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PULSAR: Lost Colony
September 6, 2013 - cptslog

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Q + A Part 1

Check out our new planet-type: "Alien Forest"

We answered the most popular questions throughout the comments, discussions and emails, if we didn't get to your question in this part we'll try to cover it on the next edition. Hope you enjoy, let us know what you think!

September 1, 2013 - cptslog

Colonial Union - "Together We Survive"

Year zero of the Union Era marked an end to a war-stricken age. The founding of the Colonial Union created stability among the sectors of the galaxy, joining the remaining 60 billion survivors under the protection of one political body. The Colonial Union is a multispecies administration with a focus on exploration and diplomacy. Its officers uphold the law, operating in over half of the known galaxy with ships well-equipped for both combat and voyaging. They scout for new planets, species, and allies, striving for the discovery of the galaxy and the unification of its inhabitants.

W.D. Corporation - "Progress Above All"

The Wolden-Dorf Corporation is the most powerful organization in the galaxy – second only to the Colonial Union itself. Dominating the production of advanced technologies and weaponry, the Corporation also possesses the majority of mining operations, including the largest known tritium deposit. The W.D. fleet is massive, being the biggest in both number and individual ship size, and it is extremely defensive of its technology. When one of its ships goes unaccounted for, it will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Because of its uncompromising tendencies, W.D. has been the instigator of numerous conflicts over the years.

In addition, many of its whopping 33 billion employees have reported the Corporation for unethical working conditions, maltreatment, and unusually high casualty rates. The Colonial Union has hounded down W.D. for years, but all attempts at bringing the offenses to light have failed. With its control in nearly half of the colonial sectors, the W.D. Corporation has proven itself a force to be reckoned with, unobstructed by common rules or standards.

An Alliance of Gentlemen - "Never Trust A Gentleman"

Nobody knows how or when the Alliance was founded. Some speculate it began as a group of pirates who banded together under trying circumstances. Others say they were criminals exiled from Colonial Union sectors, and they formed their own society as an act of defiance. Whatever its story may be, the Alliance of Gentlemen has accrued a following of 40,000 members, and it has grown to be a formidable force in the galaxy. With a community comprised of freelancers, outlaws, and seedy individuals of all kinds, the Alliance operates and profits outside Colonial jurisdiction. Alliance members are notorious for hijacking ships and plundering valuable assets; they circumvent the law, scoping out the galaxy for their next targets.

While some are nobler than others – basing decisions upon a personal moral code, others are ruthless, greedy, and willing to do just about anything for that big payoff. As they do not occupy entire sectors of space, these fine Gentlemen roam and pillage freely in restricted territories, congregating only to exchange jobs and tales of battle at their haughty Alliance headquarters – a captured W.D. flagship.

Who ever said ‘size doesn’t matter’? Most certainly not the Alliance of Gentlemen.

The Fluffy Biscuit Company - "Eat Biscuits, Feel Butter"

In 3102 U.E., the Fluffy Biscuit Company was first established as a wholesome, family-friendly biscuit delivery service with one goal in mind: to spread warm n’ buttery biscuits across the reaches of space. Over the years, their business skyrocketed, and they expanded tremendously, acquiring 8 billion employees and a fleet of delivery ships fitted with advanced replicators.

Although they retained the name “Fluffy Biscuit,” they now cater to the cravings of billions of customers, providing them with innumerable selections of food items for every meal throughout the day. Rumor has it, with Fluffy Biscuit’s massive recent influx of traffic, their profits exceeded those of the W.D. Corporation last year. Do you smell tension in the air?

Polytechnic Federation

??? - Stay tuned for more information

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