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ROM: Read Only Memories
August 20 - Babybear


Want to help shape the game? We've created a public survey to collect feedback from all our Read Only Memories fans! If you've played the game already in some form, we definitely want to hear from you, but everyone is welcome to offer us their opinions and impressions!

Give us your thoughts! We'll read them, promise.

If you checked our other social sites today, you may have seen that we have a new interview up[] with Indie Investigations of Be sure to give it a listen, there's some cool insight on the game inside!

Plus we know you love our voices.[]

We've also spread around some images of the kind of swag our Kickstarter backers are receiving NOW - our beanies and sticker packs! You've probably seen those already too, since you ARE following our Twitter, right?

Your support means everything to us. Thank you, punkers!

August 17 - MidBoss

Hey Punkers!

Hope all is well where you are - we have a few really cool things to show you today!

First off, we now have a working inventory system in Read Only Memories!

This will allow us to do some really cool puzzles and move the game from just being an interactive story of sorts into an experience where you'll need to think carefully about what you have on you and you may find some interesting interactions when you try to use some items in some areas :)

Also! We were recently covered by the amazing Carolyn Petit!

Please give the article a read []- it was an honor to speak with her and we're super excited she really dug the game!

We're always down to talk! We just created a new twitter account @ROM2064 to talk about the game, and if you want to talk about anything else MidBoss (GaymerX, Gaming in Color, upcoming games..hopefully), hit us up at @wearemidboss.

Thank you for your support and hope to get this game in your paws before the end of the year! :D


Team MidBoss

July 19 - MidBoss

Howdy all you Cyberpunks out there,

Read Only Memories is available to download now for free on the OUYA!

This includes both the Prologue and Act 1 Part 1 that was previewed during GaymerX2 last weekend.

So for any of you OUYA users out there, check it out! It's freeeeeeeeeeee~! The OSX and Windows versions are available on the beta forums ( right now!

Also, if you're a $32+ backer and need help with getting into the beta forums, feel free to email us at rombots [at] midboss [dot] com, or send us a message through Kickstarter and we'll get you set up ASAP!

So give it a try, and let us know what you think!

Check out the Humble Store [], y’all can pre-order it there RIGHT NOW (or just go, it’ll be there too)!

Thank you for coming out to GaymerX2 and all your feedback!

June 24 - MidBoss

We even made a blog post about it! :D We're really hoping we can get greenlit soon, so please take a sec to share with your friends! <3

May 26 - MidBoss

Hope to see you some of you at E3 and talk some Read Only Memories!

We're still working out where we will be and when, but we'll let you know once we have final confirmation! For now...a little teaser :)

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