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Mini Combat
May 29 - Decerto

Hey guys,

Just a quick update with Mini Combat. I know it's been a long time since the last one.

Changes in 0.24:
- FPS Optimization (up to 3x the FPS!)
- Movement system as been refined
- Fixed players health not updating currrently over server
- Small texture changes here and there.


We are now refining all current maps for 0.25 (the next update). All maps will be re-modelled and re-textured to bring a better experience for MC.

We are now focusing on adding more classes to MC, these classes will range from flame throwers to spud guns. We're looking forward to working on these!

Thank you!

February 11 - Decerto

Hey guys!

It's been a long time for Mini Combat news and patches. Don't worry we've been working hard on the game, bettering the overall experience for everyone!

Mini Combat 0.23 features a whole new game mode, FortWars. Fort Wars is a base building game mode based on Team Death Match. Each team builds a base out of blocks and when the time is up, you attack the enemy's base!

Here is the complete changelog

- Whole new movement system added
- All classes have now been re-balanced
- New game mode, FortWars has been added
- You no longer need to create an account with Mini Combat in order to play
- Special Death Gifts have been fixed, it will hopefully no longer bug out and give all players 1 HP
- New Select Class UI

We are working on whole new maps for the next update as well as more classes. Please keep checking back and see what we add!

Go to to buy Mini Combat and to learn more information about the game.

See you in game!

December 15, 2013 - Decerto

We've been hard at working fixing bugs, balancing the classes and developing a new Game Mode. Fort Wars is a brand new Game Mode that allows players to build their own base block by block to defend themselves from the enemy. After a certain time, you are able to fight each other and destroy each others bases/forts.

This game mode is still under development and will be coming to Mini Combat in 0.23.

November 5, 2013 - Decerto

Just a quick message to let you guys know that Mini Combat 0.221 is now released! There is also a free demo that is LOCKED to TWO classes on our Desura Page. Head over to to play!

See you in game!

October 31, 2013 - Decerto

Hey guys!

We have changed some core features in Mini Combat in this new update. No longer do players spawn HP and ammo boxes on death, instead there are various pick ups dotted around the maps that you collect to restore your HP and ammo.

We have also added in special gifts, or surprises when you kill an enemy. When you kill an enemy a gift or surprise will appear, when a player collects these gifts it will randomly increase or decrease a stat. For example you can collect a gift that gives you low gravity for 20 seconds! Gifts automatically despawn after a certain amount of time, so pick them up fast!

We have also added support for Xbox 360 controllers in game only. We have added no support for controllers in and around the menus, you still need a keyboard and mouse for that! The reason why we didn't add menu support is because we're making a new menu system for the game.

We have also balanced a few classes. You can read the full changes to classes as well as the full changelog to 0.22 below:

-support for xbox 360 controller in game (not working in the menus due to the menus being reworked)
-players no longer drop HP and AMMO boxes
-respawnable health pick ups added to all maps
-repsawnable ammo picks added to all maps
-health pick ups now restore entire health, up from 35hp
-gangster Thompson firerate reduced to 0.14 from 0.11
-grenadier AEK firerate increased to 0.12 from 0.125
-spectator bug has been fixed
-trooper lazer base damage reduced from 10 to 5
-range zombie base damage reduced from 10 to 2
-melee zombie base damage reduced from 10 to 5
-added special gifts when enemies die for players to pick up
-added quit button to connection screen

Head over to for more information about how to play the Alpha!

See you in game!

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