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Anarchy Arcade
February 27, 2015 - SM Sith Lord

AArcade's all-new and improved workshop update is now live! Many Early Access users have already shared some amazing creations onto the workshop.

If you're new to using the Steam Workshop, AArcade makes it easy with a built-in packing & publishing tool! You can share individual items, or entire arcades.

To share an arcade, just load up your arcade and press the P button to open the Packing Manager. Click Pack Arcade Save and then fill out the rest of the details on the form. After that, click Publish and be patient as your workshop item uploads. As soon as it's finished, AArcade will open the workshop profile of your newly shared item in the Steam overlay.

Also new in this update is the ability to share & subscribe to nodes! Just pull the lever next to a customized wall in the map named hub_walls to save your node and share it to the workshop!

Technical Improvements
  • Uses the newest version of the Steamworks API.
  • UNLIMITED workshop file size.
  • UNLIMITED workshop shares.
  • You don't need to subscribe to your own shares anymore.
  • You don't need to store an extra copy of workshop items anymore.
  • Backwards compatible with existing "legacy" workshop content.
  • As always, shortcuts to local files have their folder paths hidden.

Remember that Anarchy Arcade shares media items themselves, not your copy of them. That means that it's perfectly fine to share arcades that have shortcuts to games or movies on your PC. Other people using your arcade would need access to their own copies of the games or movies to launch the shortcuts, and everybody can watch the preview videos regardless.

Last year Anarchy Arcade participated in the Indie Games For Good charity pledge drive & marathon stream ( Hundreds of indie games participated, and in total the event raised over $19,000.00 US for the Child’s Play charity. Pledgers were allowed to choose a game that they were most interseted in seeing played during the stream, and in the end AArcade was the 6th most requested game!

Earlier this week Valve announced that they will be introducing SteamVR hardware and a refined Steam controller at the Game Developer's Conference in San Fransisco (March 4th - 6th, 2015). This is exciting news for Anarchy Arcade users because AArcade uses the same VR integration as Team Fortress 2 itself which is devloped in-house at Valve. For more information on SteamVR, check out their announcement:

February 9, 2015 - SM Sith Lord

[Continued from Part I...]

Map Discovery Awards
AArcade supports over 50,000 maps. Often you will load up what you believe to be the most epic map ever used in AArcade. You also might believe that you are the first person in the world to ever use this awesome map as a 3d desktop. Well now, thanks to the Steam leaderboards & AArcade's all new map discovery system, you can confirm this belief!

If you are the first person ever to load up a map in AArcade, your Steam name & avatar are for ever bound to that map in AArcade as the map's discoverer! You will be listed on the TOP of the leaderboard for the map with a special note saying that YOU discovered the map first, as well as the number of players who discovered it after you.

The landrush is on! Try to leave your mark on your favorite maps by being the first person ever to load them up in AArcade! However, you might find that you aren't the only one who loves that map. :)

Steam Leaderboards
In addition to remembering who discovered the map, the new leaderboards also record how much time each player has spent in the map (in total), how many times they have re-visited the map, as well as how many shortcuts they spawned in their arcade there.

As players, the leaderboards give you a good idea of what other players think of the map. They also help you find friends that might be interested in doing some multiplayer in that obscure addon map that only you and 3 other people have discovered so far. :)

As map authors, it shows you how many people have loaded your map and how much time they spend on it. Two stats that I would have LOVED to have back when I was publishing Counter-Strike: Source maps to CAL.

Development Extended to End of February
AArcade was supposed to be ready to come out of Early Access at the end of January; however, I saw the opportunity to add some awesome unplanned features (such as the ones covered in this article) and must extend the Early Access period to the end of February as I polish up the new features and get them release-ready.

I'd like to thank everybody who took part in December's successful Kickstarter campaign which funded AArcade all the way through January and made all of these great new features possible. As the stretch goals promised, Black_Stormy was brought on board for the month of January and produced some great new cabinet models for us as well as created the first major Hub map which will be released in February's big update. His awesome map will be the "Kickstarter Arcade" map that appreciatively displays the 2 logos of the Kickstarter patrons who pledged over $100 and brings the conclusion of the Kickstarter promises. I hope that everybody is happy with the results.

PayPal Donations Are Back
If you missed the Kickstarter or would like to continue to support Anarchy Arcade's development, PayPal donations have opened back up for anybody who wishes to contribute. Note that the Kickstarter pledge rewards do not apply to PayPal donations. The Kickstarter is over.

If you are an Early Access user that wishes to donate, I suggest using the in-game Donation Rewards button instead as it will grant you a couple special in-game models for using it.

