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Anarchy Arcade
April 13 - SM Sith Lord

First of all, I want to say thank you to all of the people who pledged to the Kickstarter or donated via PayPal. Over $3,000 was pledged by only 60 backers, with the campaign concluding later tonight. Your pledges will be automatically returned because the Kickstarter failed to reach its funding goal, but your show of support will not be forgotten.

You probably have a lot of questions about the Steam version of Anarchy Arcade, the Kickstarter's failure, and the future for the project. In today's article I will address these concerns.

Once again this article was a bit too long to post here on Steam, so please take a look at it on the Kickstarter page.

April 8 - SM Sith Lord

Prototype Updated to Version 2.2f

Download the prototype from the GameJolt profile[].

Yesterday I coded in two new parsers to the prototype to demonstrate some of the features I discussed in my previous update. They include the ability to spawn an entire YouTube channel (or playlist) into an arcade at once, and also the ability to display your unlocked Steam Trading Cards for all of your different Steam games.

The beauty of Anarchy Arcade's design is its simplicity. Even in the prototype, every single item you see is a standard Anarchy Arcade shortcut.

In the Steam version, you will earn in-game rewards every time you do well playing one of your other games. You'll get points for unlocking cards and achievements, etc. All of the technology demonstrated here will be tied into your Steam profile to consolidate all of your media & gaming career into this immersive 3D multiplayer desktop.

Also in this update, I have fixed an issue with over-the-shoulder spectating. It will work properly now in Multiplayer servers.

Giving Away 1 FREE Game EVERY Hour for 24 hours!

Tomorrow, starting at midnight in just 4 short hours, I will be doing another 24 hour Anarchy Arcade live broadcast where I give away 1 free Steam game every hour. If you're interested in seeing Anarchy Arcade in action, getting some free games, or just having a good time in general, check out the Twitch stream at See you there!

Less Than 5 Days Left on Kickstarter

There are only a few short days before the Kickstarter campaign concludes, so now's the time to head on over to the Kickstarter and make a memorable contribution to Anarchy Arcade!

April 5 - SM Sith Lord

First, some quick news...
Last week's Anarchy Arcade 24 hour streaming marathon went off without a hitch. Twenty-eight games were given away in total, and we all had a lot of fun playing games, listening to music, and watching videos. Next Wednesday it's all going down again on There's a whole new batch of games ready to be given out, and lots of fun to be had. So take a look at at the Twitch stream next Wednesday if you want to see Anarchy Arcade in action!

Also, there are only 9 days left in the Anarchy Arcade Kickstarter campaign! If you haven't already, check out some of the many update articles I have been posting there. Now is the time to pledge and leave a lasting impression on the Anarchy Arcade community!

Now, continuing on to the meat of this article, here are details into some of what Anarchy Arcade does behind the scenes to create 3D worlds from 2D websites & host them multiplayer, and the legal considerations that have gone into its design. You can listen to the audio, or read the transcript. The transcript also has some random screenshots of more exotic locations that have arcades built in them. They show a lot of community add-on content that Anarchy Arcade is compatible with.

You can view the full article on Kickstarter:

Or you can listen to the article on YouTube instead (but there's no screenshots to look at):

March 25 - SM Sith Lord

I've spent the last 5 days preparing a new update for the users of Anarchy Arcade's prototype. It includes lots of new cabinet models, props, and some very cool new features. Over-the-shoulder spectating is now usable in the prototype; that means that you can stand behind somebody and watch them play the game LIVE. Also with this update you can play videos back on multiple in-game screens at the same time to really create an immersive arcade! There are twenty days left in the Kickstarter to raise the money needed to license Anarchy Arcade!

26 New Models

I've created 26 new props and cabinet models for this update including the table-top style Coffee Cabinet requested by the Dopefish Screenshot contest winner! Other cool new additions are a huge speaker based on the one from Back to the Future, a mutli-screen monitor setup based on the movie Swordfish, and an iCade cabinet which is a miniature arcade cabinet that you slide a tablet into; great for small retro-style games!

Anarchy Arcade won't have a Steam Workshop until after the Kickstarter, but it's already received its very first community addon prop designed specically for the prototype! Check out this Skeeball Machine on! Thanks Tony! If you have any questions about making your own addons, just send me a message and I'll help out as much as I can.

Over-the-shoulrder Spectating

Users have been requesting the ability to stand behind me in the virtual world and watch the games I am playing, LIVE, on the cabinet's in-game screen. I call this over-the-shoulder spectating and for a long time I did not think it was going to be possible to implement. However, I am now able to accomplish it in a very open-ended way by taking advantage of streaming services such as This prototype update allows for over-the-shoulder spectating in multiplayer arcades. When other players select the cabinet you are standing in front of, they are able to watch your live video stream.

Anarchy Arcade is not screen sharing software and it is not a video syndication service, so you'll still need to know how to stream to sites like,, or to make it work. This feature is implemented in such a general way that you will be able to use any other site that you want. All features in Anarchy Arcade are implemented in this fashion. It gives you absolute freedom. It adapts to how ever you want to use it.

Multiple Screen Video Playback

Last week during multiplayer testing I joined some very unique arcades made by some cool people. Thanks to the feedback they gave me, I implemented a new feature that lets you play your videos back on multiple in-game screens all around your arcade! Just check out the Filters tab on a Cabinet's Green Menu to play around with it. In the screenshot above you can see that when you select a Pokemon episode's tablet, the video also plays back on the big screens!

