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28 ottobre 2013 - Evelend

Long time no see, fellow Adventurers!

Life is as busy as exciting for the team these days!

The code is progressing remarkably well, and regarding the graphics, don´t you worry, even with an eartquake going on, our artist seems to continue drawing awesome pixel art.

In fact, the wallpapers for the Indiegogo backers are about to be finished. A link will be provided on our website as soon as it's all ready.

EDITED: Here it is! You can get the AdventurOS Exclusive Wallpaper Pack: Download link[]

If you want to get updated you can follow us on Twitter @EvelendTeam and @AdventurOSgame.

Development's according to schedule and we are also happy to announce there will soon be a gameplay video that we hope helps everyone getting a better idea of what the final product will be.

The meetings with our main backers are also frequent and extraordinarily helpful, and we know we will miss all this when the game is ready. However, we can't wait to see the whole thing running!

Remember to open a new discussion if you have any question. We'll gladly answer.

2 ottobre 2013 - Evelend

Hello again everybody! We’ve got news for you!

We have finally got greenlit and all this has been thanks to the incredible support you guys have given us since the very beginning and during the whole process.
Even though there are no words enough to thank you, please accept this attempt.
We are all AdventurOS! We are really proud of this big family and will happily work night and day on what has become the project of our lives.

All that’s left to say now is basically… YAY!

Thanks again,
The team.

André @ToenAndreMC

Emilio @Coppola_Emilio

Lorena @MissScripter

29 settembre 2013 - Evelend

Hey! André (Toen) again, with a little update here:

This have been posted on early indiegogo updates, but I feel it may be of your interest too.

To listen on youtube
To listen/download on Soundcloud[]

This is a small preview of the upcoming OST so you can get the general atmosphere of it. I hope you enjoy!

Remember, If you have some specific question or just want to talk:

André @ToenAndreMC

Emilio @Coppola_Emilio

Lorena @MissScripter

28 settembre 2013 - Evelend

Hello Guys, André (Toen) here:

Quick update to show a few designs for possible mobs in the game.

Two more, not animated yet. (There are a lot more of them, but only sketches)

The extensions of the files, sizes or even its position inside a folder are not being taken in consideration for the designs yet. Those are just general sprites with potential to be included.

As soon as the mob creation system gets finished and polished we'll explain its basics so you can start helping with your suggestions and ideas! We have a lot of variables for the mobs, so this will be very interesting!

Let's work together on this :)

You can chat with us on:

André @ToenAndreMC

Emilio @Coppola_Emilio

Lorena @MissScripter

18 settembre 2013 - Evelend

The Indiegogo campaign is over and we have no words to thank you all for your support.

These have been 30 busy and challenging days for the team. Although we are glad it all finally got to a happy ending, we have to thank you for making these days worth the effort.

If you have contributed to AdventurOS you'll soon get an E-mail with explanations regarding your perks.

Now we will focus on posting updates and replies on our Greenlight page (which is also looking pretty good, #55 out of 1,400 games!).

With this message we close the first chapter of this adventure, you will find us merrily working on our favorite stage: development!

Stay tuned, and as always,

we love you all! ♥

André @ToenAndreMC

Emilio @Coppola_Emilio

Lorena @MissScripter

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