Dieses Spiel hat von der Community grünes Licht erhalten!

Die Community hat genug Interesse an diesem Spiel gezeigt. Valve ist nun mit diesem Entwickler in Kontakt getreten, um auf die Veröffentlichung auf Steam hinzuarbeiten.

Ghostship Aftermath
4. Juli - bongobails

Firstly i would like to appoligise for the delay of the this announcement but we have unfortuntly had to delay the the release of the game her on steam for approx 1 week. We will keep you posted with our progress.

18. Juni - shaun

Ghostship Aftermath for none VR releases on the 4th of July, Independence day!

Check out our new web site for full info - http://www.ghostshipaftermath.com

Press Pack released! help us out guys and girls! Spread the word!

Sci-fi Survival horror has a newcomer!

3. Juni - bongobails

We now have confirmation from groupies and we will be providing groupies steam keys for ghostship aftermath as it is now.

We are still awaiting a reply from steam and therefore we cannot confirm at this time if ghostship aftermath will be released on steam.
Unfortunatly, If our pages do get closed down due to the controversy that has occurred then we will have to start new greenlight campaigns for our ghostship games.

This matter is out of our control and we will update you when we know more.

3. Juni - shaun

Hi everyone, We are finalizing the crew members listing next week. All pre-orders and bundle supporters who have not had the crew member entry form, please e-mail info@magstudios.co.uk

This is your last chance to get your name and pic in the game as a crew member. We need to get all the crew member listings finalized ASAP. We will be sending out the rest of the crew member forms by Thursday 5th June, If you have not received yours then please let us know.


30. April - shaun

5 rules of survival on the Ghostship in oculus rift!

Its a huge game, and with dying only makes it bigger with all the random elements. We will be posting 5 essential hints, 1 every week over the next 5 weeks. Some of these videos will show the last minute improvements we have made for beta 3.

Here is the first! (Oculus rift)


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