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October 23, 2013 - CrashGem

So Churble World boasts over 63 different Heroic Path & weapon combinations (or 54+ if you prefer the narrative)! But what does that mean???

Currently there are three main classes, or Heroic Paths, for a Churble to follow; Warrior, Rogue, and Mystic. So far pretty familiar territory, but each Heroic Path features 3 different styles of play. As the Churble gains levels the player must decide which of those 3 play styles to focus on the most. The mechanic is very similar to the skills trees found in some MMOs. Will your Warrior be mostly defensive and focus on Blockur skills? Or will she go all out aggressive and learn Chuzerkur moves? Or perhaps you seek more balance and utility from your Warrior, so you level up Rangur skills.

Alright, so 3 traditional fantasy classes with 3 different skill trees to explore? That’s pretty awesome, but not necessarily ground breaking. What else can we do to make the customization really shine? Weapon Styles! In Churble World there are 7 different weapon styles, each with its own unique skill tree to level, and each focusing on a different combat experience. Sword & Shield is all about defense, both for the Churble, and her allies. Claws are aggressive weapons that deal extra damage over time. Boomerangs balance offense and defense and can cause all manner of debuff effects to your enemies. And so on.

Any Heroic Path may learn any weapon they choose. Want the absolute biggest defender you can find? Warrior, skilled in Blockur, specializing in Sword & Shield. But what if you wanted to shake things up a little bit? You love the idea of being a Rogue, and learning skills from the Shadows skill tree, but now that you’ve had a taste of magic, you want more! Your rogue can specialize in Relics, ancient artifacts that allow the casting of powerful direct damage and area of effect spells. Does your Mystic want to mix it up on the front lines? Give him some dual daggers and get to it.

Let’s not even get started on Elemental attunement. Actually, let’s do that very thing. Churble World is composed of 6 core elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Metal, and Wood. They make up everything in the world, including Churbles! Every Churble has one (or rarely, two!) Element(s) they are closely attuned with. This allows them to augment the many abilities they learn through Heroic Path & Weapon skill trees to deal specific types of damage, or add different effects to skills and attacks. I guess if you wanted to start factoring in those as well, the number of custom combinations would be quite high.

We’ve been having a lot of fun combining Heroic Paths with non-traditional weapon styles and then inventing cool lore for them, like these two examples from Clint, our lead developer

Luminancur Mystic (Balanced Path) using claws (Damage-Over-Time Conditions) and focusing on the Earth elemental attunement. Mesk Dirtchu ventures into the dark tunnels ahead of her mining crew to clear out any lurking creatures and locate the largest diamond deposits.

Shade Paw
Shadow Rogue (Defensive Path) using a Staff (Defensive Spells) and specializing in shadow magic, especially the summoning of shadow minions. Yanchu Haner has seen the power of shadow magic in the hands of Raydurs, and studies it so as to protect his colony from their dark machinations.

And there are so many more! Imagine if we added a 4th Heroic path? Madness!!! The most exciting part? Finding out what sorts of Churbles you create for your own game. Go check out the Heroic Paths[] and Weapons[] on our page

and let us know in the comments…

What sort of Churbles do you want to make? (And totally draw us a picture of it him/her!!!)

October 18, 2013 - CrashGem

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