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I Get This Call Every Day
March 26 - davidsgallant

I was interviewed recently by Samuel Howitt of Exploding Barrels[]; we talked about how I made I Get This Call Every Day and what Greenlight is like for developers. Listen to the audio interview on this page here![]

March 24 - davidsgallant

I recently appeared on Huffington Post Live[] alongside Will O'Neill (creator of Actual Sunlight[]), Steve Gaynor (founder of The Fullbright Company, who made Gone Home[]), and Vander Caballero (from Minority Media, makers of Papo & Yo[]) to talk about games that evoke empathy. Check out the full segment here![]

February 21 - davidsgallant

  • If I already bought the game, will I be getting a Steam key when this is Greenlit?
    Of course! As soon as I have access to Steam's code generator, anyone who has ever bought a copy of the game will be provided with a Steam code.

  • Will there ever be a Linux version?
    I'm trying to make one available as soon as possible.

  • Were the graphics made in MS Paint?
    Nope. GIMP and a drawing tablet. Everything is quite literally hand-drawn, which is why all the lines are crooked. I used settings that made things look even more jaggy & distorted. The whole point was to make the office environment look as ugly as it made me feel.

  • Seriously though, why don't you hire an artist to do some real graphics?
    Yeah, I don't think you're really getting the point of the aesthetic there.

  • Will the Steam version include new calls? Better art? Telling off your boss? Etc?

  • Will the Steam version have achievements, trading cards, etc?
    I'll have to see what kind of work it takes to implement those features. I'd like to add them, but it'll depend on a few factors. So, I hope so!

  • How much will it cost?
    $2, same as always (unless Valve forces it to be $1.99)

October 29, 2013 - davidsgallant

I Get This Call Every Day is available on You can also find it on, IndieVania[], and Desura[].

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