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ROM: Read Only Memories
July 19 - MidBoss Games

Howdy all you Cyberpunks out there,

Read Only Memories is available to download now for free on the OUYA!

This includes both the Prologue and Act 1 Part 1 that was previewed during GaymerX2 last weekend.

So for any of you OUYA users out there, check it out! It's freeeeeeeeeeee~! The OSX and Windows versions are available on the beta forums ( right now!

Also, if you're a $32+ backer and need help with getting into the beta forums, feel free to email us at rombots [at] midboss [dot] com, or send us a message through Kickstarter and we'll get you set up ASAP!

So give it a try, and let us know what you think!

Check out the Humble Store [], y’all can pre-order it there RIGHT NOW (or just go, it’ll be there too)!

Thank you for coming out to GaymerX2 and all your feedback!

June 24 - MidBoss Games

We even made a blog post about it! :D We're really hoping we can get greenlit soon, so please take a sec to share with your friends! <3

May 26 - MidBoss Games

Hope to see you some of you at E3 and talk some Read Only Memories!

We're still working out where we will be and when, but we'll let you know once we have final confirmation! For now...a little teaser :)

May 12 - MidBoss Games

We're hard at work on getting a really solid beta ready for E3 - check out just some of the places you'll go in Read Only Memories! (and this is just in day one!)

Keep in mind that these scenes are not animated here and don't have many of the characters that you will find and talk to present, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek!

For ROM BETA backers and higher, we'll be sending you an invite to our beta forums today, so be on the lookout for that email! We won't have a public beta ready for a bit, but we wanted to get you all ready to rock with a private forum to have access to the team!

Want to be more in the loop? Follow us on Twitter! @wearemidboss - we RT a lot! :D

We're so excited to bring this experience to you and we hope to see you at E3 and GaymerX!!


April 30 - MidBoss Games

Hey Backers!

Couple of quick updates to make your day AWESOME.

> MidBoss Forums are live. Soon there will be the beta access area for ROM backers and more, so stay tuned, but feel free to join, ask us questions and be awesome w/ us! :)

Right here! :

> Our next stop is IndieCade and E3. We're working our buns off to get a full demo that's even more complete than our GDC demo for's looking good and we're really proud of where its getting which is the prolouge and part of Chapter 1. We're almost "Feature complete" and just need to begin getting the art and story finalized and put in for the remaining chapters.

Here's one of the many new songs that have been completed..we want to roll these out slowly as we want to save some for the's one when things get...TENSE

MEW MEW MEW tweet at us @wearemidboss and we'll tweet you back

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