This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

40K on Kickstarter, Gameplay Video
October 5, 2013 - Tynan

We've doubled our Kickstarter goal in about three days! Thank you everyone for all the support!

The famous YouTuber Quill18 has made an excellent video showing off the first 15 minutes of the game. If you want to see some footage of the game in action, you should totally check it out here. Look! It's a real game, not Kickstarter vaporware!

Last night I put some incendiary weapons in the game. So now raiders will sometimes spawn with molotov cocktails or incendiary shot launchers. And, of course, you can take these weapons and use them yourselves. Fights are much more interesting when stuff is on fire. Especially when it's people. In fact, it was amusing yesterday when I was testing this - my colonist was firing an incendiary launcher at some raiders. But a squirrel wandered between them and got shot, bursting into flames, running around, and spreading fire across the field.

Thanks again for the support everyone! As always, I'm around to answer questions. And the community at the Ludeon Forums[] is growing fast if you want to talk more about the game. An old friend of mine just put up a fun gameplay story[] of his last play.


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Notice me senpai!!! Jun 25 @ 12:56pm 
The kickstarter reached over 200k $ thats so awsome
maarten May 8 @ 8:02am 
xarlesh Feb 7 @ 8:00am 
Right now, the basic features are up and running, the game just lacks content and some more deeper game mechanics...but honestly, I have seen fully released games, that made a less polished impression to me...
mandango19 Feb 6 @ 9:50am 
RunningWolf251 Feb 3 @ 10:17am 
Seems like the whole steam portion of this game has been forgotten. I'm sure the developer realizes that just releasing -something- on steam will give a nice, healthy increase in profits and funding? Nudge?
Hunter Feb 2 @ 9:02pm 
It's been 2014 for over a month, I would have figured at least put the same product you have up on kickstarter on steam also in it's alpha/beta stage... When might we see this available on steam for purchase?... I was really hoping to see this game on steam before March, and yes I know there is still 20 odd days 'til its March but really I reiterate... Same product on kickstarter to steam...
GodHunter Feb 1 @ 7:35am 
When is this game coming ???
it looks awesome...way better than minecraft or other games that i have played
LostTheGame115 Jan 26 @ 6:31pm 
i figured since it has the same art style as prison architect it would be just like it but no this is nothing like a prison builder this looks a lot better and funner
foley31 Jan 22 @ 12:56pm 
i am going to play the heck out of this game yeah
Gorejar Jan 19 @ 9:41pm 
This looks cool going to get it soon as its out