Until Next Time
Don't forget that you can personally ask me questions LIVE on my Twitch stream, every Wednesday from 4am - 10pm Pacific time at I'll be happy to demonstrate how to do things in AArcade, answer any technical questions you might have, or just play vs you in some games. Have fun in your 3D desktops and party on dudes!

February 9, 2015 - SM Sith Lord

Lots of great new features such as watching 2 videos at once, real video projectors, and more! This article will briefly overview what's been added to AArcade during January development.

ModDb 2014 Editor's Choice
AArcade was selected as one of's Editor's Choice for Mod of the Year 2014. It's an honor to be recognized by ModDb and receive the "Interaction Award" for AArcade's use of the Source engine. Be sure to check out the other great games on the list, such as Double Action Boogaloo, which took 1st place as the Editor's Choice Mod of the Year.

Watch Two Videos at the Same Time
Do you like to party? Do you think watching just one video at a time is like a baby's toy? AArdade now lets you watch up to 2 different videos at the same time on how ever many virtual screens you want. Just look at a video and hold down the R button to put it on continuous play. You'll then be able to walk around and watch other videos without interrupting the one that's on continuous play.

That's not enough? You want to see your video playing in every room of your house? No problem. Just use AArcade's existing "Video Slave" setting to have your video play on as many screens as you want. How about... 100? That'd look pretty cool.

Turn ANY screen into a slave screen by walking up to it, pulling out its Green Menu > Cabinet tab > Filters button and setting it to slave screen. The screen will now mirror any video you have playing, like virtual AirPlay.

Cabinet Animations
AArcade now has an extensive cabinet animation system built right into each model. This allows for awesome things like a TV that slides up from the ground when you turn it on, or a poster that unfolds into a video screen. You'll also be able to give the joy sticks, wheels, and switches a good once-over as they bring the cabinet to life with animation.

Dynamic Lighting, Spotlights, & Real Projectors
Tired of turning on your flashlight to see your awesome arcades built in dark addon maps? Well now, when you activate a cabinet, an animated dynamic light will illuminate the cabinet you selected as well as all of the props next to it.

Do you think that only 1 dynamic light at a time is like a baby's toy? Well, now in AArcade you can spawn as many standalone spotlights & real projectors as you want!

Projectors will show any video that you have playing, much like a slave screen. These are real projectors that will cast light on what ever you point them at. And remember that EVERY screen in AArcade is interactive, even light cast from a projector! That means you'll be able to fulfill your dream of playing retro games projected onto a giant brick wall in the seedy alleyway of a city!

Behind the scenes, the dynamic lights work hand-in-hand with the new cabinet animation system to allow cabinets to spawn all sorts of entities and attach them to animated bones. The projectors and spotlights are just the tip of the iceberg.

Auto Camera Mode
Showcasing your favorite media to yourself & to your friends has never been easier than now with auto camera mode! Just walk up to any cabinet that supports it and press E to activate auto camera mode. A custom animation sequence will play on the game cabinet as the camera automatically inspects the cabinet model, the artwork on it, and the video playing in it in a very cinematic style mini-cutscene.

From auto camera mode you can either launch & play your shortcut, or press ESC to go back to walking around.

Hubs & Nodes - a Taste of February Updates
There is a big update coming in February that will allow you and your friends to work together in building the greatest VR arcades imaginable, even if you never play multiplayer! It's called the HUB game mode and it's going to be the heart and soul of AArcade once it goes live near the end of February.

There are 3 major components to the HUB game mode: nodes, HUB maps, and the Steam workshop. As of January, the first part of the puzzle, nodes, went live for Early Access users to try out and leave feedback.

Groups of Shortcuts (nodes)
A node is a group of shortcuts that somebody created that can be easily spawned into your arcades as a cluster of objects all attached to each other. The awesome thing about nodes is that no matter how many instances exist in how ever many maps, if you ever go and update your node by adding new songs to it or something, those changes also take effect in every arcade that uses that node.

As of January, Early Access users can now create their own nodes for use in their own arcades. Even locally, nodes are a very exciting feature that let you quickly get your favorite songs and games into any arcade. It's much faster than spawning your shortcuts one at a time, especially if you find yourself putting some of the same music & games into every map you visit.

In February's update, you will be able to share your own nodes to the Steam workshop, as well as spawn your friends' nodes in your own arcades. When combined with the Steam workshop, nodes become even more awesome. Thanks to nodes, you and your friends can now affect each other's worlds not only in multiplayer, but even while in singleplayer as well! Workshop nodes are updated automatically when needed, so your friends will always see the most recent changes you've made to your node, right there in their own arcades!

