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AdventurOS 0.0.05: Development Update #5
2014年1月27日 - Evelend

Hello everyone!
We are working hard on the awesome AdventurOS, which keeps progressively evolving and getting closer and closer to its Beta stage.

(If you are part of the alpha team get your new version here: )

The alpha access is a reward for all those who have believed in our project since the very beginning and supported us with significant contributions. However, we have got such a big wave of newcomers offering their collaboration that we are considering a contest where some more alpha accesses can be obtained. Stay tuned!

From now on and until the auto-updater is ready, we will release updates every other week, so there is more content in each of them.

This update includes a brand new concept regarding monsters, being their size based on the length of the file name and their color based on the first character of it.

There is much more content that you can check at the changelog.
We are especially happy to be finally presenting you the first version that works for Linux, after struggling to get through numerous compatibility issues.

The online community[] keeps evolving too. Bugs are reported through it and it is becoming more and more user friendly. Join us, play, subscribe, contribute, enjoy!

Remember to Follow us on Twitter for real-time updates!
AdventurOS @AdventurOSgame
Evelend @EvelendTeam
André @ToenAndreMC
Emilio @Coppola_Emilio
Lorena @MissScripter

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7 件のコメント
Funkymugshot 2014年2月2日 15時21分 
cant wait
popscotch112 2014年2月1日 16時48分 
cant wait till full realease
fpappis 2014年2月1日 2時51分 
fuck yeah
gearsNcogs 2014年1月31日 8時13分 
I'm unbelievably excited for this game!
Fred_der_13 2014年1月29日 10時03分 
jes, that looks realy nice.. so when can i have it
iEatwe 2014年1月29日 6時09分 
Any ideas on when this will be available on steam?
Rip Sachi {Dolphin Jetpack} 2014年1月28日 15時42分