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TRI: Of Friendship and Madness
October 11, 2014 - Rat King

Finally, TRI is available for sale on Steam! Get your very own triangle exploration puzzle game now! ;-) (Especially as long as it is 10% off.)

For Steam we created a bunch of new screenshots, as most of the levels were polished a bit before release.

We also created a new trailer, so if you want to have look, click this image:

Thanks again to everybody who preordered the game and/or voted for us on Greenlight. We couldn't have made it this far without you!

September 25, 2014 - Rat King

Fox and Monk are prettily dressed and ready to show you the world they lived in for two and a half years now. We from Rat King are extremely psyched that we made it this far after all the problems and highlights we had while making the game.

TRI will be available for Windows, Linux and Mac from October 9th on Steam and other platforms.

March 6, 2014 - Rat King

The last months really were a blast. I think for the first time of the development of TRI we managed to stick to our schedules.

After a lot of work and headaches to create the final levels, we now have 16 of them - each more beauti-weird than the other. Ready to keep you busy for around eight hours in our spaces of gravity-madness and color.

  • We also added some gameplay elements like solid light rays - tubes you can reflect like light rays, but are able to walk on.
  • And there is a new effect which greyes out the region where you won't be able to set the other two points and make a full triangle. So creating them will be quicker and more fun!
  • The last levels are not fully tested, but you will be able to play through the complete game from now on. (If you preordered it via IndieGameStand, HumbleStore, Desura or GamersGate.)

Because the release date is crawling nearer and nearer (and won't slip through our fingers that easily like it did before), we decided to film a little series of stories that led to the creation of TRI. Have a look at the first episode, in which we talk about the beginning with the Ludum Dare #20 version.

The upcoming month are going to be very stressful AND exciting. TRI will be presented in the Leftfield Collection of the EGX Rezzed[] in Birmingham from March, 28th-30th and we are going to attend the A Maze in Berlin[] from April, 9th-11th. It would be cool to see you there, as it is a truly amazing event for indie game developers and gamers alike.

In the meantime we will be working on the characters, animations, cut scenes, sounds, voice overs and polish, polish, polish. So, stay tuned and if you played the beta, we would love to hear your feedback, of course.

February 21, 2014 - Rat King

Wow! We still can't quite believe it: thanks to you all we got greenlit and are able to publish TRI on Steam! This means people who preordered the game via our website[] or IndieGameStand[] will also receive Steam keys as soon as possible.

Right now we're still in the middle of development of the game, so uploading and selling the game on Steam won't happen before May 2014. But for those who preordered we have a little treat soon: in 2 weeks there (hopefully) will be the release of the beta version of TRI. This will include the complete set of circa 16 levels and some bugfixes and improvements in the usage of the triangles. After that we will work on sounds, story, making the levels better and polishing the overall game.

January 16, 2014 - ratrogue

We're still working on TRI, with the hopes high up for a release in April 2014!

Just to show our progress above is a picture demonstrating the creation of triangles, and how it becomes even easier than before. As you can see there is the region (the saturated area on the walls) which visualizes where you can place the currently selected/hovered triangle point (in this case the far right one). This way you will always be sure how to place a triangle.

The picture's not enough? Well, here is a WIP screenshot of the second to last level!

It might be a bit crazy, this one.

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