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The Repopulation
September 11 - The Repopulation

We have released our next Alpha Teaser video here:


You can check it out below. In addition, on Saturday at 2 PM EDT (6 PM GMT) we are going to have another Q/A, giveaway, and other top secret stuff so come join us on our Twitch channel this Saturday or check out the video afterwards.

August 4 - The Repopulation

As we push into August, it is time to take a look back on at the progress brought about through our two alpha patches in July.

July saw large scale world changes on Rhyldan. Based on player feedback, many parts of the world have been opened up, removing natural barriers in many places and adding alternate travel routes. This is just part of a massive group of changes that saw the introduction of 27 new areas in July, with many pre-existing areas also seeing heavy change. These changes were made to optimize seamless transitions, as well as opening up the world. This also gave us the opportunity to break in some new content designers and that experience will be very helpful as we move forward.

Another feedback induced change is the capability to train abilities using training points. Trainings points are a mechanic that was introduced with Ability Enhancements a couple of months back. As you perform different activities such as gaining achievements, skilling up, or completing missions you receive Training Points which you could spend on enhancing abilities. You can now also spend these points to train abilities which you are capable of learning, as well. Not all abilities can be learned in this way, and you can still also receive abilities through missions, engagements, or mob drops.

While Pharmaceutical injections have been a part of the game for some time, July saw a significant amount of work occur to the Pharmaceutical trade skill. This resulted in many new types of injection buffs and debuffs, as well as the previous medical oriented injections.

The fitting system saw a number of improvements, including the addition of new activated and in some cases charged effects. Medical abilities will soon receive a number of upgrades to take advantage of these.

We also introduced the first in a series of changes to the music system. This code has been largely rewritten to allow for better transitioning and sound mixing, with less interference when going in and out of combat. This is only part of the planned changes there, but we’ll save those details until their implementation in next month’s report.

Finally, we introduced a survey during July to help us gather some Demographic and Play Style information about those who are interested in playing. We will have the survey open until August 15. Once the survey is closed we will be sending out Alpha keys to a few lucky participants of the survey. The survey is open to anyone to fill out, but we are mostly looking for MMORPG players.

The Survey can be filled out HERE.

Latest Patch Notes can be found here.[]

All new pledges at the $150 level will include Instant Alpha Access. New pledges or pledge upgrades with Full Alpha Access (After 6/6/2014) will grant access the same day within a few minutes of confirming your pledge. Access to the testing server is available as long as it is not under maintenance (upgrades, patches, debugging, etc).

January 24 - The Repopulation

The Kickstarter Campaign has reached it's final two days. It wraps up at 11PM CST on Sunday the 24th. We still have a few stretch goals within striking distance, and it should make for a wild ride.

We released a new video today, though we are unsure if this will link properly or not. It can be found below:

Alpha Trailer #3

This video gives us our first peek of the Rocharus Mount in game and in motion. This was the first stretch goal of the Kickstarter Campaign. It also shows the sniper scope, and a small bit of melee combat. From there it takes a look at a number of new locations with some combat thrown in for good measure.

There were a couple of related news bits today with some questions being answered at BitPulse[] and Zote informing us of why Repop is Worth Backing on YouTube.

With the campaign drawing into it's final two days we felt it might also be fun to recap the news of the past month, including some things you may have missed.


Hardcore Server Rules[]
Evening Star Lore[]
Travel Options[]
Weapon Abilities[]


Interview - Kickstarter Conversations[]
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The BitPulse Q&A[]

Third Party Promotional Videos

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2014 Most Anticipated MMORPG Lists's Most Wanted Indie MMOs of 2014[]
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Game Skinny’s Most Anticipated MMOs of 2014 and Beyond[]

Thank you all for your support.

January 22 - The Repopulation

We’re happy to announce that our Kickstarter Campaign reached the Traveling Vendor stretch goal a few moments ago. This brings a much desired feature into the game, by allowing players to auction or sell items from throughout the world. You can read all about them in our most recent stretch goal update[].

Our sights are now set on the next stretch goal: Unique Renaming of Items. Where Traveling Vendors was an often requested feature by PvE types, this has been a common request of crafters. This feature would allow players to rename items with a name of their choosing. It will require an uncommon resource, as renamed items are less efficient network wise. Names are subject to a naming policy, of course.

It should be noted that crafted items will also still be stamped with the name of the crafter. This feature provides crafters with an additional layer of customization, and we feel like it will be a great addition in game.

That’s just one of three news items for the day though. The Evening Star[] short story has is now complete, with the Epilogue[] being released today. The final version of this story weighed in at 40,660 words. Perhaps we should be calling it a novel instead. We hope that everyone enjoyed this story. You can look forward to more lore releases in the future.

But wait... there’s more! We also released a new feature which takes a look at the various travel options[] in game and the mechanics behind each.

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