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Astrobase Command

Happy Friday everyone! We're hammering away at an updated website. Once it's ready, we'll start weekly update posts again!

June 30 - Jellyfish Games

We've put up a new blog post on some of the tools and techniques we're using to manage Astrobase Command's development. Its format doesn't work very well in these announcements, so please head on over to for the full story.

There are even a few pictures of some of the lists of features we're working on, in case you're curious.

June 18 - Jellyfish Games

This is an Astrobase Command dev blog post. To view the original, head over to

This convo is making my nose bleed. Can we talk about space stations, please? And ‘splosions maybe?

- Adam

Hi everybody, time for an update!


Fusion reactor WIP.

On the art front, Daniel has opened up the first Spacekea shop and designed a series of cunning storage systems that look good and shouldn’t leave any spare parts lying around by the time characters are done assembling them.

He’s also devised some appropriately funky power generators to brighten up station life and power the laser arrays and shields that will make your astrobase the coziest in the quadrant. A lot of time has gone in to researching existing power sources to serve as reference for what we are building in game. In this case, we really loved the look of a synchronized hammer strike fusion generator being developed by Michel Laberge. You can see his fascinating TED presentation here.

Max is still locked under the staircase and won’t be let out until he’s done with the 100 or so icons that are needed for the module builder.


Adam’s been working on pathing, making sure that the AI can figure out how to navigate through an ever-growing station without getting lost. He has also been giddily perusing the Unity store and finding all manner of inexpensive yet high quality solutions to help catapult his work forward. These time savers let us concentrate our efforts on the aspects that will help set Astrobase Command apart from the crowd.


Dave’s concocting yet another series of procedural generators. His efforts have focused on planet generation over the past few days. Using real-world science and math (see why you have to pay attention in school, kids?), he’s putting together a system to ensure that planets are generated using a range of physical parameters that end up making sense as a whole.

Needless to say, this has led to deep conversations this week. We’ve wandered from gas math (the gas laws) to the nature of DNA’s influence on the origin of consciousness. These tangential discussions will add depth to the exploration of the Astrobase universe. Thankfully, we’ve got Adam to keep us on track.


Swing by our website for more updates at, and follow the conversations on the forums at


Last, but definitely not least, a shout out is in order. We’d like to thank Ethan, whom many of you will know from the forums, for lending a huge helping hand. He’s putting his talents as an analyst to good use, gazing into murky pools of statistics to produce concise and immensely helpful reports that are helping us figure out where to put our publishing and marketing efforts.

We couldn’t ask for a keener mind or a more professional touch!

January 24 - Jellyfish Games

Wanted to thank everyone that voted for us :) That is so awesome guys!

So, here's where we are at.

SHORT TERM (January – May 2014)

  • Migrating prototype code to production code. Basically, prototype code lets you easily prove ideas and "have a playable game" but it's not particularly robust. We want to give Astrobase a firm foundation, because that will save us a lot of time down the road..
  • Getting all the core formulas and data into the game properly -- part of this is settling on a designer workflow.
MID TERM (May – August 2014)
  • Develop placeholder assets. There’s lots of art, bits of story, and sound that needs to go into this so that you can have something to mess around with.
  • We’re going to give the website a makeover.
  • Testing, testing, testing.
  • Oh, and we’re aiming for a release on Steam Early Access in the summer. Obviously, this isn’t a firm date, and things can change during production, but this is where we’ve got our sights set at the moment.
LONG TERM (September 2014 and beyond)
  • This is post-Early Access, so we'll do the update for that as we get closer :)

December 15, 2013 - Jellyfish Games

The lowest pledge level is $15. Comes with a digital copy of the game, at a discount . This means steam keys (including early access).

So there is no reason not to back us on kickstarter! If the kickstarter fails, you aren't charged a cent!

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