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Ghostship Aftermath
April 30 - shaun

5 rules of survival on the Ghostship in oculus rift!

Its a huge game, and with dying only makes it bigger with all the random elements. We will be posting 5 essential hints, 1 every week over the next 5 weeks. Some of these videos will show the last minute improvements we have made for beta 3.

Here is the first! (Oculus rift)

March 28 - shaun

Our first DLC for Aftermath will be the addition of a Free Roam Mode where you have no enemies, no objectives - Just explore a huge VR spacecraft, colony and space station!

The first DLC will be free to all pre-orders before 2nd April 2014. This DLC will enable the player to explore the ship and have nothing to worry about. In the early days of development this is the what was planned for ghostship Aftermath, but now we have an awesome survival horror game, we still want to offer the no hassle free roaming for those of you who just want to look around! You can get this DLC free while pre-ordering! Be quick, less than a week before the end of pre-orders for Aftermath! Upon release we expect this DLC to retail at £4.99.

Pre-order now to get the first DLC free!

March 27 - shaun

For all pre-orders, Beta 2 is now available in the member area at

Lots of improvements and tonnes of new content!


Less than a week to pre-order and get early access and some awesome perks!! As well as exclusive DLC beta testing! And Multiplayer beta testing this summer for CDF Ghostship!

March 23 - shaun

The final teaser trailer has been launched, The release trailer will follow in May.

*** Last 2 weeks to grab the supporter Bundle! ***

March 17 - shaun

Ghostship Aftermath & CDF Ghostship at the Update -

Our first public exhibit will be in April at the update, for those of you in the UK - This is your chance to play An awesome VR game.

We will be exhibiting Ghostship Aftermath in VR (Beta 2) and the latest build of CDF Ghostship.

Its free so be sure to check us out, especially if you are in the North west.

Our support bundle offer expires in two weeks! Help support the development of both Ghostship games and get some awesome perks! Check out our web site for more info -!pre-order/c179q

Hope everyone is having fun with Aftermath Beta1.1 beta 2 is shaping up very well! Its coming soon :)

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