You are able to re-equip as usual in the armory once the game starts. Later we will add the option for you to create your own starting equipment presets.
  • By choosing starting preset before the match you are now also setting your game role (Fighter, Tank, Assassin or Mage) for the game. This choice also has meaning for the Meta game role rewards.
  • Artifacts are no longer "unique" meaning that you can equip an Artifact even if another player is already using it. However, Artifacts are "singular" meaning that you can only wear one of that particular Artifact at a time.
  • Domini's Apocalypse Ability is replaced with Terraslam: You slam the ground and knock back all Enemy Units within 3 (+0.2 per ability level up) Range, Stunning all targets for 1.5 (+0.5 per ability level up) seconds and dealing 150 (+50 per ability level up) (+40% of Hero's Power) Power Damage. If a target is knocked into a wall, the stun time is doubled.
  • Domini's Bloodscent Ability is replaced with Leap: You leap to a target's location within 6 units (+ 0.5 per ability level up) Range and gain +20% (+2% per ability level) Attack Damage Bonus to you next autoattack.
  • Mana Cost for Abilities are now displayed in a blue box ontop each of your abilities, they will be greyed out when you lack sufficient Mana to activate the ability.
  • Infliciting a Critical Hit now displays an additional Hit VFX on the character that was hit.
  • Creep targeting priorities have been improved.
  • In-Match Hero Level Up now has a visual effect.
  • The Hero turn rotation speed/input is more responsive in general and the Hero auto-attack priority and functionality has been improved.
  • Mana Level Up Cost for Abilities is now calculated correctly.
  • Power Damage is now displayed with cyan text above the character that is damaged by the Ability.
  • The bug with the Sentinel’s Health increasing/decreasing randomly has been fixed.
  • The loadscreen has been redesigned to show heroes lining up and facing eachother and displays tips text.
  • There’s new different art for each type of treasure chest (small, medium, large).
  • The bug with Corpus is running one way, throws his BoneToss (Jolt) in another direction than he is facing, and the visual for the ability goes forward (the same direction Corpus is facing/running) has been fixed.
  • 2H Crush weapons now hit at the correct "frame" (i.e. The animation syncs up against the attack speed).
  • All "book" type items are now placed on the belt and attack animations are replaced with a "spell" cast from the hero's hand.
  • The Day/Night Lighting has been updated.
  • A special sound is now played for you personally when you are selected as a Target by a Monolith.
  • Monoliths have adjusted attack ranges and no longer attack "beyond" their range when they "retain" you as a priority target. The Monolith Attack Range is now indicated visually in each map (circle of stones on ground beneath its base).
  • Creeps have had approximately -10% adjustment to their base attack damage.
  • Demonata has new Voice Over.
  • Nekros has new movement animations.
  • Crow's Bow Ability now has special Hero Animation
  • Starting area of the Graveyard and Staircase in front of Behemoth's citadel has updated visual content.
  • All Magic Attack Items have updated VFX, SFX and Hero Animations when used. There are 3 different types of Magic Attacks; Fire, Ice and Electricity. All Melee weapons have updated attack sounds.
  • Picking up a pile of Gold (loot) from a chest, plays special sound and coin vfx.
  • Entering a Dungeon Gate plays a enter Gate sound and all Dungeons have new, individual ambience sound.
  • The Following Items have been moved from Tier 2 and made Starting Tier Items: Golem's Platemail, Guardian Mantle, Haste Cape, Fury Cloak, Deflection Mantle, Safeguard Mantle, Magi Cloak, Crusader Cape, Ataraxia Cloak. Note that this means they are also now about 20% more Gold efficient.
  • Kill Gold Reward (for last hit) and XP Reward increased with +20% for all Creeps, Skeletons and Spiders.
  • Most Items have recalculated/rebalanced gold cost and in many cases updated stat bonuses.
  • Value for Gold has been increased with about +5% for all "Starting Tier" items (meaning you get these items at an additional "discount"). Starting Items now in general provide a +25% "bonus" value for Gold when compared to items of higher Tiers. They also have a 70% sellback ratio compared to the normal 50% if not used as part of an item build recipe.
  • Dire Mallet is no longer upgradeable from Warclub.
  • Shadow Axe and Silver Knife now fires a "Projectile" instead of debug lines when thrown/attacking and all Bow type Items now fire "Projectile Arrows" instead of debug lines.
  • Your Standing with each Sentinel now affects his Stats. Review your personal standing and stats modification for each Sentinel in the Lobby Sentinel Focus view. At the start of a match, the team's collected standing (average) will determine the final Team Standing for that game. The Sentinel’s Team Standing is displayed in the spawn cutscene (+/- next to its name).
  • The interface visuals for the number of Keys you have been updated/clarified.
  • A lock “rotation scheme” is in place so different Heroes and Artifacts having locks each week.
  • 460 Silver Coins has been added to all registered accounts per November 14th.
  • Reset Player Meta Level, removed all assigned Rank Stars for Heroes/Artifacts, removed all Artifact Gems and cleared all sockets for all registered accounts per November 14th.
  • The Bone Corpus, Beelsebrood, Magma Brood, Monarch Nekros and Abess Cinder skins are now available.

November 13, 2014 -

The upcoming patch is packed with updates and one is that we've changed the way you prepare your hero for a game.


Instead of choosing items from a shop with a time limit before the game starts, you select a role preset that automatically equips your hero with a set of starting equipment suitable for the role you want to play that game (Fighter, Mage, Assassion or Tank). Yes, this also enables you to change roles per match for each hero in the meta-game (a specific hero's role is no longer fixed).

August 23, 2014 -

Thanks for playing and providing feedback and allowing us to focus on the continued development of the game. We are now about 7 weeks into the Beta and our Early Access.

Deadbreed available now here!

As we are a newly released indie Early Access multi-player title, there’s naturally a small player population and you won’t be able to find players at all times during the day/night until we go full release and ramp up. You are welcome to play Deadbreed whenever you like, but we suggest you try to log on at the times indicated below to increase your chance to get a game going.

SUGGESTED PLAYTIMES (subject to change, please let us know what you prefer)

Europe 19:00 – 22:00 CET (Central European Time) Thursday to Sunday

Americas 5 pm – 10 pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) Thursday to Sunday

Here are the major changes in today’s update.

  • The In-game Shop interface has had its first much needed functionality update.
  • Heroes now have improved movement control (general navigation and navigation prediction).
  • Font sizes in the HUD have been increased.
  • Destroying a Crux now only awards the Team that destroyed the Crux with 20 points.
  • Creeps no longer accidentally spawn at the player starting area.
  • All Heroes have had Move Speed balancing.
  • Most Melee Weapons have had Range balancing.

  • You are now able to do other things (like enter the group chat or browse the lobby) while in the match queue and searching for a game.
  • You should get a notification from the game when a match is found, even if you are in another application.
  • Silver Coins price should now be displayed in your local (Steam) currency.
  • The 400 Silver Coins award when reaching Player Level 4 is now working (if you already passed Player Level 4, this award has now been added to you account).
  • The Gold Key award when reaching Player Level 8 is now working (if you already passed Player Level 8, this award has now been added to you account).

  • NA Server match queuing (issue with matches not starting) should now work properly (both practice and PvP).
  • The Match making Player Level span has been increased to allow players of greater level difference to queue up for a match.
  • Purchasing Silver Coins should now work on the NA Server.

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