Weekly 24 Hour Live Gaming Marathon

There are 20 days left in the Kickstarter and every Wednesday I do a LIVE 24 hour gaming marathon where I use the Anarchy Arcade prototype to play video games non-stop all day long. The whole thing is broadcast live on so you can chat with me live, give me suggestions, or interact with other viewers. Below is the schedule, which I am usually good about sticking to. Keep in mind that this is a live broadcast and will feature mature content.

Retro Toony Kick-Off Show (4:30am - 6am)
Cartoons, indie games, and comics.

Retro Randomness (6am - 9am)
Good old games & bad old games.

Space Invasion (9am - noon)
Laser guns, fighter ships, and deep space.

Lunch (noon - 1pm)
Food related games, music, and movies.

Arcade Tours (1pm - 2pm)
Help me choose which games to play next week.

Speed Racer (3pm - 5pm)
Racing games on my G27 racing simulator.

Vietnam (5pm - 7pm)
Guns, bullets, and explosions.

Jedi Knight (7pm - 9pm)
Competitive multiplayer in a game from 1997.

Zambie Apocalypse (9pm - 11pm)
We're not stopping until we get every last one of 'em.

Counter-Sleep (11pm - infinity)
Jump into the High Times server for some Counter-Strike to wrap up the day.

Remember, this is Twitch TV, not regular TV. It's best if you just throw the stream onto a 2nd monitor and let it stream all day long. Watching me play video games is not the type of stuff that is going to capture your attention for hours at a time, but it is fun to look over when ever something interesting is happening. That's See you on the flip-side.

March 14 - SM Sith Lord

"Anarchy Arcade is built to be mainstream. It is built for comfort. And it is built for YOU!"

The Anarchy Arcade website ( has been updated and now has a lot more information about what Anarchy Arcade is and how it works. It has a link to the Steam Community discussion where you can ask questions and talk to prototype users directly. It has a News page[] which is an archive of all updates spanning back over 3 years! It also has a Media page[] where you can watch gameplay videos of the prototype, reviews, and other stuff.

The final section of the new website is a Frequently Asked Questions page[] that answers a lot of the questions that new players have about the concept. If you don't understand what Anarchy Arcade is, how it works, or why it's unique, then you should take a look at the FAQ section because it's jam-packed with information.

I have some more news, but to keep things organized I will post them in a separate update. And once again, thank you to all of the early backers! We're entering the final 30 days of the Kickstarter so it's time to kick it into overdrive! Be sure to tell your friends and let's get Anarchy Arcade published!

Launching your emulator games is just as easy as launching your Steam games.

You probably already know that Anarchy Arcade supports emulators, but did you know that it can support ALL emulators? This is a great feature that isn't exactly obvious to new users so I'll take a moment to explain how it works here.

Much like Nvidia's own gaming device The Shield[], Anarchy Arcade is compatible with any emulator that you are able to run on your system. This means that you don't have to learn some clunky new emulator just because you want to play your games from Anarchy Arcade. You are able to continue using the programs you know and love. This is possible because all of Anarchy Arcade is designed to be flexible and adapt to how YOU use your computer.

So, Anarchy Arcade doesn't come packaged with any emulation software. However, it IS able to integrate what ever emulator you already have installed and allow you to launch your games directly from the virtual world. This very useful automation is provided through addon scripts! These simple scripts tell Anarchy Arcade how to communicate with your favorite emulator and gets you into your games with a single click; no matter what the game runs in.

The fact that emulator support is provided through simple addon scripts means that, with the help of its own community, Anarchy Arcade is able to launch virtually any emulator you will ever want.

This is just one of the powerful & expandable features that provide you uniform access to your entire media collection. Steam games, emulator games, non-Steam games, movies, pictures, music, and all other types of shortcuts are launched the exact same way; walk up to its cabinet and click PLAY!

The winners of last month's Dopefish Screenshot Contest have been selected, and there were some pretty interesting submissions, but there can be only 1 grand prize winner and that honor goes to Star-X for his amazing Dopefish Museum.

View Fullsize[]

Star-X's Dopefish Arcade literally has EVERYTHING. This is just a small portion of Star-X's tribute to all things Dopefish. Check out the screenshots in his Steam Community Profile to see the rest of his submission. Not only does he have every game that Dopefish has ever appeared in, he also has lots of Dopefish signs, posters, and even a 3D Dopefish addon model! I can say without a doubt that this is the best Dopefish themed arcade ever made.

Now here's where it gets interesting. One of the rewards for coming in 1st place is that Star-X gets to choose a custom arcade cabinet model for me to create for the next DLC pack to hit the prototype later this month! I have already made contact with Star-X and he has given me his request, so keep an eye out for a sweet new table-top cabinet to hit the prototype's Rewards page in about one week!

The runners-up in the screenshot contest are Qwertille in 2nd place for his "Dopefish Lives!" tribute. And in 3rd place is Species 8472 for his crazy Dopefish-wallpapered game room. I have reached out to both of these players asking which one of the rewards they would like to claim, so if you're reading this Qwertille or Species, be sure to get back to me about it!

As a result of the Kickstarter going live, the mutiplayer community in Anarchy Arcade's prototype is growing rapidly. Watch for more community-driven events and announcements in the coming days!

There are 30 days left in the Anarchy Arcade Kickstarter and it has raised over fifteen hundred dollars in pledges so far! A successful Kickstarter means the Steam release of Anarchy Arcade will be fully licensed and have professional 3D artwork to go along with the amazing features already shown in the prototype. The Steam version will also be ridiculous with the Steam Workshop, user customization, item trading, and multiplayer. So now's the time to get excited about Anarchy Arcade! Tell your friends and help spread the word about the Kickstarter! The Anarchy Arcade community thanks you!

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