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Space Station Alpha
January 21, 2015 - jacobwilkinson3d

I've gone into overdrive fixing bugs and adding a slew of new features before officially launching on Steam, all purchasers of the game have been given a Steam key and are playing the new beta round now. A final release date should be posted soon.

Thanks to all those who voted YES!

March 30, 2014 - jacobwilkinson3d

Official Website[]

EDIT 2/3/15 -
Space Station Alpha went back into active development in late 2014.
For bugs and suggested features go to

Version 1.0 is now live!

Space Station Alpha is now officially released, the bugs have been squashed, the feature cabinet is full and it's ready to play. Buy it now[] for $8 or an equivalent amount of your favourite currency.

Build and manage your own space station in an undiscovered stretch of space. Make friends with terrifying alien species and bring the galaxy together with the awesome power of capitalism. Do your best to avoid losing your new friends when the high oxygen environment in your station inevitably leads to searing fires and death. Try and keep your precious supply of oxygen within your thin bulkheads and prevent the horrific death the suffocation brings.

  • Build a space station.
  • Build left-right, forward-backward AND up-down. Thats all 3 dimensions!
  • Oxygen flows freely through open doors and stops at closed ones, get creative to bleed oxygen from rooms to fight fires and unwanted guests.
  • Encounter strange sci-fi phenomena such as giant energy aliens, warps in space-time and heaps more.
  • Manage the fickle needs of various slimy aliens and slimer humans.
  • Unhappy aliens go rogue, sometimes happy aliens go rogue. Some passenger will cheat and murder and that's not good for business.
  • Set aside areas for your passengers to set up shop, a free market is good for the economy.
  • A high oxygen environment can lead to fires, fires which will propogate if left uncontrolled.
  • Keep that hull intact! Lack of oxygen kills customers as well and that can lead to a reduction in repeat business.
  • Fully 3D environment, view from a distance or fly in and try an eavesdrop on your customers conversations.
  • Protect or simply rebuild after asteroid showers, pirate attacks and various other spacey horrors.
  • Develop shiny new technologies!

If you haven't got the full game yet, you can download it at the store page[].

Get Space Station Alpha now for Windows and Linux

FREE Demo available.... for free!
Windows Download[] and/or Linux Download[]

March 5, 2014 - jacobwilkinson3d

FREE Demo now available.... for free!
Windows Download[] and/or Linux Download[]

Official Website[]

Build left-right, front-back AND up-down!

Due to popular demand I have added a bit of depth to Space Station Alpha. You can now build up and down with the latest in technology, known as 'stairs'.

If you haven't got the full game yet, you can download it at the store page[].

Alpha 9

Major Changes
- A Third Dimension! At no extra cost you can now build stairs, spreading your space station over not just the boring x and y axis, but the mythical z axis as well!

Minor Changes
- Pathfinding drastically altered to allow up z-plane travel. As a bonus, all the pathfinding is more efficient now and the game is slightly smoother now.

Bug Fixes
- Just a few bits and pieces


Get Space Station Alpha now for Windows and Linux

February 8, 2014 - jacobwilkinson3d

FREE Demo now available.... for free!
Windows Download[] and/or Linux Download[]

Official Website[]

Demo Released!

I've had a few of the good folks out there email me, lamenting the fact that they can't play Space Station Alpha for free. Well good news my poverty stricken friends, you can download the demo right now for Windows[] and/or Linux[] and have a play around. Enjoy!

If you haven't got the full game yet, you can download it at the store page[].

Science and Commerce

The basis of science and commerce have been added in Alpha 8. When (if?) you set up Command and Control and have a few permanent residents you can put some of them to work in your shiny new Laboratory working on unlocking new and exciting technologies.

Once you've researched it you can also assign areas of your station for free commerce and let customers open shops which you can tax to extract income. You will also recieve rent for every permanent resident in your station.

My New Favourite Thing

Not far up the tech tree you'll find the new "Oxygen Buffer". I freaking love these things. They fill their tanks passively with oxygen when you have plenty and then slowly release it when the oxygen level around it starts to drop.

These guys can really save you when you accidentally overload your power system or a giant space rock creates it's own entrance through one of your bulkheads.

Alpha 8

Major Changes
- Demo! For those who just want to take the game for a test drive the demo version is now available.
- Science! Once you get Command and Control established your next citizens can become scientists, make use of the science station and unlock new technologies and upgrades.
- Commercial Areas! Commercial areas can now be opened up and certain citizens given entrepreneur status. Entrepreneurs will set up shop on commercial decks and pay you taxes daily.
- New Equipment! The Oxygen Buffer device is large and expensive but can hold vast amounts of oxygen in tanks for when the power goes down or you are losing oxygen to that gaping hole in the hull.
- Graphics have been tweaked to make the game more colourful and pretty.

Minor Changes
- Income from food dispenser and sleep chamber increased
- Full door controls now always available
- Door controls now feature global lock down options
- Starting cash increased

Bug Fixes
- Floor materials now consistent through loading
- Furniture now correctly disappears on load
- Ship don't get stuck anymore (again)
- You can no longer activate equipment that is under construction through the command and control screen
- Newly built floors now take on the room type of their surrounds


Get Space Station Alpha now for Windows and Linux

January 27, 2014 - jacobwilkinson3d

Alpha 7 now available - Give me a "Yes" vote and help me get over that Greenlight line!
Official Website[]

The seventh iteration of Space Station Alpha is now available, bringing a host of minor bug fixes and a few big things that have been planned for a while.

Aliens will now express their unhappiness physically by releasing their rage upon fellow guests and expensive equipment. This is just the beginning as your not-so-loyal customers will be given several other crimes to commit in future updates.

As usual if you already have the game you will be given the opportunity to update from the title menu or use your email and password to login and download here[].

If you haven't got the game yet, you can download it at the store page[].

Alpha 7

Major Changes
- Customer Crime! Customers can now turn to violence if they are allowed to be unhappy enough for long enough. Be careful as being punched in the face by a violent stranger can make customers unhappy and create a spiral of violence. Workers can be switched to guard mode but you will need at least 3-4 to take down one strong alien. (More crimes to come)
- Customers can no longer be granted permanent residency. Now a happy tourist will move in if the permanent population limit hasn't been reached and there are private homes available.
- Rent has been added as a source of income, every permanent resident with a home will pay $100 per day.
- Maintenance fees of $20 per worker per day have been implemented. It is less viable to have huge number of workers running around now :-)

Minor Changes
- Queued constructions (walls, floors and doors) can now be cancelled for free with a destroy order.
- Default max population raised from 4 to 6. Default max permanent population is 1, you will need command and control to raise it and increase your permanent population.

Bug Fixes
- Worker bay was not working if built in Engineering.
- Landing pads were sometimes taking ships with them when destroyed.
- Metal pallets will now build properly every time (probably).
- Landing pads no longer cause infinite explosions if not maintained.
- Cryosleep Chambers can no longer be used during construction.
- Solar panels now take a space as soon as they are placed, rather than on construction. This prevents the solar stacking exploit, sorry guys.
- Resident info cards near the bottom of the screen will be shifted up rather than falling off your monitor. (list still falls off screen but the resident list will be overhauled in the next update.


Get Space Station Alpha now for Windows and Linux

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