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Sky Nations
Updated 0.17 - - Signs and Repeaters!
March 24, 2014 - MrBenjammin

Hey guys,
Update 0.17 has just been released. The main features in this update are Mounted Repeaters, which are now completely craftable and have been fully finished for in-game use and Signs. Signs are holographic displays that allow you to leave messages, warnings and instructions for fellow players. For a more detailed list of changes check out the change log below or the developer log which can be found here.

The client update will be downloaded automatically by the launcher and you can grab the server files here[].

The map on the Official Server has also been reset. This is to remove a lot of content that has bugs or corruption left over from updates many versions ago. A downloadable copy of the files will be uploaded within the next few days for people who'd like to carry on playing on this map.

Changelog 0.17

  • Added Mounted Repeaters. They use Copper Bullets as ammo, which must be loaded into Ammo Crates similar to Cannon Balls. Recipe: Copper x4, Burnout Core x1 and Steel x1.
  • Added Nation members to the world map. You can now see all of the current members of your Nation located on the world map with green markers.
  • Added ctrl+V pasting of clipboard data to text boxes.
  • Added Mouse Sensitivity to General tab in options.
  • Remade the background for menus. Now featuring a sign that shows the ETA for the next update.
  • Added holographic signs. Recipe: 4 Copper and 1 Burntout Core
  • Changed DisableBlockPlacement boon to stack time rather than produce multiple instances.
  • Reenabled thrusters burning blocks behind them.
  • Corrupted ships are not deleted to prevent them causing further problems.
  • Temporarily changed valley islands to generate as one layer until they get remade in a future update.
  • Added couple of chat badges.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ‘slow motion’ cannon balls.
  • Fixed chat scrollbar behaviour/getting stuck. Drag to pull it now instead of clicks.
  • Fixed a potential crash on server caused by bounding box collisions.
  • Fixed a major bug that would cause the server to slow down with many players at once sending data.
  • Fixed energy well rotation speed being based on frame rate.
  • Fixed new line characters being set to ?? in the UI.
  • Fixed mesh generation sorting. Blocks should no longer be invisible when you place them when your client is loading new areas. It will favour things closer to you.
  • Fixed corrupted spawns sending you too very far our coordinates. They should now send you to the servers default spawn in the case that a chunk goes to corrupt from a crash.
  • Fixed withdrawing fuel from mass generator losing the item if your inventory is full.

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Wurst-Case-Scenario Mar 25, 2014 @ 6:43am 
Ben, you are awesome!
ryZ Mar 24, 2014 @ 5:58pm 
GhosTJinnZ Mar 24, 2014 @ 5:35pm 
nice work! :)