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Boogerman "A Pick and Flick Adventure" 20th Anniversary
23 octobre 2013 - Toy Ghost

We are incredibly happy to announce our brand new 2 player CO-OP MODE, starring EARTHWORM JIM! This brand new addition not only comes with the new co-op game mode featuring everyone’s favorite Annelid as a playable character, but also includes levels exclusive to co-op!

Check out the full update on KICKSTARTER!

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16 commentaires
shine Il y a 15 heures 
Abyss_Walker 26 oct 2014 à 14h27 
This is awesome, can't wait, very happy
by FreeMan[UA] 4 sept 2014 à 14h05 
Ginger 30 avr 2014 à 18h20 
I hope the option to play as Earthworm Jim solo as well.
[ZM] Matt Damon 12 avr 2014 à 20h57 
defnitly on the list now
Toy Ghost 7 jan 2014 à 18h42 
EWJ is owned by Interplay, as is Boogerman.
Josh Keaper 4 jan 2014 à 3h21 
Who is the current owner of EWJ character and the franchise?
GooseGrim 12 déc 2013 à 14h33 
Wow, ballsy, I like it. Got my purchase...
Abyss_Walker 7 déc 2013 à 19h17 
Wait....seriously?? How did they even....do that.... well, guaranteed day 1 purchase from me. My god, what an incredible move.
erickmendonca 22 nov 2013 à 10h10