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The Narrow Path
February 20, 2014 - Beavl

Hi you all!

Click on the image to read “Thorny”, the first comic of The Narrow Path.

Enjoy and tell us what you think!


December 26, 2013 - Beavl

Update #3 includes fullscreen support. Now you can open that context menu with secondary click and play it in all its beauty! Play Update #3 here![]

And well, this is a surprise we have for you all, a poster depicting our main character: Papa.

December 4, 2013 - Beavl

Fernando Martínez will be making sketches for those we like the most!

We have 3 reanimated monsters in the jam version: Weirdo, Bumper Freak and Rake Monster!

Time for some community brainstorming. Picture a zombie apocalypse and stuff lying there in the open. What kind of monster would you like to build? If we like it, we'll make some sketches, share them with you and who knows. Perhaps we could include your monster in the final version of the game and add your name in the credits!

We made some sketches to warm up!

And now It's time for your weirdest ideas!

This one is from Chavo. It depicts a monster with no arms but branches on fire after some crazy storm in the woods!

This was suggested by Agustín Cordes, creator of awesome games such as Scratches and Asylum (Agustín had thought about something gorier... a cheerleader jumping its own entrails! But our main character like sewing corpses Dr. Frankenstein style, he is some sort of reanimator, so we make it somewhat cleaner). Thanks Agustín for your support!

This freak was suggested by Steam User @Slakajuster in the comments below. He describes it as it follows: “A man/woman with a computer monitor sunk into/around their head, facing them. This creature is blind or encumbered in some way. it has very long fingers and a bone is protruding from its wrist.” Well, we love the idea of the sunk monitor, add some creepy light from below and a spiral on the screen and voilà!

Next one was also suggested by @Slakajuster. He says: “A male who was reanimated with living fungus and mushrooms (...) He laughs/coughs sometimes, and has spores floating around his head/body. One foot is constantly dragging around a flowerpot which it is inserted in. You could have him covered in mushrooms, or be subtle with them, either way.” Although we loved the description, we took a darker turn by taking out the smiling and adding some Swamp Thing flavour to the mix (yes, we are fans of Moore/Bissette!) So well, here it is!

December 2, 2013 - Beavl

Update #2 includes some general fixes, rain, wind and thunders. Play Update #2 here![]

And beware, someone may be hit by a deadly lightning!

November 28, 2013 - Beavl

This has been an amazing week. While working on UPDATE #2 (playable next week), we found out that some awesome websites started writing about The Narrow Path [] (Indie Statik[], Rock Paper Shotgun, The Verge[]). And that’s not it. Our postmortem was also featured on Gamasutra! []

So yeah, we are thrilled and want to go out and celebrate. But we cannot! Why? Because it’s pouring out there, look!

Anyway, we raise a virtual glass and have a toast with all of you!


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