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Lucid Awakening 2
January 30 - Momiji Studios

I've made some additions to the battle system. It's a pretty big deal. I don't want to go into too much detail as it's still just in the conceptual stages, but I can tell you it's really going to make you think about every skill/attack/class you use, and keep you on your toes during battle.

Right now my super early title for it is: "Crazy Pure-Veil Battlefield Balance Synergy Ultra Stress Active Battle System." (Final name TBD). Stay tuned for more details.

October 17, 2013 - Momiji Studios

Lucid Awakening was the first game I ever finished. It might not be the best game, or even the best RPG Maker game, but I take pride in it because it's a project I saw through to the end over the course of one year during high school. In that sense, it's a huge success to me.

It's available to download totally for free, no strings attached, on my website (link at the top of the post). On the Download page there is also the "Lucid Awakening 1 Primer." Like the description on the page says, it's basically a slideshow telling what happened in the first game. It's an alternative option for someone who doesn't want to play it, but would like to know what happened in anticipation for Lucid Awakening 2.

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