Where Nodes Come Together (Hubs)
Hubs are special maps that will be introduced in February's update designed specifically for community customization with workshop nodes. Sort of like a mall, where the server operator (or the player in the case of singleplayer) decides which of their friends gets to "decorate" each store. The end result of Hubs will be awesome community arcades, jam packed with the stuff that you and your friends care about the most, that are different every time you load it up.

Early Access users can start getting familiar with how nodes and hubs work right now because the January update featured 2 experimental Hub maps. Only local nodes can be saved/used right now, but the February update will bring the Steam workshop connectivity into the mix!

Steam Stats / Achievements
In January, AArcade saw the addition of Steam Stats and received its first set of Steam Achievements. This first set was focused mainly on the player's map-based stats & achievements. Additional stats & achievements are planned to be added regularly.

[Continued in Part II of the announcement.]

December 3, 2014 - SM Sith Lord

As always, you can explore any of these awesome new locations using your DK2 in Anarchy Arcade. It's really exciting because some of these games do not have native VR support themselves so it is the first time these maps will be seen in VR.

AArcade's most recent update adds 5 new mountable games to its Mount Content menu. This means you'll be able to use the amazing maps and models from these 5 new games to create your own arcade masterpieces with! Not only are you able to use the stock content, but you are also able to use the community addon content created for them directly from their game folder! No extra copies required!

Thanks to a behind-the-scenes revamping of AArcade's workshop & built-in publishing tool, you will be able to build and share your arcades from your favorite maps such as de_dust2, 2fort, Facility, etc. If the workshop package you create requires a particular game to be mounted, your thumbnail image is automatically branded with that game's logo so everybody can see what is required just by looking at it!

Mounting content is easy! Just fire up AArcade and click on Mount Content. It will automatically show a list of mountable games that are associated with your Steam account! Make sure you have them installed, then put a check mark next to them. That's it! Now you're ready to use all of the great stock & community content from those games!

Many of these games are FREE and provide hours and hours of gameplay themselves, then when you're finished playing you can use their maps and assets in your personal 3D desktop! Double win!

So, without further adieu, let's take a closer look at the amazing games who's content can now be mounted in AArcade:

Price: FREE

Double Action is a very fun over-the-top shoot-em-up action style deathmatch game. The development team is lead by Vino, one of the guys who worked on the original The Specialist mod for HL1. Also on their dev team is Black_Stormy, the man responsible for some of the awesome new cabinet models to hit AArcade recently.

GoldenEye: Source

Price: FREE

This amazing remake of the classic Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye is a must-have for any PC gamer. Not only is it a quality throwback to a landmark FPS, but it has been revamped to provide new and exciting game modes. The maps and models themselves are PERFECT for building your personal 3D desktops with. Live inside of Facility. Your childhood dreams have come true.


Price: FREE

This team-based combat game runs extremely deep. There is a real learning curve and it provides many hours of entertainment because of this. Noobs be warned, you will be bad at first. The maps and models themselves are astounding with lots of glow effects and atmosphere. Perfect if you feel like relaxing in these locations after the killin's through.

No More Room In Hell

Price: FREE

This is a very fun zombie survival game. You progress through the world like in L4D, except that instead of running through a ghost town, there are actually objectives and events that you must accomplish to progress. The environments are very eerie and foreboding. You'd have to be one sick puppy to want to set up your arcade in one of these grim maps...

Day of Defeat: Source

Price: About $5 USD

This is a classic WWII game, multiplayer, and still very fun to play even though it's been around for a long time. Building arcades in these maps takes some real creativity.

Honorable Mention: Garry's Mod
You are able to mount Garry's Mod stock content now. However, this doesn't mean much since Garry's Mod stock content is just the construct and a couple weird models. However, in the future AArcade will be able to mount some of your custom Garry's Mod maps and models as well. Don't expect full GMod compatibility though because Garry's Mod is a huge, weird game that itself is based around using addons.

Kickstarter to Extend Development
AArcade is set to release on Christmas so I am crunching everything I can into it before this date. However, I am running a Kickstarter to raise the money I'd need to keep working on it non-stop for an additional month! Check out it out here and pledge any amount that you can to help keep AArcade in full-time development:

November 24, 2014 - SM Sith Lord

AArcade has been available on Steam Early Access for a little over 2 months now and during this period there has been LOTS of improvements, tweaks, and brand-new features added to Anarchy Arcade. I've been working non-stop on adding all sorts of awesome stuff for us all to enjoy!

