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Deeper into the process of NPCs and content creation out of the files' data.
September 10, 2013 - Evelend

All users tend to organize their files using the main system folders: My Pictures, Music, Videos, etc... AdventurOS will take advantage of that by theming the room with special backgrounds and decorations. So if you have a folder full of .mp3 .ogg and wav files the game will recognize it's a music folder. Same as if it has mainly image formats; the game will recognize it as an image folder. If the amount for one type of file is way bigger than the rest in the folder then the game will theme the entire room.


As an example we have the music folder interpreted by AdventurOS as a Musical Temple or Musical Gallery or Little Music Church (Depending on the amount of files) since in the world of AdventurOS music is the basis for all the religions that the Filers practice.

Here you'll fight monsters based on the files you can find inside the room and, by doing so, freeing all the npcs inside them.

Let's say we have a folder with 10 .mp3 files. As a result you'll have a big monster made of 4 files an other 6 smaller ones, which will free a big NPC Priest and 6 smaller ones.

When the room is clear and safe the light ambientation turns it into a brighter "sacred like" room, and all the Priests and singers will rebuild the main music altar somewhere in the room. They will be worshipping the architect there and they will take turn taking a place in the altar singing the song that is related to each NPC (since each one is related to a different .mp3 file) for the architect.

Another example would by the library. Let's say we have 30 ".txt" or and .doc/.odt files being a majority into the folder. The theme of the room will be a Big Library then, full of flying monsters, some of them made out of groups of ".txt"

Sometimes the monsters are not NPCs but cursed items, so once the monsters are dead they will also release items, in this case books or scrolls. The biggest monsters will release Scribe NPCs. Once the room is clear the scribes will fix the library and collect the books and scrolls on the shelves. Those scrolls and books can be read by the scribes if requested, showing the exact content of the .txt or .doc file it is created from.

Those are just a few examples for better understanding on how the castle is created.

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