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Astral Terra
October 24 - Tethys Interactive

Greetings fellow players and gratitude for your interest in Astral Terra. Multiplayer is coming along nicely (finally) and we will be making an announcement soon about going live on Early Access. We ran into a number of unexpected roadblocks over the last few months but things are now starting to finally shape up. :) We also wanted to let you know about a ton of new content that will be pushed with the next game update - mainly goodies for your building endeavors but also some new crafting stations, recipes and weapons. We have changed the spell system up a bit and players now have homing spells! There have been some really neat changes to the environment, tweaks on our multiple biomes and overall bug fixes and optimizations. Check out the Images section of this Greenlight page to see new snap shots of some of the buildings goodies available to players on the next update. As always, we greatly appreciate your support and continued patience in the development of this independent project. See you all on the planes soon!

Play Astral Terra Alpha Today!

Greetings gamers and gratitude for your continued interest in Astral Terra. The single player portion of the game is now live for all Founders (people who pre-ordered)! You can still obtain Founders packs by visiting the website but there is a limited amount left (a little over only 200 keys remain). We would like to stress, however, that Astral Terra is still in a very early Alpha Phase.

Our newest Monster and completely original race for the Planes, the Bloodfiend, is now ready and in game. Once we finish the development with the night system, Bloodfiends will only spawn and raid players at night. Currently they spawn underground in our new Caves system. Here is a concept, high poly sculpt and in game screenshot of the Bloodfiend:

Bloodfiend Concepts

Bloodfiend High Poly Scult (zbrush and Maya)

Bloodfiend in-game fighting a Dwarf in the Haunted Forrest Biome

We have also been hard at work on writing the history and lore of Astral Terra. Read all about the Bloodfiends and other lore here at the official Curse Wiki:

Feel free to also visit the offical Astral Terra forums to keep updated about the game and engage with the community:

New Engine Features
Our Voxel Engine programmer from TerrainEngine, Thomas, has been hard at work on optimizing and adding new features to the voxel world. New additions include further draw distance with better performance via a new terrain LOD system, a brand new robust Caves system that allows us to now place rare ore and other things for adventurers to find underground. A new waterfall system allows for water and rivers to be carved out of the terrain, and a new flying islands functionality will allow us to build out the plane of air just the way we wanted to. Finally, a new voxel building kit allows for a much better toolset for building out your world (besides cubes we have other shapes and all parts can be rotated similar to Planet Explorers or 7 Days to Die).

No Multiplayer
After a few months in development with a local contractor on Multiplayer, and seeing it wasn't going where it needed to, we had to make the hard decision to scrap what wasn't working and start over. The good news is we have a new, very experienced network developer on the project now. Expect an update in the following weeks on Multiplayer and when to expect it.

Greetings friends and gamers!

As mentioned a few weeks ago, we are now offering a Founders Pack Pre-Order program for Astral Terra, from the Astral Terra website. Visit the website to learn more about Founders Pack and pre-order today!

There is a new dev update video available here on Steam, on our website and on Youtube. Check it out to learn about all the new stuff we have been working on for the game such as new Day and Night system, new harvesting options, new spells and more!

The Dwarves are here! We finished the female Dwarf avatar, here is a look at the concept to 3d game character.

Gratitude to everyone for supporting the project! We are 1 year in now on the development of Astral Terra and we have another year to go. With the help of the community and Steam Early Access we hope to make this game the best that it can be and we have learned a lot along the way! Thanks so much, we will see you in the Astral Vales!

Greetings Friends!

We have been hard at work with so many different pieces of the game as well as continually interacting with all of you wonderful supporters. Development continues on multiplayer integration, crafting and harvesting systems, combat and player mechanics, bug fixes and polish as well as building out new zones, quests, powers, monsters and loads of other fun stuff! Here are a few new developments we are announcing for the first time!

Male Dwarf In Game
We have finished the assets for the Dwarf Male and have added him to the game. Check out some of the screenshots and other cool images for him below.

Final Dwarf Female Sketch
We shared concepts for the female dwarf in our last Steam update and wanted to share the final with you below. Caleb Fruin, our awesome 3d modeler, has already started on her high poly sculpt.