Even compared to AArcade's achievements over its 4 long years of development[], the features I've added since coming to Steam, coupled with an awesome user community, are truly bringing the entire concept together. That's why the first item for me to tell you about today is Anarchy Arcade's new Kickstarter campaign!

Click the image to check out the Kickstarter!

Here's the facts:
I love working on Anarchy Arcade all day every day, and not only for my own enjoyment, but for everybody else who has a blast using their PC as a personalized 3D world. The thing is that I can't make any money off of AArcade because I couldn't afford a license, which basically means I'm broke as hell. Financially, I can't continue putting all my time into AArcade, but that's okay, because the big Steam release is only 1 more month away!

While I am busting my ass to meet the Christmas 2014 release date, looking back at the progress made during Steam Early Access makes it clear that AArcade has been getting exponentially better every month that it stays in development.

That is exactly what this new Kickstarter is about. It is an attempt to raise $1,000 to cover my minimum expenses for an additional month of development! If it succeeds, AArcade will stay in Early Access until the end of January, or maybe even February if the stretch goal is reached.

Either way, AArcade is right around the corner from its big Steam release.
So lets take a look back at the improvements that have come in the past 2 months, what you can expect in December, and then you can decide if AArcade remaining in development for longer is something you would like to make happen!

  • It has over 250,000 Early Access installs and it won't even hit Steam's front page until its full release!
  • AArcade caught some attention from the emulator scene as well as the VR scene.
  • Oculus Rift DK2 support was added, along with other VR features thanks to Valve's engine update.
  • A new artist, Bucky, joined the cause and created a new arcade map for us.
  • Another new artist, Black_Stormy, also joined the cause and created a couple new models for us.
  • Max number of players per server was doubled.
  • integration to provide LIVE over-the-shoulder spectating in-game as you play games.
  • Icons now float above players' heads in MP servers so you know what everybody is doing.
  • MP server operators now have better control over the visitors to their arcades.
  • For modders, the AArcade map editor is now included, auto-configured, and comes with a read-to-play template & tutorial video to get you started.
  • AArcade became the 1st 3D desktop to have a Steam Workshop.
  • AArcade became one of the few games to allow for Workshop files greater than 100MB, and will soon break the 200MB max VPK file size barrier as well.
  • AArcade got a completely embedded publishing tool so you can package and upload your addons to the Workshop without even leaving your arcade.
  • Using addon content from the Workshop became so automatic that you just click the plus button next to what you want and you can spawn it in your arcades within seconds.
  • Game assets like 3D models, textures, and entire 3D worlds became shareable on the Steam Workshop.
  • AArcade became the 1st program to allow you to share real-life media items with friends on the Steam Workshop because you share the media item itself, not your copy of it.
  • It became possible for users to share their entire 3D desktop environments to the Steam Workshop for everyone to enjoy.
  • Implemented the libretro framework to allow for homebrew apps such as emulators & video players that show your content directly on the interactive in-game screens.
  • Programmers can even use this framework to write addon apps in C++, or any language they wish, that render in-game as well!

Now, all of that was done just within the last couple months! AArcade has been in development for years and has many more amazing featured packed in, so if you haven't dug deep into AArcade yet, now's the time!

Even though the Kickstarter has launched to extend development, that doesn't mean that it's not crunch time for me anymore. Until I know otherhwise, I'm getting everything in order for a Christmas 2014 release. Next week I'll be working on implementing the features listed below into AArcade.

(These features are in past-tense, but I have not started coding them yet. That is how badly I need to make them happen.)

  • The mouse cursor now turns into a hand when hovering over clickable items in the UI.
  • Added a prompt when packing a map that asks "Scan & Pack Map Assets or Pack BSP & RES Only".
  • Added a Dependencies section to the Packing Manager. It lists any additional workshop items people will automatically download when installing your item.
  • Added a prompt when packing an arcade save that asks "Pack Required Workshop Content or Reference Required Workshop Content".
  • Added a Publishing Help page.
  • Added a HELP button to the Packing Manager that takes you to the Publishing Help page.
  • Added an "Update Thumbnail & Details Only" checkbox to the Packing Manager. It is only visible if you have an existing workshop item loaded.
  • Fixed an issue that caused screenshots for the Packing Manager to show up as a loading graphic.

So, there's a little glimpse into the future. If the Kickstarter succeeds, there will be plenty more updates & changelogs like this to come. So check out the Kickstarter, check out Anarchy Arcade, and have a blast!

I won't have time to promote the Kickstarter very much because I will be spending most of my time working on AArcade itself, so any help spreading the word is greatly appreciated!


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