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Sky Nations
September 1, 2014 - MrBenjammin

Update 0.6 is out and with it comes a bunch of gameplay features and some new stuff exposed to the Mod API[].
Parachutes have been added allowing a safer descent to the ground if you happen to lose your footing. Parachutes are now default gear and are given to you when you first enter a server or use the reset block. Jetpacks are also in which allow you short travel between cliffs and platforms with a boost bar that refills on landing. Both these items use a new slot in the equipment window called the backpack slot.

Artillery Cannons are also new which are the equivalent to the Iron Cannons however they can be manually aimed like Mounted Repeated allowing for much more precise shots during battle using the same ammo as their predecessor.

Missile Pod Missiles have been changed a little, they will no longer damage protected land of the Nation that owns the Missile Pod that fired them. Meaning they won't break your own things! They will also speed up over time while chasing their target.

Much of the UI art has been remade to make it much cleaner and slicker with more sane text colours being used making it easier to read. Something I hadn't time to do until recently but makes a huge difference to interacting with the game.

For a full list of changes scroll down to the change log below.

How to update
Clients will be updated automatically be the launcher for the website version and automatically in your Steam library for the Steam version.

You can download the server update here[]. To update your pre-existing server. Make a backup of your files. Then just copy and paste the files in the new server zip over your current ones you're running the server from. It's as simple as that!

For those that use custom scripts via the modding API for their Servers if you're familiar with Mercurial you can use it to merge your scripts with the changes for 0.6 via this repository:

Update 0.6

  • Created new icon for: Steering Panel, Copper Door, Missile Pod.
  • Added backpack slot.
  • Added Jetpack. It requires 6 steel and 2 burntout cores to build.
  • Added Parachute. Parachutes are part of the default gear and come equipped to the player in the backpack slot when starting out or resetting.
  • Added Artillery cannon which is an aimable cannon that fires cannon balls. It’s crafted with 10 Steel and 2 Burntout Cores.
  • Turret missiles no longer damage protected land of the same Nation. They will also accelerate over time to catch speedy targets.
  • Server now states script files it’s using at startup so you can tell exactly what files are being loaded for mods and debug problems.
  • Added on-screen Block so you can see the current block you’re holding.
  • Much of the UI art has been remade.
  • Added particle effect to breaking blocks.
  • Changed dropped items so they follow the same gravity rules as players. They now fall at a max of 20 gravity and steadily increase at the same rate as a player’s gravity.
  • Changed respawn chambers so they can’t be placed on ships to remove confusion.
  • Improved font sampling/rendering for GUI and changed general use font. Though still not perfect when in windowed mode.
  • Improved item icon rendering. All blocks should be the correct proportions and have correctly mapped textures now(which was incorrect on oddly sized blocks such as steps).
  • Added a CTF mode example script in the Server scripts.
  • Added OnServerWriteLog to IGameServer in the Mod API so you can grab console input.
  • Added ICTFFlag to Mod API. You can create flags by IGameServer.CreateFlag. See:
  • Added IScoreboard to Mod API. Which will create a scoreboard scoring system both server and client side with a UI based on the Community CTF mode events. See:
  • Added IActor.IsPlayer to determine if an actor is a player or not to mod API.
  • Added ISpecialBlock and IChunk.GetSpecialBlocks() to the mod API so you have access to various block meta data which will be expanded in the future.
  • Added IShipRegister which contains a list of all loaded/unloaded ships. You can access it via IGameServer.Ships. See: and
  • Fixed item slots showing 4 of a 32x32 icon texture repeated.
  • Fixed a couple of item icons being the wrong size.
  • Fixed Mounted Repeaters not showing their rotation correctly after being reloaded.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by removing Respawn Chambers in some cases.
  • Fixed crafting window starting position being offset from inventory height.

August 11, 2014 - MrBenjammin

Update 0.5 is finally out and with it brings some major changes to gameplay and some more subtle changes. Nations can now claim Systems for themselves. Once a System is claimed it's marked the on the in-game map as your Nations and becomes protected. Protection prevents players from outside of your Nation placing, editing or interacting with blocks in the System owned by you. However they can still be damaged by weapons such as Cannons. A claimed System has a Nation Beacon created in the middle when it's claimed. This is a largish structure that unusually has it's own health bar, which you simply need to hover your mouse over to view. Attacking this and destroying it will lose the claim on the System and it's protection will be nullified. The beacons have quite a lot of health and will regenerate it's health during downtime.

To go with the above changes, Ships have also received similar protection. To protect your ship you need to grab a Ship Protection Field block which can be purchased currently from Merchant Cat. Once placed these will protect your ship from placing, editing and block interactions(most blocks) by players not in your Nation. However if the SPF is destroyed then this protection will be lost.

