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Exo Miner
Its here, the new video!
February 21, 2014 - ChaosTrend

Thank you for all your support so far and most of all, for being patient regarding the lack of a video. We wanted to make sure our debut video reflected the current state of the game: the previous video was several months old and did not show the current UI. It also contained some placeholder assets and effects that we wanted to replace.

We are very proud of our game engine - it’s served us well over several smaller games but we’ve really overhauled it for Exo Miner. We are a small but capable team with only four core members.

There are advantages to writing your own engine but one of the disadvantages is that you have to do pretty much everything yourself - including video capture features! We found that desktop tools were dropping frames and giving poor performance so we had to add this functionality to the engine. This accounted for much of the time it took to get this video done - however, it’s done now so look forward to more videos!

Again, thank you for understanding and I hope you like the new video. :)

More game play footage coming soon that will showcase game features we didn't demonstrate in this video.