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Pro Janitor Police
Pro Janitor Police: The (Un)Official Release
October 13, 2013 - Siberkil

The official release date of October 12th has come and gone! And here we are to update the masses!

First off, we do want to thank everybody that has given us an upvote, and we are forever grateful! But with all undulating respect and apologies, our Release date of October 12th didn't quite fit the bill. We are sincerely sorry to anybody that may have been setting their underwear on fire because they were so excited for the game. In lieu of our "oops," we have decided to do something a little different.

Today, October 13th, we are doing what will be a "Soft" release of Pro Janitor Police. Basically, we are offering the game before it's done for half the price, with some bonuses as well! At some point today, we will have our playable, testable version ready for download for $2.50, which we will make an announcement for on Facebook, twitter and Steam. Much like the alpha builds of Minecraft that people could purchase at a discounted price and contribute to the game, we feel that releasing PJP in a format that we can get feedback and constructive criticism while making the experience better is the best approach we can take. We want the user to feel they are contributing to the game and have an enjoyable experience, and we want to reflect that as well in our company.

On that note, there will also be some prizes and giveaways we will be doing for our Soft launch today and for the rest of the week! We will have three (3) pop-up giveaways on our Facebook page between now and Friday where we will be giving away iTunes gift codes! Make sure to like our page if you haven't, and keep an eye out, as they will be randomly posted for your consumption on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Also, we will be doing an even bigger giveaway for those who purchase the soft release of the game and re-tweet "@adaptivelite Pro Janitor Police engaged!" on twitter! Show us the support, and we may have a nice prize package lined up for you, assuming we draw your name at the end of the week! We will be selecting three (3) winners at random from the pool of people who have purchased the game and re-tweeted the slogan above, with two consolation prizes being Steam wallet credit, and the grand prize being a League of Legends care package! The package will include a LoL fist bump pad, an LoL rubber bracelet, Rammus Keychain, Rammus Hat, a Teemo Hat, $10 Dollars in LoL credit, and Steam wallet credit! Holy crap! I suppose we could have done a lot of that separately for a bunch of prizes, but why not make the pot a little bigger?

To Recap:

(3) iTunes gift codes to give away throughout the week appearing randomly on Facebook,
(2) Steam Wallet Credit, and
(1) LoL Grand Prize, of all that stuff mentioned above, which you will be entered to win when you buy the alpha copy of the game through our website and re-tweet that line I typed somewhere above.
(?) Special prizes that have yet to be revealed!

Yes, I feel in a giving mood only if for the reason that we didn't release yesterday as planned. Again, thank you guys for the support thus far, and we hope you enjoy the game and give us some helpful feedback!