The last thing you need to know about the new protection is that Copper Defense Guns have been remade into Copper Missile Pods. These essentially work the same but fire slow removing projectiles with trails so you can pro-actively seek out their origins and destroy them when attacking a System. Instead of the previous situation of them being very hard to locate. They can also only be placed in claimed Systems, pods that currently in exist in non-claimed areas will be inactive. They do a lot more damage to players now and are subject to future balancing.

Borders preventing you from sailing too far out from the Systems have also implemented. They are fairly far out so they don't limit your movement during combat. For a full list of all changes check out the Change Log below.

The client updates are already deployed for the Launcher and Steam. Unusually the server files are out right away. You can grab them on the download page:

If you're hosting a server check my twitter for updates on fixes that we may come across during first day of the update so you can stay up to date with fixes.

Update 0.5

  • Added a border to systems. When you fly out so far you will see a border appear as you get close to it and you cannot pass it with a ship.
  • Added System Status to top right of screen.
  • Added claiming systems. Each Nation has a minimum of 1 claim. For every 5 members they can claim a new system. A player not in the Nation that claimed a system cannot mine, place or interact with most blocks in that system. However they can damage them with weapons. You can claim the system you’re in via the Nation window Territory tab. Once claimed it will create a Nation beacon between 0 to the ceiling vertically depending on space. If this Nation beacon is destroyed your claim is lost. Mousing over it will tell you it’s health. To damage it you must fire weapons at it from a ship.
    Claimed areas will appear on the World map so you can tell if you’re flying into someone else's territory. Their names are also colored red.
  • Added ClaimRange to setting to Settings.xml that allows you to choose how far away players can claim Systems from the spawn. The default is 6.
  • Added Ship Protection Field(SPF). Placing this on your ship will protect it to your Nation. Only your Nation members can place blocks, interact with the majority of blocks and use tools on the ship. However the ship can still be damaged from offensive weapons. If the block is destroyed then the ship loses it’s protection. Ship fields can be purchased from Merchant Cat.
  • Altered Max speed to 20. Ships over 200 weight can still only max out at 10 though.
  • Defense Turrets can only be placed in Claimed systems now.
  • Defense Turrets have been changed to Missile pods and are now called Copper Missile Pods. This is so they are easier to spot the firing position when being attacked by them. The projectiles are slowish and provide a trail so you have more time to escape. They do however do more damage, pending balancing.
  • Defense Turrets left over from before this update that are in unclaimed areas will become deactivated.
  • Removed System status icon from System title when entering a System.

  • Fixed System title/status being wrong if you enter it before it’s loaded.
  • Fixed lighting not always correctly effecting Defense Turrets.
  • Fixed individual particle fading.
  • Fixed achievements causing a crash on Steam version if the game is unable to query the achievement list from steam fast enough.

July 25, 2014 - MrBenjammin

New server files are now available with a small set of bug fixes for the remaining major bugs that have been reported to me. You can grab them here:

  • Changed order of items in inventory so it makes sense vs right item bar.
  • Changed max player skin size from 4kb to 25kb so more skins should work now.
  • Improved memory build up from jumping, teleporting or reseting graphics device(alt+tabbing/minimizing) so it shouldn’t cause a Memory Overflow if you have enough memory.
  • Fixed ghost blocks.
  • Fixed players dying when they login and fall through the land.
  • Fixed items falling through the floor in most cases.
  • Fixed players occasionally being thrown out of their ship after a jump.
  • Fixed clicking Remove Bookmark in the map causing a crash.
  • Fixed it being possible to end up below map floor when jumping from certain angles.
  • Fixed merch cat buying items from player from wrong slots.
  • Fixed a crash when alt+tabing back into the game when item sculpter was used previously.
  • Fixed merch cat from losing his ship if he was caught in an area as it unloaded.
  • Fixed radar not refreshing after jump.
  • Fixed lasers not cutting through grass.

July 22, 2014 - MrBenjammin

A new server build is available for server hosts with quite a lot of fixes and some changes based on bugs and problems users have found over the last couple of days. Thanks for taking the time to report them. With the influx of people a lot of bugs I'd never seen before popped up. But luckily with the help of quite a few dedicated community members, a lot of the pretty tricky bugs are fixed.

The client patches have been automatically rolled out via Steam and the Sky Nations launcher. Pretty much as they were done.

The new server build can be downloaded from here:

I'm going to carry on powering through the bugs that have come up, then we should back to the normal update schedule.

