This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

May 27 - coldricegames

A big reason for a lack of posts is I've been trying to cram as many things into v0.3 as possible before letting it go live (which should be happening later tonight for our alpha testers!). I just kept saying to myself "oh, ljust one more thing!" But I knew it was time to draw the line and release the next build.

Whats new, you might ask?


They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and each gif has a lot of frames...

Now a shrewd person might notice the UI has changed... considerably. I loved the ornate detail on the first version, but as we added features it began to get a little out of hand. Here's out first revision:

and then the next

hey wait... what's that on the bottom?

Whoh, fleet based combat!?

This gif is just an illustration - we've strapped more guns on the ships than the ships are supposed to have...

That means, of course, you can manage a fleet of ships instead of just a single vessel. It's nice because now you wont have to choose between all the cool ships

This is as literal as "game changer" can ever be. Looking back at it now, it's crazy how much of a difference this all makes!

Not to ignore our ground segments, I've also gone back and did a complete overhaul of the combat aspects of traveling to planets. It's a LOT more exciting now



The camera is much more "alive" now and the effects are wayyy more fun to look at.

Among this update are several small things that are difficult to put into gif form - so I've uploaded a new video for you all highlighting the new mechanics

Oh hey, if you'd like to support the development I've also put up a pre-order page at

Thank you steam players for all your support! Greenlight has helped keep that fire under our butts to continue to do our best!

February 20 - coldricegames

Let me tell you, this morning was pretty eventful. I'm one of those "check my e-mail every ten minutes" kinda guys, and I had somehow missed an important e-mail. Way way wayyyyyy after the fact I checked my phones lock screen to see a very surprising alert:
(by the way Nonadecimal is a cool guy, follow him on twitter!)

I couldn't believe it. I seriously considered it to be some kind of misunderstanding. I jumped at my e-mail and my heart skipped a beat.

The e-mail had come in at 10:36, and I had left at 10:30. I missed it by 6 whole minutes. Wow!


If it weren't for the support of the community we would have never gotten this far. Between your votes and spreading the word we've now moved into a position where success is on the horizon. We have the game, we have the funds, and now we have the strength of steam behind us.

February 12 - coldricegames

Link to the contest page:

Ok here’s the crazy idea: I’d love to get some fan designs into the game. I really like the idea incorporating “fan” designs into the final product. I feel it gives the game character. I’m also not so naive to think that I have all the best designs in the world. This is where you come in!

The mission is simple:

-Design a ship you feel fits into the Universe of Interstellaria

-Any art style is fine! I promise I wont be biased towards pixel art or anything!

-Submit your design to my email –

-You can submit more than once! Be sure to get your artwork submitted by MARCH 11th, 2014

-I will be sharing artwork on the blog and twitter as it comes in, so stay involved!

-I’ll be selecting a winner on MARCH 12th, 2014

Now how will I reward you for your hard work?

The Prize:

-$50 steam gift card

-Access to the Interstellaria Alpha

-Your design will be in the final game!

That’s it! from here you’re free to go hog wild. I’ve written some fluff at the above link to help you with your designs and potentially improve your chances.

January 19 - coldricegames

Wow, we are so excited!

Hopefully the image of ships blowing up isn't prophetic! We've launched our super secret Alpha forums, and gave our kickstarter backers access to the Alpha of the game. It's exciting to know we've transitioned completely away from a prototype to a real deal project.

Of Course, thank you to all the backers who helped make this possible. Another round of thank you's go to the people who helped to spread the word about the project. Your efforts have really helped to bring this to reality.

We are still working very hard on new mechanics for the game, and anticipate a very tight end product with all the testing we are doing as we develop. We are looking forward to adding diplomacy and moral choice type encounters in the next few months!

keep spreading the word, and help us get Greenlit for 2014!!


November 19, 2013 - coldricegames

That's right folks, Interstellaria is FULLY FUNDED! We are very exciting to be able to bring this game to everyone in the New Year. The only word to describe it is "Giddy!"

The battle isn't over yet though - we still want to go big. We've posted a few stretch goals. These goals are honestly priced, and we feel add a lot to the game.

Among the goals are:

-Expanded universe! More ships, more aliens, more worlds!

-Advanced Reputation system! Factions and Races have reputation that work for or against each other

-Expanded chipzel OST! This speaks for itself, awesome!

-Playable/joinable pirate faction!

Thank you to all the greenlight supports, and kickstarter supporters!

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