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The SoundTrack
October 6, 2013 - Lonely Kids Studio

Music is a key part of the gameplay of "SoundBurst!".

The SoundTrack is the work of our close Friends from The Mapples[].

Here are a few demos of the tunes paving the Journey:

  • The Chase : Feel the Excitement and Speed building up through that Electro Track.
  • Outer Space : Enjoy the Easy flow emanating from that trip among Stars.
  • Dust and Glory : Ride on this Epic Cavalcade through the West.
  • Disco Ride : Shake your Booty and join the Party on this Nocturnal Piece.
  • The Journey Begins : Fasten your seatbelt and take part in that bumpy Space Odyssey.

There are quite a few musical types in the Game, enough to satisfy most, according to us.

We added this announcement to the game description.