Lore Galore
Our loremasters Chris Wightman and Adam Roth have been scribing the lore and the history of the world. Below is an excerpt from the Protemic Tablets.

In the beginning there was the formless warm gray.
There was neither light nor darkness, nor form nor striving.
Yet in time, there was the slightest movement in the gray.
So slowly at first, that none might notice, even had there been one to watch.
Over eons of uncounted time, the gray gathered itself in a single place.
A thing like a smooth gray egg coalesced, then shrunk and contracted until in an explosive burst,
The Two were born: One of Light, the Other of Darkness.
The Great Lovers, Lakana the White, Goddess of Light and Order, and
Visaku the Black, God of Darkness and Chaos, blossomed forth into the universe.

In the fullness of time, the Two begat the First Children. The Firstborn was enigmatic.
They named him Davanu, and tall and proud,
Crowned with mighty horns and lusting always for power.
Red is his color.
Next in their line was Da’lea the Green, joyful and merciful,
Prone to rapid change in mood, but mighty in her generosity and mirth.
Finally, in a pregnancy that nearly killed Lakana were born the Four:
Ravanyx the Golden, fiery in both temperament and appearance;
Vaya the color of Sky, fast and effortless in motion, controlled by none;
Nitluru the Brown, dwarfed and sturdy, slow to anger, but mighty in wrath;
And Tagaryl, green like the Sea, cold and deep, filled with secrets.

Alloy Shaders Implemented
We are thrilled to announce a new collaboration with RUST LTD, makers of Alloy, the most powerful, amazing, and AAA graphics quality shader package for Unity. You can check out the Alloy website here ( where you can test out thier material demo. Really amazing work these guys have done and continue to do! We can't wait to show the Alloy system off more as development progresses!

Network Architecture
After a lot of research, discussion and testing by our wonderful network specialist Matt Magginnis, we have decided on our multiplayer/network architecture and we will be using uLink! Matt has been busy implementing networking components within our procedural terrain with the end goal being the multiplayer component being ready for Early Access. We as gamers know how important it is to be able to play with friends and we are excited to share it with you all as soon as Early Access hits!

Founders Program - Early Access Keys & Other Perks
Based on your awesome feedback and requests, we have been finalizing our “Founders Program” that will launch via our website( late next week. The “Founders Program” will offer early access steam keys(3rd party DRM Free), special founders forum access for interacting with us directly, as well as other special perks only offered before the game officially releases on Steam Early Access. Please make sure you have signed up for our newsletter via to stay informed on the latest!

Official Astral Terra Forums Now Open
We have upgraded our forums and opened them back up to everyone that wants to get involved! You can visit or navigate to the “Forum” Menu link on our webste( to register! We hope to see you there!

Curse Wiki Coming Soon
The wonderful folks over at Curse( have approached us about hosting our official game wiki through their awesome platform and we have accepted! Another announcement will follow as we get that all setup through them. Much gratitude to Curse for reaching out to us and for their interest in helping the little guys! We are excited for the opportunity and will keep you posted!

January 27 - Tethys Interactive

Greetings friends and fellow gamers and developers! Astral Terra now has a day and night system working. This new system allows us to build new gameplay mechanics around day and night such as farming and monster spawning, besides also making the environment more interesting. We are now working on a new farming/harvesting system that will allow players to grow their own food. We have also been adding new creatures to Fey Vale to bring it to life as well as provide players with a way to harvest meat for crafting food. More harvesting and craftables are on the way as well.

Caleb has been hard at work sculpting the new male Dwarf avatar. We also have Marius working on new concepts for the female Dwarf avatar. Here is a sneak peek of the male Dwarf sculpt, as well as some of the concepts we used for the female Dwarf. Enjoy! :)

Female Dwarf Concepts:

Male Dwarf High Poly sculpt:

More news to come in the following weeks! Currently we are working on Multiplayer integration, crafting and harvesting systems, combat and player mechanics, bug fixes and polish as well as building out new zones, quests, powers, monsters and loads of other funs stuff!

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