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Battlegrounds of Eldhelm
June 17, 2014 - wastedabuser

We have just released a new big update!
We balanced the game modes and fixed some ranking issues. The brand new Arena mode allows newcomers to explore the game cards and combos while playing against other players. The UI is optimized and stretched to be more space efficient. The tutorial is now better crafted and easy to access!
Now we are working on some amazing new multiplayer modes and game features, so please, stay tuned!
Keep in mind that we are organizing tournaments from time to time with awesome rewards :)

April 22, 2014 - wastedabuser

We are super happy to announce that finally we have a windows application with a proper installer and updater! I home you guys check it out and vote for us! We are really nostalgic about the desktop gaming and decided to put more effort into it :)

October 30, 2013 - wastedabuser

Thank you for your cheerful (and critical) comments! We are listening and improving stuff. We will be kicking this project till victory! :) Just to let you know we are releasing version 3.1 which brings hardware accelerated on all platforms. We will be working on some improvements towards usability and visibility as requested in the comments. Thanks!

October 17, 2013 - wastedabuser

There are so many comments of people whose opinion is based on the description and not on the actual game ... Makes me sad :(. It is so easy for you to try it, for example the game is available as a facebook app. Check it out at our page there You could also find a lot of feature updates and testimonials.

October 6, 2013 - wastedabuser

Thank you for all your feedback and comments! It is very important for us, the team behind Eldhelm! We are putting all our heart into this game, so will persist to improve it!
Now, to answer some questions:
We would like to support any language out there, we just need some contribution. If you would like to help us to add new language or improve the current one, please contact us!
The game is playable on Linux, but currently only via a Flash Player plugin, so check it out on the web at Please, do not just watch the video or look at the shots, try it :)

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