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Airship Dragoon
June 28, 2014 - Steve_Yorkshire

Airship Dragoon has been updated to version 1.4.8! Saved games are safe, as always! :)

Here's the changelog[]:

This update includes the release of the Realism Mod for those of you who "like all the pixels"! ;)

For full information on the update, check out the development blog post:

June 2, 2014 - Steve_Yorkshire

New dev blog[]!

Airship Dragoon, traditional turn-based tactics in the manner of hardcore '80s and early '90s strategy games (but in 3D) is on HALF PRICE with the "British Summer Sale - Grab A Brolly And Airship Dragoon 50% OFF! (2nd-14th June)".

The next update for Airship Dragoon (1.4.2) features a few requested functions such as being able to reload via a hotkey without going into the inventory screen, and the location of critically wounded troops will now be displayed on the map, so they're easier to find and get medical aid to. There's likely to be a few new character models for variation and some bug fixes for minor issues. On top of this the mountainous environments have been recreated to give them more of a wintry aesthetic.

Also available with the next 1.4.2 update will be the demonstration "realism mod". This replaces the standard missions with high res versions of objects and textures, and has been created to demonstrate the forthcoming mod tools.

For the full development blog post and to see how Airship Dragoon is doing on Greenlight itself, head over here[].

May 14, 2014 - Steve_Yorkshire

Airship Dragoon has had a couple of features on the hardcore wargaming and strategy site Apparently they're working on a review at the moment.

There's an After Action Report by yours truly, featuring my usual dry wit. Linkage[]

And there's an interview in which I ramble on somewhat loosely about game development, steampunk and expansions. Linky[]

And I'm currently working on the Total Conversion Realism Mod, which is designed to be a demonstration of the modding capabilities of the game (you can change pretty much everything!)

For more information on that and the surprising news that the Ayatollah and Revolutionary Guards love Airship Dragoon ( ... well ... probably ... ) head on over to my development blog. Linkyage[]

And of course you can buy direct from the developer[] (with key when through Greenlight).

March 6, 2014 - Steve_Yorkshire

Airship Dragoon has been updated to version 1.4! The hardcore, oldskool, GollopLike has had a massive update. The changelog is loooooooooooooooong and available here!

The hardcore, oldskool, GollopLike has had a massive update. The changelog is here[]!

The much requested map is now a thing! This displays spotted enemies and trooper information by mouseover and clicking on a trooper icon makes them the controlled character. No more scrolling through all the troops to select the guy you can see out in front.

And now there's motion captured animations including 26 death animations for a nice variety of having troops throw themselves to the ground in various spectacular and painful looking ways.

Here is a quick video of me explaining some of the fine points of the update. Apologies for the audio quality of my microphone, it's terrible and I think I need a new one.

It's a huge update which removes much of the hardcoding of objects to enable Airship Dragoon to be full modded. Everything can now be changed or tweaked from the damage weapons do, to the actual character models, to the names of the factions and their flags and icons. Full documentation on how to mod Airship Dragoon will be released shortly, and will include video tutorials. A map editor for creating your own levels will also be released.

And here's all 26 of those death animations!

The update is HUGE so there is no patch file this time. Simply redownload and install over the current version which you are using. Your saved game files will be safe! Which is nice ... :)

Note: The Desura version can take a few days to update as it goes through their system, but everywhere else is live now.

January 28, 2014 - Steve_Yorkshire

For anyone who may be curious, I have posted the first of what might be three Post Mortems on the development of Airship Dragoon. Part one deals with influence behind my design decisions, and I coin the term "Golloplike" for X-Com style squad tactics games.

Part Two will feature an overview of my someone unorthodox development process. No fixed date for writing the others as I'm working on the next update and also the mod tools.

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