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UItimate Rock Crawler
February 22 - kim.hoskin

You can now download and play the game on Desura, check out URL:

January 10 - kim.hoskin

Starting a mini campaign to get you a chance to get a free copy of this game, if it gets greenlit or not!
This will help market the game more with the aim of reaching greenlight status, and you stand to get a free copy of this game.

How this would work is:
I will offer a free copy to anyone that can prove they got 5 of their friends on steam to vote this game, positively of course I would recommend.
To prove they came from your recommendation, they could write a comment such as "Voted +, <loginname> sent me". If you get 5 of these I will arrange to send you a copy of the game.

This would be a time limited event, lasting 30 days starting today.

Any question please ask.

December 13, 2013 - kim.hoskin

Making a version available here , help support this game, it is unique and continuing to grow, go on it'll be a great Christmas Present.

November 23, 2013 - kim.hoskin


Download the zip, unzip it to your desktop and start "ultimaterockcrawler.exe" in the folder. Choose your desired quality level at the first screen and then click "Play!". Once the game is started, to play the DEMO Level available, click the Test Drive button.

Whilst driving a nice thing to be able to do is orbit around the buggy with the mouse, e.g. to find the next gate or obstacle.

Please note that the game is still in development and the demo is an early version, there can be bugs. If you find any please feel free to comment on those by adding a post in the discussions area.

Graphics, sounds and Phyics of the game will continue to improve also.

Question to Voters: Would you like a LINUX DEMO? or other platforms?

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