Ця гра тепер доступна у Steam!

Дякуємо за те, що допомогли цій грі потрапити до крамниці Steam. Детальнішу інформацію, в тому числі посилання на сторінку в крамниці, ви можете знайти нижче.

Status: GREENLIT! Thank you EVERYONE
20 лютого 2014 р. - coldricegames

Let me tell you, this morning was pretty eventful. I'm one of those "check my e-mail every ten minutes" kinda guys, and I had somehow missed an important e-mail. Way way wayyyyyy after the fact I checked my phones lock screen to see a very surprising alert:

(by the way Nonadecimal is a cool guy, follow him on twitter!)

I couldn't believe it. I seriously considered it to be some kind of misunderstanding. I jumped at my e-mail and my heart skipped a beat.

The e-mail had come in at 10:36, and I had left at 10:30. I missed it by 6 whole minutes. Wow!


If it weren't for the support of the community we would have never gotten this far. Between your votes and spreading the word we've now moved into a position where success is on the horizon. We have the game, we have the funds, and now we have the strength of steam behind us.

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gaius 8 бер 2014 о 4:26 
Congrats. Looking forward to playing it
Radiofloyd90 20 лют 2014 о 16:18 
Congrats! :)
Jacozard 20 лют 2014 о 10:08 
congratulations you are now steampowered!!!
Theisos 20 лют 2014 о 7:21