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The Fifth Day
June 13, 2014 - Touz

In an effort to post more frequent updates leading up to the games early access launch, here is all you need to know about Pre-Alpha Update 04!

  • Added new unique non-player characters (npcs) such as the "Swarm" and "Harvester", each new npc type is fitted with a unique behavior and interactions with its surroundings!
  • Added a system for hacking AI, allowing you to program them to follow your orders.
  • Added many exciting new zones to the environment, including the "Core", an area filled with dangerous AI and valuable loot left behind by the old world.
  • Added proper environmental effect transitions when entering underground areas (e.g. ambient noise dampening, lighting transition, etc.)
  • Added audio reverb to underground areas to produce more realistic echos and sound design in these zones.
  • Improved RFID tag system for locating and finding AI in the surrounding vicinity.
  • Improved multiplayer communications.
  • Fixed GUI not scaling properly to different resolutions and aspect ratios.
  • Fixed various issues related to time of day transitions.
Also, if you have not had a chance to view last weeks video, check it out here! Attached are a few screenshots showing off some of the new features:

The "Swarm"

Overlooking the Core

Hacking a Harvester

Entering the Underground

June 2, 2014 - Touz

With a very busy past few months over, I have finally gotten some free time to work on posting a new trailer for the game! Head over here in order to watch it now!

Additionally, given that I am working on this project alone, I apologize for not releasing content more frequently. I will try to put more info out on a more regular basis in the near future, but for now I hope this trailer helps to fill the content gap :)



March 29, 2014 - Touz

This is the third update for The Fifth Day Pre-Alpha and features a whole lot of new content! Apart from a reworked survival mechanics system that provides a more realistic set of principles to follow for a mechanical being, this update brings with it many additional features including better multiplayer hosting on the Photon Cloud. Check out the full list of changes below:

  • Hunger, thirst and stamina have been removed due to the noted lack of realism for a machine to exhibit these traits. Instead, these characteristics have been replaced with a system featuring power generation and energy consumption.
  • In order to survive, your hunt for food and water will now be focused on finding and taking control of power supplies and energy storage to become the most powerful machine on the playing field.
  • Power supplies can be found and equipped to supply you with the necessary juice to keep you functioning properly. With a variety of different power cell types, it will be important to balance your options carefully (i.e. while it may be more tempting to equip a high powered nuclear cell, its weight and emitted radiation might slow you down compared to a light weight, low power output solar panel.)
  • Energy can be stored in a variety of high voltage capacitors which allow you to perform intensive tasks like sprinting faster and jumping higher to outmaneuver the competition.
  • Radiation no longer inflicts damage to the player; however, as it is accumulated, the player will begin to notice effects simulating varying electrical and display malfunctions if a high enough dose is obtained.
  • Radiation is also emitted from certain types of power supplies, making a geiger counter a useful tool for tracking players carrying these supply types.
  • Added RFID system for tracking and storing the relationship status (i.e. friend, foe, unknown) of encountered players and NPCs (Useful when specifying targets and friends for constructable automated systems like turrets).
  • Added animations to GUI that reflect the current damage level and hull integrity of the player.
  • Multiplayer is now hosted on the Photon Cloud to provide a more reliable multiplayer experience.
  • Added multiplayer characters with working animations and animation transitions.
  • Scoped weapons have been reworked.
  • Added DOF to zooming.
  • Added rotating previews for all items and constructions in inventory.
  • Added ragdolls to player deaths.
  • New, more machine-like, HUD for player.
  • Added compass to HUD.
  • Added containers that can be looted and/or used for storing items.
Here are a couple of new screenshots showing off a few of the new features:


Inventory Items:

December 15, 2013 - Touz

The second update is here and it brings many exciting new features and changes with it! A new richer, more detailed environment and a flushed out construction system are only a few of the improvements. See the full list of changes below.

  • New environment with denser and more detailed forest regions
  • New construction system allows for more flexibility in what can be created with easier to use controls
  • Added new constructable features such as automated turrets, power supplies, switches, doors, elevators, and more!
  • Reworked npc AI to provide more challenging and interesting combat scenerios
  • Improved skill system
  • Added footsteps to player movement
  • Added occlusion culling to improve performance
  • Added vignetting and chromatic aberration
  • Changed style of main menu to allow for easier navigation
Here are a few screenshots from the new environment:


Hunters in the night

Constructing a fortress

October 27, 2013 - Touz

Much time has been spent over the past few weeks on improving the game. I have read over many of the suggestions, and I really like some of the ideas out there. As work continues, I will make sure to keep these suggestions in mind.

Additionally, the project has been upgraded to run with many of the advanced features Unity Pro has to offer. This allows for better graphical effects as well as improved performance.

I will try to release a video showing off some of the new features within the next few weeks, but for now, here is a list of some of the main changes:

  • Enemy models have been replaced with several humanoid varieties
  • Added hands to player
  • Improved style of menus
  • Reworked GUI layout for better functionality
  • Removed crow and improved ambient noise
  • Improved multiplayer matchmaking and game flow
  • Player now has more natural movement and motion
  • Added SSAO
  • Added soft shadows
  • Added depth of field
  • Added LOD for distance objects

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