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PULSAR: Lost Colony
April Mega-Update!
April 1, 2014 - cptslog

We are not dead! We’ve just been super busy since the success of our Kickstarter, and we’d like to take this opportunity to update you all on what you may have missed!

In case you missed some of our devlogs, you can check them out by clicking this link!

Link to Youtube

Some of you might not know that we have released the Alpha version of Pulsar! We decided to start small and slowly expand the systems once the current ones are working and functional.
We’ve released a number of updates, and today is the start of version 0.29a!

You can always check out our forums for the latest info and help shape the game via feedback and bug reports!

Here are some of the release notes regarding today’s update!

Version 0.29a has a number of fixes / improvements across the board, as well as a few new features!

One of the biggest additions to this patch is the dynamic procedurally generated StarMap! Each time a game is created, a seed is made. From this number, an entire galaxy is formed - patterns of swirls and factions are generated, sectors are created, and some are even named!

It’s still a work in progress and a good amount is likely to change through the rest of development, but we think it’s a great way to illustrate the direction we want to take with the game. Each galaxy will be different and pose interesting challenges and obstacles.

Through a complex system of simulated expansion, each territory attempts to conquer the newly generated galaxy, and you are left with some interesting patterns that will most likely shape the way you and your crew traverse the galaxy.

We aren’t adding content just yet, so the starmap is merely a look as to what will be there in the future.

See the spread of the WD Corporation privatizing their space, the few but special sectors home to the Fluffy Biscuit Company, the public areas owned and operated by the Colonial Union and its citizens, the erratic and often fearsome sectors which the Infected have absorbed, and the vast bodies of unclaimed neutral zones where the Alliance of Gentlemen lurk in hiding. This aspect of the game has got us really excited for the future. Each area is dripping with potential, and we can’t wait to begin adding the content to make the galaxies come alive.

Here is devlog 26 where we talk about the update!

>> DEVLOG #26 <<

Here is a list of the changes:

-Visual improvements to the main menu
-Update notes can now be viewed on the main menu as well
-Player movement has been modified, specifically strafing
-A few graphical errors on the bridge have been fixed
-Hull repair has been improved
-General menus have been slightly improved
-A simple and temporary control scheme has been illustrated in the menu
-Piloting view has been updated to include some more information
-The reactor screen has been modified again and should correctly display other systems’ usage
-Private servers are now password protected instead of hidden
-Ship controls have been modified, which should allow players to rotate the ship beyond 180 degrees (This is still early, so there might be a few bugs.)
-The Star Map has been implemented and is ready for testing!

Thanks for reading! Check out our forums (we try to be pretty active and answer questions / suggestions) here: LINK TO FORUMS[]

If you like what you see and want to help us develop and test PULSAR you can purchase Alpha Access from our website! This includes a Steam key!

The Leafy Games Team

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Are you dead now? Looks like you are dead now.
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Yeah once this gets on Early Access and some system requirements, im in
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Any clue when we'll get a full release? or at least Early Access?
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Great work fellers!!
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Glad to hear!
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Keep them coming!
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