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Frogatto & Friends
January 22 - marcavis

Work on populating our current levels with a nicer variation of enemies, with different abilities and ways to block Frogatto's progress, continues:
One latent worry we have is that Frogatto is generally a bit too agile, so here's an enemy that should do well in making Frogatto think twice before jumping past him - it can launch its spikes up, to the sides and to the diagonals in different patterns.
Resident sound effects guy and stuff naming guy Adam has dubbed it the Pricklestalk:

December 9, 2013 - marcavis

Thank you all for your votes and support - all 10,687 of you! This was way less painful and took much less time than we expected.
So hey, time to get back to work, then. ;)
We'll take the next, work-in-progress version to Steam; should take us some months, so probably early/mid 2014 for a release date.

November 5, 2013 - marcavis
Thanks for the great support guys! We're getting pretty close now, but keep the love coming - reading your comments has been great for our motivation. Sometimes a team can seem to be isolated while they're working on their thing, but - no way, you are showing us that you care, and heck yes we'll keep caring too :)

October 5, 2013 - marcavis

EDIT: The results:
From baseframe to full flight animation on the stream.

It's an announcement on short order, but we'll host, over at , a livestream from Richard, our main artist/gameplay programmer. You'll get to watch some art coming to life!
Tonight, at 8PM Central time.

October 4, 2013 - marcavis

It takes a large amount of art to create a game. Lots of sprites means lots of small files, and that can be pretty wasteful in terms of memory, which is why we have an utility in the code that lets us compile a texture atlas - in our case, several large images containing every sprite in the game, that the engine can refer to by using the coordinates.
This is one among them, we have several more:

There should be some work-in-progress things in there, but some familiar faces as well.

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