0.457 - (Post Early Access Launch Fixes)
  • Merch Cat will no longer wander very far out of Systems.
  • Custom items no longer appear in chat with links.
  • Exposed more things to the Mod API such as IBiomeSystem.JoinShip(), IBiomeSystem.JoinActor(). Plus some delegates for IPlayerManager and IActor for various events. Mod API docs:
  • Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable has been added to installed for those missing it.
  • Fixed ship controls being active while typing in chat.
  • Fixed Ships not saving their protection status.
  • Fixed Jump Explosion effect appearing in the wrong position(0,0,0 instead ships previous position).
  • Fixed Linking process for existing users or new users possibly being borked if they close the game during or suffer some sort of PC shutdown or something happened to bork their cloud saves.
  • Fixed a stack overflow caused by Magmasites chain explosions.
  • Fixed killing yourself counting towards playing kills.
  • Fixed players with usernames involving special characters crashing client.
  • Fixed players with certain characters making them unable to be saved by the server.
  • Fixed ghost ship bug where players would see their own ship after jumping, dying or teleporting from an instance to a new one. The ghost ship couldn’t be interacted with as it technically existed in another instance.
  • Fixed Nation invites being broken in some cases.
  • Fixed Promote/Remove options for Nations not taking effect.
  • Fixed Merchant Cats ship not always appearing(symptom of ghost ship bug).
  • Fixed logout taking you back to authentication for Steam version. Now closes the game instead.
  • Fixed Merchant Cat trade stations not always being interactable.
  • Fixed Escape not closing map as it says in Map title.
  • Fixed wording on Nation achievement’s description to be correct with how it is triggered.
  • Fixed entities such as steering wheels, energy well cores, mounted repeated etc. staying after the block was deleted(symptom of ghost ship bug).
  • Fixed killing yourself counting towards friendly kills.
  • Fixed a ToolsOverlay exception for players joining who wouldn’t receive their Inventory data quickly due to slow connections.
  • Fixed /clean commands and other ways that ships are deleted not correctly deleting the ship file to. So they’d be reloaded on next server restart.
  • Fixed using Mounted Repeater causing a crash when mounting to it.
  • Fixed Bans applying to all players due to bug in how it fetched IPs.
  • Fixed some memory issues by restraining how many meshes can be queued for generation at once.

July 17, 2014 - MrBenjammin

Depending on when you view this, Sky Nations will have been released or is about to be on Steam. The official release on the Store will be about 8pm BST. The first release supports a bunch of Steam features and I'm hoping to implement many more in the future such as Steam Workshop for mods. The additions to the Steam version are at the bottom of this news post.

If you're new to Sky Nations, first of all thanks for grabbing a copy! But please note that the game is still in development. There's a bunch of stuff still to add and you'll likely run into bugs. I do my best to fix them as they're reported but some take a little longer than others. Anyway onto the more important questions first.

New users don't have to worry about the following questions since you've likely bought it on Steam or received a Steam copy from the stores.

I already own Sky Nations. How do I get my Steam key?
The keys will be released just before the store purchase goes live. They will not be emailed to you.

All you have to do is go to the Sky Nations Account Page[] and login.

It's at the top of the page. Judging by emails I received over the last 3 days. I think people were a little confused. You don't need to email me for a Steam key. Just grab it from your account page. Even if you didn't meet the deadline(which is still open). You can register Sky Nations keys(not Steam keys) purchased and you'll have a Steam key waiting for you on the Account page.

I have a Sky Nations key(not Steam key) from a bundle/store/an Elk passing by but don't have a Sky Nations Account. Do I get a Steam key?
Short answer: Yes. Long answer: You need to register the key on the Sky Nations website[] to make an SN account to retrieve your Steam key.

I have a couple of Sky Nations keys(not Steam key) but I don't want to make an account I just want to give my friends the Steam key. What should I do?
Email me at with the keys you'd like to give to your friends. I'll swap them with you for Steam keys and deactivate the Sky Nations keys. Please note that I'm receiving a lot of emails so the turn around on this might be quite slow so please be patient.

If you have any other questions regarding these issues, post and I'll try to answer them as well as I can. Just know that I am one man and I'm super busy but I'll try to get to you as fast I can.

Steam Edition(0.455)
  • Key bindings are saved on the Steam Cloud.
  • Options are saved to the Steam Cloud.
  • Added an initial set of 13 Achievements.
  • Added Stat tracking to various things such as: play time(doesn’t count menus), kills, deaths, traded gold, system jumps and friendly kills.
  • Auto-login with your Steam account. New users just need to choose a username. Users with existing Sky Nations accounts can simply link their account when first starting the game.
  • Added 7 Steam Trading Cards. By @Ocathalain.
  • Added 5 Steam Emotes(3 common, 1 uncommon and 1 rare).
  • Added 6 Steam Badges(5 normal, 1 foil).
  • Added 5 Steam Profile Backgrounds. By @Ocathalain.
  • Improved tickrate system on client/server.
  • Optimized Item dropping collision.
  • Added Steam authentication to servers.

  • Fixed ship controls working while typing in chat.
  • /clean commands and bunch of other commands/functionality to do with removing ships should work correctly again and delete the file.

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