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Keys 'n Bombs
November 7, 2013 - michelroussel

At last!
The demo of the game is now available on my website:

You can download and try it (25.3Mb). If you like the demo, please vote 'YES' so that the full version will be available.

This demo version as some limitations:

  • 25 standard levels (150 in the full version)
  • 10 user levels (150 in the full version)
  • nightmare mode is unavailable
  • you can't modify drawings/music/texts

September 26, 2013 - michelroussel

We DO understand that you may not like our drawings or our musics (or do you?) so we have designed this game so that you can modify some elements such as

  • graphics (animated or not)
  • musics (and you can add as many files as you want)
  • texts and fonts

September 10, 2013 - michelroussel

Here are somes pictures taken from the intro.

September 6, 2013 - michelroussel

Hello, I've seen in your comments that you think Keys 'n Bombs is a clone of Lode Runner.

This game is not a copy of Lode Runner; but it's inspired by it because it was one of my favorite games (when I was young...).
If you watch the videos, you'll see some (many ?) differences:
The hero in Lode Runner (I don't know his name...Let's call him LR) had a laser to dig to his left or to his right.
Jack uses bombs to dig under him (and must avoid explosions)
Jack has a laser to freeze or destroy guards; LR had nothing.
In my game, you will see two types of guards:

  • the ordinary guards (very stupid)
  • the superguards , and those are a lot more intelligent that the ordinary guards (they won't be caught by holes appearing in the floor, they won't hesitate to make a detour to try to reach you) and they are a lot more resilient. The only way to destroy them is to freeze them AND explode a bomb at their feet.
When an ennemy falls in a hole in Lode Runner, he is blocked, even if there is nothing under the hole; not in my game;
Gateways slows you down and collapse as you pass through;
There are consoles which allow guards to turn the light off;
You have 4 game modes (easy, hard, survival, nightmare);
You have bonus levels...

But I think that if you like Lode Runner, You'll like Keys 'n Bombs.

September 6, 2013 - michelroussel

Now, you can see new videos with better quality.

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