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Mini Combat
Mini Combat 0.23 is coming!
February 11 - Decerto

Hey guys!

It's been a long time for Mini Combat news and patches. Don't worry we've been working hard on the game, bettering the overall experience for everyone!

Mini Combat 0.23 features a whole new game mode, FortWars. Fort Wars is a base building game mode based on Team Death Match. Each team builds a base out of blocks and when the time is up, you attack the enemy's base!

Here is the complete changelog

- Whole new movement system added
- All classes have now been re-balanced
- New game mode, FortWars has been added
- You no longer need to create an account with Mini Combat in order to play
- Special Death Gifts have been fixed, it will hopefully no longer bug out and give all players 1 HP
- New Select Class UI

We are working on whole new maps for the next update as well as more classes. Please keep checking back and see what we add!

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See you in game!