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ROM: Read Only Memories
April 15 - babybear

Read Only Memories releases August 18
New demo:

Hey Greenlighters!

It's been a bit since we've posted here. Since then, we've shown the game at several industry events, including GDC, SXSW, Different Games, Indiecade, and more.

Today we're happy to let you know that Read Only Memories is releasing August 18.

We hope you'll stay tuned to the game's news through our site and social media. We're in the final push and working as fast as we can to get the final game to you.

In the meantime, we've just released a brand new updated demo[] for you to enjoy. It covers the same plot section as the last demo with updated visuals, controls, and UI included. It plays completely differently and we think it's a major improvement.

Keep in touch with us on all things MidBoss. We love you!

November 14, 2014 - babybear

Hello there, punkers!

Today we are very proud to release our first playable public demo for Read Only Memories.

>> <<

Over the last 10 months we’ve had an amazing time showing off our game at events like GaymerX2, GDC, Indiecade, PAX and E3. Now we finally have a chance to put a final(ish) version of the game’s Prologue & Chapter 1 in your hands.

We really want to hear your feedback, so please tweet us @ROM2064 or email us at with your thoughts!

Bear in mind this is all a work in progress, and a lot more love and polish will be going in before the game releases!

Please report bugs to our forums![]

Read Only Memories is planned for a Summer 2015 release on Ouya, PC, Mac, and also LINUX! Preorder now[] on Humble Bundle or on the OUYA store! Thank you for helping us get Greenlit on Steam!!!

We’re really excited to share our vision of Neo-San Francisco in 2064 with you all, and we hope you enjoy the adventure!

– Read Only Memories Team at MidBoss Games

PS: If you’re in town in January, please join us at GXdev[] and create some awesome games with us over a weekend of fun! :)

October 27, 2014 - babybear

It’s amazing news, punkers.

Just a few hours ago, our team here at MidBoss Games received word straight from Steam that Read Only Memories has been Greenlit!

Additionally, every backer for our Kickstarter campaign who pledged $20 or more will receive a free Steam key for the game!

This is a huge accomplishment for the game, and we are so incredibly excited about the opportunities presented us – all thanks to all of you! Not only did our Kickstarter backers get the game originally funded, the help of all of our supporters has carried us through this process with almost 12 thousand total votes on Greenlight.

You have given us love for nearly an entire year.

Stay tuned for finer details on this and the game’s future soon. For now, celebrate this wonderful news with all of us, and know that we owe so much of our success to our fans.

Read Only Memories is going to be fantastic. See you soon.

MidBoss Games

October 20, 2014 - babybear

Philip here, dropping by to give an IndieCade wrap up from our Ted DiNola! Check it out. -

Hey everyone! Ted, Lead Programmer for MidBoss Games, here with a small break from character updates! We try not to play favorites or anything, but IndieCade is our favorite time of year! And this year was such a blast! We were so excited and gratified to show ROM to the many, many IndieCade-goers who dropped by to play over the weekend.

We kicked off on Thursday at IndieXchange’s Game Tasting event, where we were able to give others a look at our first chapter and a walkthrough of the tech behind the curtain. Friday through Sunday put us alongside other incredible games in a tent hosted by our friends over at OUYA. Despite all of the great music to listen to, and the dozens of titles vying for attention, plenty of folks took the time to play through our prologue and first chapter, underneath a pretty awesome poster JJ designed just for the occasion!

The fun didn’t stop at the OUYA tent, though! JJ and I loaded a build onto the Nvidia Shield and towed it along for showings after dark. It was beyond surreal to watch festival participants play ROM at dinners, bars, and crowded parties. No matter the setting, people seemed to really enjoy the first chapter of ROM, and plenty of people got a kick from playing our full-sized adventure game on the handheld.

As always, IndieCade was host to some incredibly diverse games, and being around that much creativity has left us energized. The game industry has been in a pretty tumultuous place these last few months, but the focus on positivity, support, and making great games was a good reminder of why we started making Read Only Memories in the first place. As we dive back to work on our labor of love, we bring all of those good feelings along with us, and we can’t wait to show you some of the new things we’ve built because of it.

Thank you for the love, and thank you for playing! – Ted

October 13, 2014 - babybear

Hey punkers!

We've just returned from Indiecade! We're so excited with how many people got to play and enjoy Read Only Memories, and we got a lot of wonderful feedback! Look out for more on that soon.

Today I've got something fun for you all. We're going to take a closer look at some of the major characters you'll meet in the world of Neo-SF. The world and narrative are some of the strongest aspects of the game. We think players are going to absolutely fall in love with our story and characters. Let's meet a few!

First up is fan favorite and little blue mascot, Turing! The cutest ROM around.


Turing: “Of course I’m cute. The basic ROM form-factor is designed to place us firmly outside of the uncanny valley. I can’t imagine adoption rates for the technology would have been very high otherwise.”

Name: Turing
Species: Sapient Machine
Occupation: Relationship and Organizational Manager
Hobby: Painting
Favorite TV Painter: Bob Ross
Age: 2

Bio: Turing is an experimental ROM developed by Hayden Webber to research machine sapience; the first of the kind, as far as Turing is aware of. Turing is fiercely loyal to his creator, and in the wake of his disappearance turns to the player to help track down his missing progenitor. True to the form of a ROM’s personal assistant roots, Turing does their utmost to remain helpful and informative even in the most stressful of situations, but their growing independence does mean that the robot does have their own objectives in mind. When asked about their gender, Turing would explain that such a thing is a human construct, which they are not, and would define themselves as “agender”, preferring “they” as a pronoun. Though they are almost constantly refereed to as “he” by others, likely due to the hue of their touch globe interface, and no one ever asks anyway.


Name: Protagonist
Species: Human?
Occupation: Freelance writer/journalist
Hobby: Robot Wrangling
Age: ?

Bio: We leave the details of who the Protagonist is up to you, the player, but that doesn't mean they aren't carrying around some baggage of their own. A one time up and coming hot shot in the journalism world, the Protagonist’s star has fallen, and they’re reduced to churning out soulless reviews for cut-rate headphones online. Turing crashing into their life changes all of that. Will the Protagonist step up the the plate and be a hero, fighting to root out the perpetrators who kidnapped their old friend Hayden? Or will they pragmatically follow the story to its end, seeking to rise ascendant once again as a hard-boiled journalist, no matter what the cost? It’s up to you to decide how the truth will be told.

Fun fact: The default name of the protagonist is Alys. They’re named after one of the main characters in Phantasy Star IV.


Pseudonym: TOMCAT
Species: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Genderqueer (Gender-Fluid)
Personality: Aloof, jokes around a lot, playful, flippant, contradicting
Occupation: Computer Security Consultant
Hobbies: Making work for other Computer Security Consultants

Bio: TOMCAT’s fifteen minutes of fame came when they engineered a massive data breech at Parallax almost a decade ago. They did their time, and since then have been on the straight and narrow doing consultant work for the very company they hacked, as well as others like it. Well… mostly on the straight and narrow. TOMCAT was one of the engineers called in to help Hayden build Turing’s emotional and personality matrices into the standard ROM operating system, and now lends their hacking expertise to the Protagonist and their robot sidekick in their time of need. Friendly and possessing a flair for the dramatic, they are never-the-less secretive about themselves and tightfisted with personal information. Gaining TOMCAT’s assistance is easy, but earning their trust is a different matter altogether.

Who's your favorite so far? Spread the word and tell your friends to give us a vote!

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